10 June 2009

Martin B26 Marauder Papercraft

Martin B2-26 Marauder Papercraft Deutsch graphic designer Cristoph Stahl brings us another amazing paper model with this Martin B-26 MarauderMartin B-26 Marauder and its 16 aircraft livery.

Martin B26 Marauder Papercraft

The Martin B-26 Marauder (aka The Widowmaker, aka The Flying Coffin, aka B-Dash-Crash) was a medium bomber combat aircraft used mainly by the US Army Air Coprs during World War 2.

It's one papercraft model but has 16 aircraft liveries (paint scheme), it includes the following: Flak Bait, Shootin in, Carolyn, Big Hairy Bird, Hamilton Hey Maker 2, Hard to get, Marauder Mk. I Dominion & Revenge, Marauder Mk. II, DeGaulle Crosses, Grandiront, JM-1 MJ-15 Taget Tug, JM-1 U8 Target Tug, and four basic paint schemes (white, silver, half-silver, olive).

Also included is a JM-1 Target drone papercraft, you can see it from the pic below, it's the small one tied to the big aircraft.

Martin B26 Marauder Papercraft

Target Drone Papercraft

Martin B-26 Marauder Papercraft

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