31 October 2010

Pokemon Solrock Papercraft

Pokemon Solrock Papercraft

Solrock is a Rock-type and Meteorite Pokemon that doesn't have any other evolutionary form, it resembles a round orange rock with protruding spiky formations representing the rays of the sun.

Pokemon Lunatone Papercraft

Pokemon Lunatone Papercraft

Lunatone is a Rock-type and Meteorite Pokemon that doesn't have any other evolutionary form, it resembles a crescent moon with a beak in the middle.

Farmville Robot Cow Papercraft

Farmville Robot Cow Papercraft

Happy Halloween from Phils Creations! here is his version of Farmville's Robot Cow.

StarCraft 2 - Marauder Papercraft

StarCraft 2 Marauder Papercraft

The Marauder infantry unit from StarCraft 2, it is a very heavy powered armor suit equipped with dual grenade launchers.

StarCraft 2 - Wraith Papercraft

Starcraft 2 Wraith Papercraft

Wraith unit for StarCraft 2, it's a single-seat, cloaked space fighter used by the Terran race - StarCraft 2 Wraith papercraft created by ddong5678.

Brain Case Paper Toy - The Misfits Famous Monsters

Brain Case Paper Toy

Happy Halloween from Neon Engine! a new special paper toy series called Brain Case and inspired by songs from the (horror punk band) Misfits' Famous Monsters album.

LHT36 YellowJacket Hovertank & IFH36 MAYATE Fighting Hovercraft Paper Models

Hovertank Hovercraft Papercraft

Two new models added to Toposolitario's sci-fi fighting vehicle collection.

Pokemon Crobat Papercraft

Pokemon Crobat Papercraft

Happy Halloween from PaperPokes! toothy Pokemon Crobat will be watching out for you this evening ^^.

30 October 2010

Ghostbusters Papercraft - Halloween 2010

Ghostbusters Papercraft - Halloween 2010 - Pic 001

Happy Halloween from Alexander Gwynne (AG Paper Toys) and me! Alex has been working hard on this Ghostbusters papertoy series, featuring the 3 original members - Ray, Egon, and Peter.

Pokemon Shandera Papercraft

Pokemon Shandera Papercraft

Shandera is a Ghost-type / Temptation Pokemon from Generation V and is the evolved form of Ranpuraa, it resembles a chandelier with a ghostly form.

Croc 2 Papercraft - Crystals

Croc 2 Papercraft Crystals

Colorful Croc 2 crystals found throughout Gobbo Archipelago, it enables Croc to open end level doors.

Scamp Trabant Papercraft

Scamp Trabant Papercraft

Trabant (aka Trabi) was a small motor car manufactured by VEB Sachsenring primarily for the Communist states of Eastern and Central Europe.

Park Heroes - Fantastic Four Papercraft

Fantastic Four Papercraft

Not just one Park Hero, PaperInside has got you covered and has all four of Marvel's first family of superheroes (Fantastic Four).

Pokemon Ranpuraa Papercraft

Pokemon Ranpuraa Papercraft

Ranpuraa is a Ghost-type and Lamp Pokemon from Generation V and is the evolved form of Hitomoshi, it resembles the top of a lamp post + arms.

Pokemon Hitomoshi Papercraft

Pokemon Hitomoshi Papercraft

Hitomoshi is Ghost-type and Candle Pokemon from Generation V and is the pre-evolved form of Ranpuraa, it resembles a kawaii one-eyed candle creature.

29 October 2010

Emperor Palamecia Papercraft

Emperor Palamecia Papercraft

Emperor Palamecia (aka Emperor Mateus of Palamecia) is the primary antagonist in Final Fantasy II and is one of the ultimate villains appearing in Dissidia.

ALIEN / Xenomorph Head Papercraft

Alien Xenomorph Head Papercraft

Happy Halloween from BlastSkull!, here's the big ol' head of the alien from the sci-fi horror film series ALIENS.

Stalwart Robotic Missile Tank Papercraft

Stalwart Robotic Missile Tank Papercraft

The first paper model created by deviantARTist technoscream, the Stalwart Robotic Missile Tank, fire away!

Life Sized Human Skeleton Papercraft

Life Sized Human Skeleton Papercraft

Happy Halloween from Ravensblight! they just dug up a 5 foot 4 inch tall human skeleton frame from their backyard and it's yours to keep ^^.

Raw Gums Papercraft (Halloween 2010)

Raw Gums Papercraft

Raw Gums paper toy from Macula.tv, a frighteningly pink and skinless baby monster!

Warcraft III - Undead Graveyard Papercraft

Undead Graveyard Papercraft

Happy Halloween from Ninjatoes! the Graveyard is a Warcraft III building unit used by the Undead for their unholy and vile work/practices.

Halloween Treat Bag Papercraft (Kawaii Version)

Halloween Treat Bag Papercraft

Happy Halloween from Kids Goo (Japan), here's their version of the Halloween treet bag adorned with little kawaii monsters.

Ghostbusters Firehouse Papercraft

Ghostbusters Firehouse Papercraft

Happy Halloween from Dave Delisle! here's one of the most recognizable buildings in the world ^^, the 3 story free standing building (on N. Moore and Hudson) used in the Ghostbusters film.

Banjo Kazooie - Ripper Papercraft

Banjo Kazooie Ripper Papercraft

Ripper is a huge RIP tombstone enemy from the Banjo-Kazooie series, you can see them at the Mad Monster Mansion level and Gruntilda's Lair.

28 October 2010

Pokemon Houndoom Papercraft

Pokemon Houndoom Papercraft

Houndoom (aka Hellgar) is a Dark and Fire Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Houndour, it resembles a hellhound/dog-like creature with curved horns.

