22 October 2011

Bachsy Paper Toy (Robot)

Bachsy Paper Toy Robot

This is Bachsy, the latest poseable bot from Josh Buczynski - features 11 points of articulation, a mouth that opens and closes, and eyelids that give it an expression.

Old School Dracula Paper Toy (Halloween 2011)

Old School Dracula Paper Toy

Old School Dracula paper toy from Chemical9 inspired by Bela Lugosi's portrayal of Count Dracula.

Haruhi Suzumiya - Yuki Nagato Papercraft (Yukata)

Yuki Nagato Papercraft Yukata

Chibi Yuki Nagato model wearing a yukata (casual kimono) based on the scene from the final episode of the Endless Eight arc (Episode 19) of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya anime.

The Legend of Zelda - 8bit Compass Papercraft

8bit Compass Papercraft

3D version of the original compass from The Legend of Zelda, it guided Link to where the piece of the Triforce of Wisdom is located.

My Little Pony - Discord Papercraft

My Little Pony Discord Papercraft

Discord (aka Spirit of Disharmony and Chaos) is a mischievous and manipulative creature who plays the antagonist in the 2nd season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic animated series.

21 October 2011

Touhou Project - Reimu Hakurei Paper Model

Touhou Project Reimu Hakurei Paper Model

New Reimu model (SSN style) courtesy of btt-modeler.

Shinryaku! Ika Musume - Squid Girl Paper Model

Squid Girl Paper Model

Squid Girl is a comedy manga/anime about a girl (from the sea) on a vengeful journey to rule mankind and held it responsible for polluting the oceans.

20 October 2011

Pokemon Mr. Mime Papercraft

Pokemon Mr. Mime Papercraft

Mr. Mime (aka Barriered) is a psychic-type and Barrier Pokemon that is the evolved form of Mime Jr.

Trick 'r Treat Papercraft - Sam

Trick R Treat Papercraft Sam

From the film Trick 'r Treat, Sam is the mysterious trick-or-treater dressed as a scarecrow (orange overalls with burlap sack mask) who punishes those who break Halloween traditions.

Chibi Vulpix Papercraft

Chibi Vulpix Papercraft

Build a Robot 2012 Papercraft Calendar

Buidl a Robot 2012 Papercraft Calendar
A calendar with a build-a-bot paper craft project each month -ThinkGeek

Pokemon Arceus Papercraft

Pokemon Arceus Papercraft

Arceus (aka The Original One) is a Legendary Alpha Pokemon from Generation IV that is believed to have created the entire Pokémon universe.

19 October 2011

Chimney Sweep Papercraft (Moving)

Chimney Sweep Papercraft
This is a moving toy paper craft based on a "chimney sweep," a figure said to bring good luck to those he meets. In Europe, the chimney sweep is a very popular symbol of good fortune and often featured on good luck charms

Ghostly Roman Paper Toy

Ghostly Roman Paper Toy

Gnome Papercraft

Gnome Papercraft

Gnomes are a fabled race of dwarf-like creatures who live underground and guard treasure hoards.

Harp Papercraft

Harp Papercraft
A harp is a musical instrument often used to play classical music. It is played by plucking its strings with the fingers. It is said to be one of the world's oldest instruments, with its origins possibly lying in huntsmen's bows

Ekeko Doll Papercraft

Ekeko Doll Papercraft
An Ekeko doll is a good luck charm from Bolivia in South America, said to bring good fortune

Dalecarlian Horse Papercraft

Dalecarlian Horse Papercraft
A Dalecarlian horse is a traditional Swedish craftwork carved from wood. Although they were originally used as children's toys, the horses eventually created an industry to support people financially.

Guinea Pig Papercraft

Guinea Pig Papercraft

Guinea pigs are domesticated cavy (South American rodent) often kept as pets or used as experimental animals.

