25 April 2010

Disney Mickey Mouse Papercraft

Disney Mickey Mouse Papercraft The best looking Mickey Mouse papercraft so far, presented by Disney.jp and Epson.jp, designed by Kei Goto / Keicraft.

Requirements are very specific, mainly an Epson Printer (Japanese model), IE browser only to print, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or up installed - if any of our readers were lucky enough to get the template for this one, I would really really appreciate it if you can send me a copy - and if you do, gratitude will be in the form of an Asahi Animal pack (exclusive papercraft fr JP :)

Asahi Animal Papercraft

Disney Mickey Mouse Papercraft [Download]

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  1. "Requirements are very specific, mainly an Epson Printer (Japanese model)" That puts me off from buying Epson.

  2. I'm hating on Epson JP right now

  3. i have it, you need it yet?? contact me

  4. Thanks anon but somebody already sent it to me a while back.

  5. Anyone knows where to find this (and/or the others Epson JP papercrafts), without needing a japonese Epson printer?

  6. May i have the template too?
    You may send it to kemit_lastsword@yahoo.com
    Thanks before

  7. Hello, may I have the template too?
    Please send it to my email hikozaex@yahoo.com
    Thanks before

  8. waa! I want this!
    May I have it? *.*
    Send it please. catarinachandra@gmail.com
    Thanks a lot :D


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