13 April 2006


Konishiki Yasokichi is a Hawaii-born Samoan sumo wrestler who became famous in Japan for being the first foreign born champion (Ozeki) in the sport of sumo. Ozeki, being the second highest rank in sumo follows after Yokozuna. He stirred up a debate in Japan on whether a foreigner could have the necessary cultural understanding to be acceptable in sumo's ultimate rank. Konishiki was also the heaviest ever in sumo at a typical fighting weight of 270kg (595 pounds). This paper model of KONISHIKI is provided through his web site, Konishiki.net. The paper model is in PDF format and comes with a pattern(1.2MB) and instructions(444KB).

KONISHIKI - http://www.konishiki.net/jp/download/i/pc_setsumeizu.pdf
Instructions - http://www.konishiki.net/jp/download/i/pc_tenkaizu.pdf