02 October 2009

Papercraft Japanesque - Buddha Statue Style Doll "Camellia"

Tsubaki Camellia Papercraft Check it out, our friend Serene has opened a new site and he's selling his original papercraftpapercraft designs.

You all know Serene as the maker/designer of the cool Super GT papercrafts that you see here. If you're a big fan of his work then you're going to love this one, he describes it as a Buddha statue style doll and was named after the Camellia plant (tsubaki in Japanese).

This papercraft was inspired by it by the Buddhist deity known as Aizen Myouou - a Vishnu-esque character that has 3 eyes and 6 arms. It cost ¥1000 and is availalbe thru the DL Market (follow the link below).

UPDATE: I missed the earlier post by Serene, there is a free papercraft model of Camellia, i've added the link. The difference is that the free version doesn't have the extra accessories. Thanks Serene!

Papercraft Japanesque - Camellia [Download / Free version]
Papercraft Japanesque - Camellia / Tsubaki [Buy]

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  1. Hi,I'm serene. Always thank you.

    In this site, a free version of this papercraft can be downloaded.
    Please visit my site, if you are interested in it.

    Best regards.

  2. I wish I could download this one but all I got was!

    Oops! This link appears to be broken.
    Can you fix it please?

  3. Thank you for fixing the problem!!!

  4. cool now its been fix can wait to build 1 nice work gread model greates thank you from me


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