30 April 2008

Cute Papercraft Toys - Cherry Moo

Inspired by the hundreds of Cherry Blossom festivals and Hanami during spring time in Japan, the latest from Kamimodel's ROMMY Sloth paper toy series is a reflection of that beautiful scenery. This paper toy will be available until the end of May so download it now.

Rommy Sloth Papercraft Toy - Cherry Moo [kamimodel]

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  1. You should check out the rest of Kamimodel's paper toys, I think your kids would love them.

  2. Anybody still got the manager one that is no longer available for download? Dig those exed out eyes!

  3. markjmoll@hotmail.com

  4. Hi Ron! Yah I will try them, btw if you like the bangus you should try the nearest Asia shop....I found one with pretzels and mr.chips! =) Ingat!

  5. OMG I want the Cherry Moo one. I've been looking everywhere for the template (because its closed) but so far I haven't seen it. T_T I WANT IT!!!

    Do you still have the template?

    (my email is cas93[at]hotmail.com)

  6. @Cassandra

    the Wish Fairy will be granting your request shortly, we've got a long line of requests so please bear with us.

  7. Ron have you still got the Cherry Moo??
    Would love to add that one to my collection.



  8. does anyone have this cherry-moo template?? this is super cute!! I went to the site and the download button isn't there. If someone could send it to me, it would be excellent!

    just out of curiosity, does anyone also have rommy diver,rommy hippo, and the (pig driving a car--found in the gallery)? these were really super cute!

    (email: alice.pchin@gmail.com)

  9. HI!!!!

    I´ve seen this Cherry cow and i love it. Please if anyone had it i will be grateful forever


    please is for my sister´s brithday

  10. Still got it? Really liking the groove of the colours.


  11. Oh my good. Can I please have the cow too?


    Thank you!

  12. OMG! i want it?
    anyone please send it it me?


    thanks :D

  13. I have a friend who is a huge fan of... cows ;) And when i saw a ROMMY called "Cherry Moo" i wanted to make my friend a gift which can sit on her desk and make her smile during whole day of work. But unfotunately "Cherry Moo" is closed :(

    So, i write this to ask if there is a chance to get "Cherry Moo" and
    make my friend smile? Has anyone still have Cherry Moo and can send it to me?
    Of course i would tell her who shold she be thankful
    to! ;))

    my mail is


    Best Regards

  14. Has anyone still have Cherry Moo and can send it to me?

  15. If there are any wish granters out there, i would LOVE to receive Cherry Moo and Halahettadon. I've been collecting them, and the kids i babysit love these models.

    Email is ms.mswong@gmail.com

  16. Please send me too =( i like it and i couldnt download it.
    email is xaberlatex@yahoo.com
    thank you so much

  17. not sure if anyone will read this but if anyone has the pattern for ROMMY "Diver"
    Paper craft model
    then could you please send it to me at
    thankyou so much i hope to make it for christmas

  18. Ron do you still have the moo, diver, hippo,tee bear and kiss kiss kiss model?
    I really really want it, but i can't find it anywhere :(
    Can i ask for the models?
    I really want it.
    Can you send me to my e-mail?
    I hope you still have the models.

    My e-mail : anggoro_stef@yahoo.com

    Thanks alot Ron

  19. Can anyone send the Cherry Moo for me please? I love it!



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