26 November 2009

Space Battleship Yamato - Battleship Arizona Papercraft

Space Battleship Arizona Papercraft You've got to download this NOW because it'll be gone by the 28th, not sure if I got the name correct (Arizona) but we'll talk about that later ^^

Space Battleship Yamato - Battleship Arizona Papercraft [Download]

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  1. thanks a lot for the spaceship, however, will there be a post on the other spaceship- yamato? I really like this kind of model since it's appears to be easy and beautiful. anyway, thanks

  2. Any reason why this was only available until the 28th ? I missed it.

  3. I missed it. Anyone care to share ?

  4. Aw, no fair. I only just got my internet back today and it's gone already!

    Can anyone send me a copy?

  5. Me too? emtp7217@aol.com, please.

  6. Uh, missed this, can someone repost it? What is the point of a timed download?

  7. If someone has the files for this PLEASE upload it using Mediafire and then post link here.


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