19 January 2012

Tales of Symphonia Papercraft - Alicia Combatir

Tales of Symphonia Papercraft Alicia Combatir

Alicia Combatir is pink haired, younger sibling of Presea from the Tales of Symphonia video game series, she worked as a maid for Regal Bryant (protagonist).

Tales of Symphonia Papercraft - Alicia Combatir [Download]

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  1. I would be so grateful if someone could contact the person who runs Orel67's Papers Blog which has the link for downloading Alicia Combatir. The download link is for megaupload.com which was closed by federal prosecutors or the FBI today. If someone could contact her/him perhaps she/he could make arrangements for another site to handle their downloads. Orel67 has a great site and other wonderful models to download. Thank you ever so much.

    1. I have change the link for download!
      (I'm HER please lol)

  2. This looks like a cool papercraft but could someone please repost this papercraft through another source as megaupload has been closed due to internet piracy.

  3. Hi!
    I'm the designer of this papercraft!
    it's just for say the download is possible again.

    Thanks for post my models!


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