27 August 2007

GuanYin Papercraft - Goddess of Mercy

Do you guys remember the Heavenly Military Officer paper model from Answer Ideas Studio I posted a few months back? well, here's another addition to it - GuanYin (asian Goddess of Mercy). Just like before, this papercraft requires no gluing. And of course if you want to know more about her, here's her wiki entry.

GuanYin - [Download]
Answer Ideas Studio - [Site]


  1. where do you find all these crafts? im new to it and I would like to know where i can buy the good "retail" stuff (like videogame characters or anime characters) because I want to start collecting as well

  2. she is pretty for a goddess

  3. icednyior .. mana ko dapat semua papercraft nih...

    kalau ada.. boleh tak kasi lubang bisnes? aku nak berbisnes dengan papercraft nih

  4. how many more do you have of this? why not release them all at the same time?

  5. wow u really like papercraft...

  6. lovely work, thank you


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