03 January 2008

Transformers Papercraft - Decepticon Rumble

We have a new Transformers papercraft, plus one to the Decepticons, it's Rumble. He's the microcasette partnered with Soundwave along side with the other casettes, Ravage and Laserbeak. So far PaperInvaders has brought us Ratchet and Ironhide for the Autobots side and Soundwave, Ravage, and now Rumble for the Decepticons. From the looks of it I'm guessing that Laserbeak is next, I also want to point out that the height to size ratio is dead on for these paper models as you can see from the pics below. As always, free download is available at the links below.

Decepticon Rumble - [Download Page]


  1. all he needs to make is laserbeak to finish the set.

    Great work!!!

  2. Agreed, I like the detailing on the models - they look exactly like the ones from the original tv series.


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