Sliding Puzzle Papercraft (Dog)

Sliding Puzzle Papercraft Dog
In this sliding puzzle, the dog looks like he's playing with a ball! Slide the puzzle pieces as you like, and swap the red and blue ball around

Zombie Knuckle Bump Paper Toy

Zombie Knucle Bump Paper Toy

Zombie Knuckle Bump from Robert Zylstra.

TOUGUI Scarecrow Paper Toy (Halloween 2011)

Tougui Scarcrow Paper Toy

Happy Halloween from French graphic designer / illustrator Guillaume Pain (TOUGUI).

Destiny Gundam Papercraft (Extreme Blast Mode)

Destiny Gundam Papercraft Extreme Blast Mode

This Destiny Gundam papercraft is based on the Master Grade Destiny Extreme Blast Mode (Gunpla), a special version that includes silver/chrome-colored joints and gold-colored decals.

Glee - Kurt Hummel Paper Toy

Glee Kurt Hummel Paper Toy

Season 2 shows Glee's resident gay guy Kurt sporting a Dalton Academy uniform after moving there temporarily due to bullying issues at McKinley High.

Porco Rosso Papercraft - Savoia S21 Seaplane

Porco Rosso Papercraft Savoia S21 Seaplane

The Savoia S.21 seaplane as it appeared in the Hayao Miyazaki animated film Porco Rosso (aka "The Crimson Pig", "Kurenai no Buta").

Mad Doctor Paper Toy

Mad Doctor Paper Toy

18 October 2011

Bookmobile Papercraft

Bookmobile Papercraft
Fun for schools, librarians, kids, adults, and bibliophiles -- because you CAN'T make a 3-D paper bookmobile on an iPad or a Kindle! -Bob Staake

Fusion Chef Paper Toy

Fusion Chef Paper Toy

17 October 2011

Teddy Paper Toy

Teddy Paper Toy

"Teddy" paper toy from French graphic designer / illustrator Elisa Gilbert (Maaow).

Monster Candy Dispenser Papercrafts (Halloween 2011)

Monster Candy Dispenser Papercrafts

Monster-shaped candy dispensers for Halloween, created by Paper Foldables for CafeMom.

Sea Captain Paper Toy

Sea Captain Paper Toy

The Wind Waker - Bomb Master Cannon Papercraft (Tied Up Version)

Bomb Master Cannon Papercraft Tied Up

Cannon is the only explosives expert from The Wind Waker that makes and sells bombs, this papercraft depicts the time when Tetra and the pirates tied him up because he was price gouging.

Phantom Hourglass - Gongoron Papercraft

Gongoron Papercraft

Gongoron is the son of the Goron Island chief (Biggoron) and is the only other character in Phantom Hourglass that can be controlled by the player.

Lineage 2 Papercraft - Male Dark Elf

Lineage 2 Papercraft Dark Elf Male

16 October 2011

Pokemon Golbat Papercraft + Golbat Chibi

Pokemon Golbat Papercraft

Golbat is a flying-type and Bat Pokemon that is the evolved form of Zubat.

Pokemon Zubat Papercraft (Chibi)

Pokemon Zubat Papercraft Chibi

Zubat is a flying-type and Bat Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Golbat, it resembles a tiny bat.

Pneumatic POW Block Papercraft

Mechanical POW Block papercraft

Air-powered POW Block papercraft from deviantARTist ddi7i4d, hit the block to release a mushroom or a coin.

Mean Old Mummy Paper Toy (Halloween 2011)

Mean Old Mummy Paper Toy Halloween 2011

It's all in the name ^^, Mean Old Mummy pape toy from Chemical9.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Papercraft - Halloween Town Treasure Chest

Kingdom Hearts 2 Papercraft Halloween Town Treasure Chest

The treasure chest with the Pumpkin King's likeness emblazoned on it, found in Kingdom Hearts 2's Halloween Town section of the game (based on The Nightmare Before Christmas stop-motion film).

Humpty Dumpty Zombie Papercraft

Humpty Dumpty Zombie Papercraft

Humpty Dumpty as part of the Walking Dead? ^^ zombie papercraft by deviantARTist GO-MAXPOWER.