07 June 2009

Super Mario Papercraft - Woody / Leaf Head ?

Super Mario Galaxy Papercraft The unnamed wooden character that appears in Super Mario GalaxySuper Mario Galaxy, don't know its official name so we'll call it Woody or Leaf Head for now ^^

This Super Mario papercraft was designed by Toodles.

Super Mario Galaxy Papercraft - Woody / Leaf Head?

Mario Cap Papercraft
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  1. Why is the author's name Toodles? that is from GoblinGuy you should know that

  2. Goblin Guy was originally designing the papercraft, but then another design team swooped in, finished the model faster, and stole his thunder.

    It's a shame, really.

  3. I'm currently out of the loop, where is this happening?

  4. On a couple of /po/ threads.

    Here's Goblin's, who had the original concept to begin with: http://zip.4chan.org/po/res/248606.html

    Here's Toodles's thread. Goblin was halfway though his design (which was better in my opinion), then Toodles released this:

  5. Ok, I see now. This ones head is a bit small and the eyes are oval-shaped instead of round.


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