29 September 2009

Coca-Cola HappyMe Paper Toys

Coca-Cola HappyMe Paper Toy Some promotional papercrafts from Coca-ColaCoca-Cola Brazil, part of their "HappyMe" campaign.

Their site is Flash-intensive, so those of you with slow connections, please be patient and wait a wee bit for the whole site to load.

Here's what you need to do to get the goods: Follow the link below (after the pics), when the site is completely loaded you'll see a moving mascot in the middle - that would be the paper toy, look in the top-right side corner of the page and click on the only button there

Coca-Cola HappyMe Paper Toy

it will then open up a small windowed page, in that page there will be three pics/options, click the one in the middle to get the template.

Coca-Cola HappyMe Paper Toy

There's only one paper toy but it has lots of variations (clothing/costume). Refresh the site, then rinse and repeat the steps i've just mentioned to get all of them.

Coca-Cola HappyMe Paper Toys [via Paper Forest]

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