11 March 2008

Anime Girl Papercraft - Kara No Kyoukai

A new paper designer that goes by the name of Claf has created this cute anime paper craft. I was going to post it earlier on but I didn't have any info. on it. So, one of our readers (joker@animeblog) has taken on the task of tracking this down and he came up with a movie called Kara no Kyoukai. Joker wasn't sure about it, so I checked out the site myself and I don't think its the same. But in any case, we'll stand with the Kara title until some of the anime or manga experts correct us.

Anime Girl Papercraft - Kara no Kyoukai [Falcore/Claf]

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  1. Those are cute!

    My son might like to do the x-men paper craft. :-)

  2. http://www.falcore.net/gallery/coscolle/r001.html

    Is the actual link in case anyone like myself goes back in time this far.

  3. I've seen all seven of the movies and I don't recognise her from any of them - but I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure she is not in any of them.


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