21 March 2009

Anime Papercraft - Pepamax Ramen Girl

Sexy Ramen Girl PapercraftHow about a sexy papercraft model to serve your Ramen for you?

I'm not sure if this is based on any particular J-Pop or anime character, but seeing that its plastered with the Pepamax logo, I'm assuming that its their own. For obvious reasons, we'll just call it Ramen Girl. This paper model comes with a kettle, a bowl of instant Ramen soup, and free undergarment peek-a-boo.

Sexy Ramen Girl Papercraft [Pepamax]

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  1. I think your craft is amazing. I enjoy seeing what you'll have next! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This one is a nice model.
    Guess I can learn a lot with this model too.

    Though I simply hate when it links to tamasoft's gallery download page as it resizes my browser window.

  3. @Judy
    Thanks, welcome to papercrafting!

    I would love to just link directly to their files, unfortunately, I don't have permission to do so.


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