06 May 2010

Couplicoles - Paper Toys for Kids

Animal Paper Toys Couplicoles - 3D paper toys specially designed and made for kids, created by Hartia Toys: Cut-Fold-Stick.
Original paper toys designed to entertain children while also serving as a learning tool.
Couplicoles (from the French verbs "couper" cut, "plie" fold, and "coller" paste) are three-dimensional toys created by cutting, folding and gluing paper models.

Couplicoles help develop children's imagination, tri-dimensional thinking and fine motor skills. They are classified according to the degree of difficulty and the beginners start by relaying help of an adult and are expected to progressively learn to be more independent. Couplicoles therefore encourage cooperation and individual initiative, which makes them particularly suitable for art classes and kindergartens.

The box contains 12 sheets of ocean creatures to create.
Couplicoles require basic tools such as a ruler, scissors and glue.

Learning Skills:
⋅ Concentration
⋅ Perception
⋅ Cognition
⋅ Motor Skills

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You can purchase directly from Hartiatoys.com or try before you buy. US residents are encouraged to purchase via Hartiatoys exclusive internet distributor, Moolka.com

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