02 February 2009

Zelda Papercraft - Tingle Tower House

Tingle Tower House Papercraft
Based on the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Tingle Tower is the tallest and only structure on Tingle Island. It's similar to a giant totempole but with a Spinning house on the top. Here you'll find Tingle and his three lookalikes - his brother Knuckle together with David Jr. and his brother Ankle. This Tingle Tower papercraft only includes the top part (house), I've included a video below to jog your memory on this one.

Legend of Zelda - Tingle Tower House Papercraft

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  1. On fire today are we? thats 10 entries and ive been counting. anyway, thanks i really like it here.

  2. yes, its been a busy day. the papercrafters are doing a chorus and im trying to keep up.

  3. So... um... do you take requests?? I'm in love with Ocarina of Time... can you do something from that game??

  4. Thats pretty cool, I can barely make a paper airplane.


  5. @Riah
    Currently, I only feature the works of other papercrafters.

    We've posted lots of papercrafts from Zelda/Ocarina of Time, try using the search function on top.

    If you can't find what you're looking for here, may I suggest heading to the Nintendo Papercraft Forum for submitting a request.

  6. I don't get this at all, why build a tower paper model without the tower, just the top? are you kidding me?

  7. @johanes

    That's exactly the same thought I had the first time i saw it, I mean come on, its called Tingle TOWER, not Tingle Top


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