20 March 2010

Nightcrawler Papercraft (X-Men)

Nightcrawler (aka Kurt Wagner) is a mutant superhero associated with the X-Men, he has the ability to teleport, see thru the dark (night vision), and possess superb acrobatic skills. Papercraft designed by Shadowolf.

Hat tip to reader Erik for the link and info.

Nightcrawler Papercraft (X-Men) [Download]

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  1. Hi, my name is Matt Carter and I am the creator of the 3D model and texture used for this papercraft. I was very surprised to see this character on your site! This character model is from the X-Men: the Official Game published by Activision in 2005{?}. I wonder where this guy got the model? Ripped off the game disc I suppose. Funny thing is I am a pretty big fan of papercraft. I created the very first wearable Master Chief papercraft costume for the release of Halo 2. Mind you this was from scratch not from a model ripped from a game. Check it out, here are some photos:


  2. Hey Matt, im Shadowolf from Argentina. I get the model from the game that you mention it, I had no idea who had designed, so I did not know who to ask permission to make the papercraft. In the file I clarify from which game is extracted, is not my intention to take credit for something that makes another person.
    I hope you like the model, and thanks for designing it, because otherwise I could not put it together. Thank you very much, greetings. (I use the google translator because my English is not very good);)


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