Zombigotchi Papercraft

Zombigotchi Papercraft

Happy Halloween from Zombigotchi! it's a zombie paper toy, digital toy, iPhone/IPad app. created by Finkbom Ltd.

Torchlight Papercraft - Destroyer

Torchlight Papercraft Destroyer

The Destroyer is a warrior-type/melee combat character (big guy hitting things ^^) that is one of the 3 character classes in Runic Games' Torchlight action RPG.

Tilting Halloween Ghost Papercraft

Tilting Halloween Ghost Papercraft

Happy Halloween from Paper Replika! here's their fun little ghost papercraft that tilts from side-to-side (make sure to put a marble inside to get the effect).

Sunset Sarsaparilla Papercraft (Fallout: New Vegas)

Sunset Sarsaparilla Papercraft

Sunset Sarsaparilla is one of the many consumables from Fallout: New Vegas, drinking it causes H20 +5 and HP +2(25s).

Caterpillar Papercraft (Insect)

Caterpillar Papercraft

A variety of cute or icky caterpillar models (it depends on how you see it) created by Jules.

27 October 2010

BIT.TRIP FATE Papercraft

BIT.TRIP FATE Papercraft

Two-in-one paper toy from Paper Foldables (arcade cabinet/coin bank) - "FATE is the penultimate chapter in the six-part BIT.TRIP series" - Gaijin Games.

Vinnie the Vampire Papercraft

Vinny the Vampire Papercraft

Happy Halloween from illustrator Roberta Baird! meet Vinnie the Vampire and his oh-so-seasonal crew ^^ (they've got you covered all year long).

Sumo Papercraft

Sumo Papercraft

Papertom's Sumo papercraft in the middle of his dohyƍ-iri.

Fiuk Papercraft (Paper Divos)

Fiuk Papercraft

Fiuk (aka Filipe Galvao) is a Brazilian actor, musician, and singer-songwriter. Was a former Sem Nome band member and is now the lead singer for the band Hori.

26 October 2010

The Bigfoot Studio Paper Toys - The Pyxis / Ed, Will, & Ginger / iQubes / Pesky Pete / Nogginz

Bigfoot Studio Paper Toys

Check this out, lots of free and fun paper toys from The Bigfoot Studio / UK illustrator Trystan Mitchell.

Zombie Prom Papercraft - King & Queen

Zombie Prom Papercraft

Happy Halloween from Tiny McDoodies/UK illustrator Adam Steel, here's his Zombie Prom papercrafts - a collab with FAB Cafe.

Lightmaker Super Human Boxes Papercraft

Super Human Boxes Papercraft

Here's Lightmaker's Collection 5 Super Human Boxes, it features paper toys based on popular comic book superheroes/supervillains.

Baby Bat Papercraft (Halloween 2010)

Baby Bat Papercraft

Happy Halloween from Scamp.hu! (Hungarian children's clothing site) here's their baby bat papercraft created by Zerolabor.

25 October 2010

Gears of War Papercraft - Locust Grenadier and the Unfortunate Case of Ben Carmine

Gears of War Ben Carmine Papercraft

Riftworm food Delta Squad rookie Ben Carmine grabbed from behind by a Locust Grenadier, papercraft created by Alcli0nE.

Magikoopa Papercraft

Magikoopa Papercraft

Happy Halloween from Gipi! here is the Koopa Wizard from the Super Mario game series (Magikoopa) - Koopa Troopa meets Vivi ^^.

Adventure Time - Hot Dog Princess Papercraft

Adventure Time Hot Dog Princess Papercraft

Hot Dog Princess from Adventure Time, literally a female wiener dog wearing a crown, she appears in Season 1 Episode 2 "Trouble in Lumpy Space" of Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.

Bleach - Hollow Ichigo Papercraft

Hollow Ichigo Papercraft

Hollow Ichigo (aka The Hollow within Ichigo's conscience> paper model from the Bleach anime series, Ichigo Kurosaki develops a Hollow within his soul.

Radiation King Radio Papercraft (Fallout: New Vegas)

Radiation King Radio Papercraft

Amazing look, +1 for Fallout New Vegas papercrafts, Evan has just finished this Radiation King Radio paper model and we're just waiting for the link to show up at CSFG.

Panda Rilakkuma Papercraft

Panda Rilakkuma Papercraft

What if Rilakkuma wasn't just a fuzzy wuzzy regular bear but a fuzzy wuzzy Panda Bear?

Halloween Squid Papercraft

Halloween Squid Papercraft

Happy Halloween from Zooguu! you could say that this is part 2 from the husband and wife team of Brian and Jen Gubicza.

Banjo Kazooie - Leaky Papercraft

Banjo Kazooie Leaky Papercraft
Leaky the bucket from Banjo-Kazooie video game, Leaky is a very colorful broken bucket (but can be patched up) located in Treasure Trove Cove.

Zelda 2 - Adventure of Link Papercraft (Diorama)

Zelda 2 Adventure of Link Papercraft Diorama

Zelda 2 - Adventure of Link diorama created by Litro Craft.

Volkswagen Bora Papercraft - Stock Car Brasil

Volkswagen Bora Papercraft

Modified Volkswagen Bora (known elsewhere as the Volkswagen Jetta) used in Stock Car Brasil, the VW Bora has a plastic body and sporting a Chevrolet V8 engine.

24 October 2010

Pokemon Mankey Papercraft

Pokemon Mankey Papercraft

Mankey is a fighting-type and Pig Monkey Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Primeape, it's an ape-like creature that has a round pig-like snout.

Pokemon Slakoth Papercraft

Pokemon Slakoth Papercraft

Slakoth (aka Namakero) is a Normal-type and Slacker Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Vigoroth, it's an extremely lazy creature that sleeps 20 hours a day, imagine that ^^