12 March 2007

Paper Transformed

If your anywhere near Escondido, California - here's a unique paper exhibit at the Mingei International Museum (North County) that's comprised of two similar paper art forms. "Origami - The Art of Paper Folding" on the first floor - has dinosaurs, animals, and other origami objects which was made by a group of 25 artists and the second one is called "Crowning Glory", located on the second floor, it's filled with 250 elaborate hats made out of brown paper bags from Hawaiian artist, Moses. The museum is also giving free demonstrations on Saturdays to learn simple origami and the exhibit will run through July 21, 2007.

Paper Transformed [mingei.org]
chess photo [nctimes.com]


  1. I was just there a few days ago and it rocks, the chess set your seeing there is actually half with origami pieces and the other half is with the hatmaker pieces made of brown bags, thought I'd share it with your readers.


  2. Hi there,
    I stumbled across your blog searching for more 3D paper artists online. I'm really enjoying the posts, thank you!

    I was wondering, do you have any advice on getting smooth surfaces in Pepakura? Do you have any favorite forums you go for paper craft information?

    I've made a couple of models, but haven't quite got the hang of the programs quirks.

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  4. Thanks for visiting my site and I'm glad you liked it. I visited your sites as well and I've got to say that your a pretty damn good artist(pardon my French), ILM or Pixar would be lucky to have you. With regards to your questions, I've had the same problem when I started my first model, I'm not sure what you mean by smooth surfaces but if your refering to making paper models that have the "organic look" (e.g. animals, plants, dinosaurs:) and any other living things, the answer is yes and no, Pepakura can do smooth surfaces to a certain degree but it's not perfect, you will always get the "blocky feel" to it. It will however be perfect for cars, building, mechs, and other non-living things. I saw the paper moa you did and it's pretty cool, I would give it an "A" for a first timer. About the forums, I don't really have any for you, I mainly experiment on my own.


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