01 September 2009

Macross Papercraft - SDF 1 Storm Attacker Mode

SDF1 Papercraft The SDF-1 (aka Megaload, aka Super Dimension Fortress One) is a mega-ultra-super transforming spacecraft that appears in the Macross/RobotechMacross Robotech anime series.

Cruiser mode when it's a regular spacecraft and Storm Attacker mode when it becomes a ginormous mecha. This papercraft was designed by ThunderChild for the Zealot forums.

Macross SDF 1 Papercraft Mecha

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  1. I visit you by way of Entrecard. I'm continually amazed by the things made of paper that you showcase. This one really has the WOW factor. It's hard to believe something so complex is paper.

  2. Hi,

    I would like to update you regarding the Macross models. The designer has now moved to the papermodelers.com forum. They have the SDF-1 kit along with a dozen Veritech variations plus an Alpha fighter kit!! They are all free but you must become a member to download.

  3. Thanks for the update Steve


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