30 January 2010

Cubee iPad Papercraft

Cubee iPad Papercraft A much cuter version of the iPad papercraft.

Cubee iPad Papercraft [Download]

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Carnival Action Cruisers Papercraft

Carnival Cruise Lines Papercraft Carnival Cruise Lines teams up with Cubeecraft to bring you Carnival Action Cruisers - a highly interactive app that allows you to create a character, save, print or send it to your friends.

Carnival Action Cruisers Papercraft [Download]

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Enzo Ferrari Papercraft

Enzo Ferrari Papercraft The Enzo is Ferrari's most recent supercar / sports car and was named after the company's founder, Enzo Anselmo "the Commendatore" Ferrari (Italian race car driver). Enzo Ferrari papercraft designed by mamecraft.

Enzo Ferrari Papercraft [Download]

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Doctor-Heli Papercraft (Helicopter)

Doctor-Heli Papercraft Doctor-Heli papercraft based on Japan's real life medical service helicopter - similar (in purpose) to the LifeLine Helicopter Transport Medevac here in the US.

Doctor-Heli Papercraft [Download]

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The Adventure of Link - Forest Diorama Papercraft

The Adventure of Link - Forest Diorama Papercraft Scene from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, our hero battling a spear Moblin and Spider.

The Adventure of Link - Forest Diorama Papercraft [Download]

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29 January 2010

iPad Papercraft

iPad Papercraft That was very quick ^^ just as Steve JobsSteve Jobs introduced the iPad yesterday, Japanese designer Hisashi Imai now presents us the papercraft version.

iPad Papercraft [Download]

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Valkyria Chronicles 2 Tank Papercraft (Empire Super Tank)

Valkyria Chronicles Tank Papercraft It's not really called a super tank but with 5 rail cannons on top of the main one, it could be.

This is the second tank papercraft from Valkyria Chronicles 2, designed by ChokipetaKOBO.

Valkyria Chronicles 2 Tank Papercraft (Empire) [Download]

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Red Riding Hood Papercraft

Red Riding Hood Papercraft Red Riding Hood on one side, wolfy on the other, not sure what this is about though ^^ opposites maybe?

Red Riding Hood Papercraft [Download]

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Vans Era Shoe Papercraft (Sjors Vervoort)

Vans Era Shoe Papercraft Hungry Bugs DMC's Vans Era papercraft (shoe) gets two new customs courtesy of Dutch artist Sjors Vervoort - we've got "Hungry Bugs" pictured on top and "Noodle Boy" below.

Vans Era Shoe Papercraft Noodle Boy

Thanks to Sjors for the links and info.

Vans Era Shoe Papercraft (Sjors Vervoort) [Download]

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28 January 2010

NBA Papercraft - 2010 Sprite Slam Dunk Fan Faceoff

NBA Papercraft The NBA goes papercrafting! take a look at the awesome papercrafts for the 2010 Sprite Slam Dunk competition, created by the created folks at Juxt Interactive.
Fan Faceoff is a game that lets people cheer on their favorite dunker. As part of the process, users mix and match body parts to create their fan avatar. They can then print these out and build them. There are hundreds of thousands of combinations, all based on different types of basketball fans.

Special thanks to Matt Chapman of Juxt Interactive for the links and info.

2010 Sprite Slam Dunk Fan Faceoff - NBA Papercraft [Download]

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Red Demon Papercraft (Lucha Libre)

Red Demon Papercraft Lucha Libre Cubeecraft puts on the mask and hits the mat with this Red Demon papercraft from Jerry Frissen's Lucha Libre.

Lucha Libre - Demon Papercraft [Download]

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SD Gundam Alex Papercraft 3 (RX-78NT-1)

GundamGundam Alex is proving to be quite popular among designers, the 3rd SD version of this papercraft is from Turbolabo (prev. we had a Toyoppe and Cubic Characer ver.)

SD Gundam Alex Papercraft 3 (RX-78NT-1) [Download]

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Pirate Ship Cat Papercraft

Pirate Ship Cat Papercraft Inavatof adds the Ship's Cat to their paper toy collection, is a black cat/good luck charm aboard the pirate ship..

Pirate Ship Cat Papercraft [Download]

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BoomBox Paper Toy

BoomBox Paper Toy An emotion-filled boombox papercraft by Swiss freelance designer, Tamer Köşeli.

BoomBox Paper Toy [Download]

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27 January 2010

H&Z Skateboard Dudes Papercraft

Skateboard Dudes Papercraft Heels&Zimerman is an urban apparel shop that combines graphic shirts, skateboards, vinyl figures and papercrafts into one cool site, check out the Skateboard Dudes and the custom iPhone dock that has their killer-silly graphics.

Special thanks to Jerry Lemieux for the link and info.

H&Z Skateboard Dudes Papercraft [Download]

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LaCoste & Romberg Gravimeter Papercraft

Lacoste Romberg Gravimeter Papercraft Prabu Kresna goes scientific on us with this gravimeter papercraft (aka gravitometer) - an instrument used for measuring gravitational field.

This gravimeter papercraft is based on the LaCoste & Romberg model, named after Lucien LaCoste and Arnold Romberg, inventors of the first seismographs and gravimeters.

LaCoste & Romberg Gravimeter Papercraft [Download]

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Woadkill Wabbit Papercraft

Woadkill Wabbit Papercraft Poor thing ^^, Craig Russell's rabbit got run over by a speeding vehicle, now it's flat as chapati.

Woadkill Wabbit Papercraft [Download]

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Stage Paper Toy - The Dead Walk Among You

Stage Paper Toy Zombie The first custom for 3EyedBear's Stage paper toy, it's called 'The Dead Walk Among You' and is a zombiezombie-themed piece designed by Tougui.

Stage Paper Toy - The Dead Walk Among You [Download]

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26 January 2010

Wind Tunnel Papercraft

Wind Tunnel Papercraft Michael Dazzo's wind tunnel papercraft - a tube like structure where wind produced by a large fan is blown over a test object to test for aerodynamics.

Wind Tunnel Papercraft [Download] [Part 2] [Part 3]

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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Papercraft (Ragna the Bloodedge)

Ragna Bloodedge Papercraft BlazBlue's main character, Ragna the Bloodedge (aka The Grim Reaper).

Ragna the Bloodedge Papercraft [Download]

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Chelsea Papercraft (Phantasy Star Portable 2)

Chelsea Papercraft Chelsea is a receptionist at the Clad-6 resort colony and belongs to the CASTs (artificially created life forms with free willphantasy star).

This is a moekami designed papercraft, that means you should grab the templates right away because it'll be gone in a few days, no re-ups.

Phantasy Star Portable 2 - Chelsea Papercraft [Download]

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24 January 2010