06 October 2010

Build-a-Zombie 2011 Papercraft Calendar (Halloween 2010)

Build-a-Zombie 2011 Papercraft Calendar

Zombie fans this one's for you ^^ a calendar that features a different zombie design each month and zombie papercrafts for you to cut out and construct.
Why do we like zombies so? Let us count the ways. Better yet, let us write down the ways we like zombies on days corresponding to the reason we like zombies. Like this: zombies don't like going to work - well, we'll write that on every Saturday; and: zombies love eating hearts - so, we'll write that on February 14. Hey, while we're at it, why don't we write it on our new Build-a-Zombie 2011 Paper Craft Calendar? But this just isn't any ordinary calendar. No sir. It features a different zombie design each month - with a paper craft version for you to build!

So, the Build-a-Zombie 2011 Paper Craft Calendar is a whole year of zombie fun. You can build one zombie per month and have a horde at the end of the year. OR, you can build them all at once and start your horde early. You won't have anything to look forward to building, but you will be able to start world domination sooner. Oh the decisions! Either way, you'll have fun in planning 2011 and building zombies once you snag yourself a Build-a-Zombie 2011 Paper Craft Calendar!

Build-a-Zombie 2011 Papercraft Calendar

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