08 May 2010

Evangelion Papercraft - EVA 00 Blue x Eva 00 Rebuild x Eva 00 2.0

Evangelion Papercraft New customs based on the Innerbrain Eva papercraft (commercial kit), designs by "ishi kami no kusuri" from IRP.

Evangelion Papercraft - EVA 00 Blue x Eva 00 Rebuild x Eva 00 2.0 [Download]

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  1. This is not really based the commercial kit, it is just stolen from the commercial kit, with only some of the colors changed and the name Ishi put on the shoes everything else is the same. I don't think Ishi should deserve so much credit for stealing other works. Maybe because orange Eva 00 and purple Eva 01 from Innerbrain were stolen on the internet, Innerbrain went out of business and did not to make Eva 02 very bad this... :(

  2. password for the files is missing!

  3. OMG, this is just sweet
    now EVA00 EVA01 and EVA 02 are together =D

  4. no password available, I can't open the archive file. really pity

  5. The password is "ishi" just like the anonymous guy above said before

  6. ishi is correct, thank you, Raf Domingos.

  7. hi im ishi... evas regarding my models have been re modeled in 3D based on the above as you can see there evas such as eva 02, eva 03, eva 04, eva eva 05 and 06 including the mass production and have commissioned me to create them so that is not theft what I'm doing business models are not, are completely free


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