16 March 2007


You've got the Moogle, the Cactuar, Bahamut, and now here's another Final Fantasy papercraft model that you can add to your collection, the Tarutaru is from Square Enix's MMORPG - Final Fantasy XI:Online which was set on the fictional world of Vana'diel. The Tarutaru are a race of skilled mages who live alongside the Mithra in Windurst, having a racial prejudice towards magical studies, they have a higher reserve of magical power (MP) and excels at Black/White/Red Magic and the art of summoning. The only downside to their abilities as with other traditional spellcrafters is their lack of durability (HP) and strength which makes them extremely vulnerable to physical attacks.

Tarutaru Pics - [Flickr.com]

Tarutaru - Download
Bahamut - Download
Cactuar - Download
Moogle - Download


  1. Ron you are the best, I love your Final Fantasy series and thanks for the help on my pussycat ^_^

    - Sarah

  2. Congratulations on the Techbrew/Feedburner contest, I saw it today and would like to point it out to your readers that haven't seen it yet :)


  3. Could you upload moogle again pleeease ^_^

  4. I just checked it and the Moogle link is still working, can you give me a brief description of the problem your experiencing on your side?


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