10 March 2009

Pucha3 - Owl Paper Toy

Pucha Owl Paper ToyPucha3 papercraft toy from Fufufu Online, a Polish web design and internet ad company.

Was curious, so I did some translation on the papercraft's name, the word "pucha" is Polish for "down". Not really sure if there's a connection with a bird, maybe Pucha is just a proper name.

Pucha 3 - Owl Paper Toy [FUFUFU.pl]

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  1. Actually, "Pucha3" is a word play - it sounds similiar to "puchacz", which in Polish means eagle-owl. And "pucha" itself doesn't really mean "down", it's not even a word.

  2. Cool, thanks for that info.

    This is what happens when you trust Google Translate too much ^_^


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