16 June 2009

Glico Friend Bakery "Mu-tan" Papercraft

Devil Girl Papercraft Anybody know who this is? another one I couldn't figure out, so i'll just go with "Mu-tan" - that's what Cafetera named the files ^^

This Mu-tan papercraft comew with a Glico Friend Bakery biscuit (that's the one she's sitting on), Glico btw is the maker of the popular Pocky snack food.

Glico Friend Bakery Mu-tan Papercraft [also available via Pepakura]

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  1. Oh, but I'm kinda confused with all the links... But isn't there a PDF file of this papercraft?..

  2. I'm not sure if there's a PDF version, only PDO files. You'll need Pepakura Viewer (free) to open this file.


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