18 April 2009

Patlabor Papercraft- AV98 Ingram 2

Patlabor AV98 Ingram 2 PapercraftPaper Replika updates their Patlabor mecha with this version 2, changes were made to the head, shoulder and license plates.

Patlabor AV98 Ingram back

Patlabor - AV98 Ingram Papercraft 2

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Wasabi Cat Papercraft

Wasabi Cat PapercraftAn anime-type cat papercraft sitting on its comfy cushion and drinking some green tea.

Cat's name is Wasabi, obviously got it's name from its color ^^ which is the color of the Japanese horseradish. This Wasabi cat papercraft was designed by our new friend Mya from neutralx0.

Wasabi Cat Papercraft

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Food Gnome Papercraft - Kobito

Kobito Gnome PapercraftThe little gnome character from Sara-Da's Flash-based typing game.

Full Plate
Gnomes trying to steal, so type fast
The gnome's name is Kobito (i think that's what gnome is in Japanese?)
The game has a food theme to it, you try to type as fast as you can to keep the little gnomes from stealing your food.

Food Gnome - Kobito Papercraft

Mascot Papercraft - Tsubame ibis Bird

Ibis Bird PapercraftThese round bird papercraft characters are mascots for the official site of Tsubame, a city in Niigata, Japan.

Ibis Bird Papercraft
These bird papercrafts are used to promote the National Sports Festival in that city. The mascot's design is based on the Japanese Ibis (aka crested ibis) - a white bodied, long-legged wading bird with a long down-curved bill and a red face. It represents the city of Tsubame's kokutai (national identity / national character).

Four models to choose from, the first couple is a boy and girl basic model. The second pair is sport themed, archery for the girls and karate for the boys. Check them out.

Tsubame Mascot - ibis Bird Papercraft

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Ultimate Papercraft 3D

Ultimate Papercraft 3DBeen wanting to post this for a couple days now, keep forgetting though, thanks to everyone that e-mailed it in. Please take note that this post is a preview and not a review.

This is the Ultimate Papercraft 3D software from Brad Bolthouse. Those in the 3D community might know Mr. Bolthouse from his previous works such as the Ultimate Unwrap 3D and LithUnwrap.

Details about Ultimate Papercraft 3D from the official site.
Ultimate Papercraft 3D is a specialty Windows tool for creating papercraft from 3D models. It includes an easy-to-use layout editor for bringing your papercraft designs to reality and a 3D window for viewing your 3D models. It is ideal for artists, professionals, modellers, and hobbyists, and easy enough to use for all levels of computer users.

Create papercraft from 3D models.
Easy-to-use layout editor.
Easily unfold edges with a single click.
Print your layout directly to the printer.
Export your layout to high resolution bitmaps.
Mark vertex edges for cutting prior to unfolding.
Customize the shape, size, and color of edge flaps.
Add edge padding to offset paper cutting errors.
Layout includes gridlines and object snapping.
Identify adjoining flap edges by numbers.
Align and orient parts automatically.
Add text and pictures to your layout.
99 level undo system by number or storage.
Export your layout to BMP, DXF, EPS, and EMF formats.
DXF files compatible with ROBO Master and ROBO Master Pro.
Material editor for editing material and texture properties.
3D editing tools include triangulating, flipping, welding,
unwelding of vertices and faces.
Import formats includes Collada DAE, Autodesk FBX/3DS, Autocad DXF, Lightwave LWO, WaveFront OBJ, DirectX, Stereo Lithography STL, Metasequoia MQO, and Ultimate Unwrap3D U3D.
Export formats includes Windows Bitmap BMP, Autocad DXF, WaveFront OBJ, Encapsulated EPS, Windows Metafile EMF, and Postscript PDF(using PDFCreator).

Some screenshots:
Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Ultimate Papercraft 3D is a promising new alternative to the de facto standard Pepakura Designer (PD), it pretty much has the same features but with some new stuff (outlined above). I encourage the designers to download the demo and try it out. It's free to try and $39.95 to buy.

Will it unseat Pepakura in its unfolding throne? only time will tell. Do remember that Pepakura has a 10 year head start - it was called Tenkai back then.

Ultimate Papercraft 3D v.1.0

17 April 2009

Zelda Papercraft - Gust Jar

Gust Jar PapercraftThe Gust Jar is a magical item that can be found in The Minish Cap, it sucks in other items that can be later released/used as a projectile.

Legend of Zelda - Gust Jar Papercraft

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Smash Bros. Papercraft - Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon PapercraftWhoa! you like what you are seeing? then check out Haywan Chiu's latest endeavor, the big Captain Falcon papercraft based on its appearance in the Super Smash Bros. game.

Captain Falcon PapercraftCaptain Falcon (aka Douglas Jay Falcon) was originally a playable character and mascot for Nintendo's futuristic racing game, F-Zero. He is an accomplished F-Zero pilot and renowned bounty hunter. He drives the Blue Falcon in his races. As a Smash Bros. character, Captain Falcon is renowned for his "Falcon Punch!" signature move.

Take a second look at the pic above, it'll give you an idea as to how big the finish model would be. This Captain Falcon papercraft is massive, the pattern is 50+ pages and over 400 pieces - some of you guys are going to be busy this summer ^_^

Super Smash Bros. - Captain Falcon Papercraft

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Pokemon Doll Papercraft - Team 7

Pokemon Voltorb Machop Geodude Papercraft This time you get to play with Team 7 of the Pokemon Doll papercrafts, it's a rough-and-tumble bunch so be careful ^_^. You'll be playing with the hard-hitting Machop, strong-armed Geodude, and the explosive Voltorb. Bonus Pokeball also included.

For those new to the site, these Pokemon papercrafts are part of the Paperpoke's Pokemon Doll series. We are now on Team 7, so be sure to check out the previous teams and the other cool goodies in between.

Pokemon Doll Papercraft - Team 7

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DMC Papercraft - "Ace"

"Ace" is an urban-inspired papercraft toy from Aussie graphic designer, DMC.

DMC Papercraft Toy - Ace

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16 April 2009

Biomekk Papercraft

Biomekk PapercraftThis one's for the RPG fans out there, a three-piece MCK custom papercraft called Biomekk, a boss character that comes with its own support in the form of a healer and defender.

Biomekk Papercraft

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Dolly the Sheep Papercraft

Sheep PapercraftHere's a sheep papercraft we named Dolly, from Korean site Farm Jr.

I'm not really quite sure what their site is all about, there's a bunch of other papercraft models but I don't see any download links. It looks like a web comic that uses papercrafts? If any of our readers can understand Korean, please do share what you know about this site.

Thanks to reader Jane K. for the links and pics (where are the other models btw?)

Dolly the Sheep Papercraft [Farm Jr.]

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Super Mario Papercraft - Bowser Key

Bowser Key PapercraftAnd speaking of Bowser, here's his mean looking horned key.

Just like the real thing, keys in the Super Mario game series opens up locked doors in the castles and fortresses all over the Mushroom Kingdom. This Bowser Key papercraft is from Prife7.

Super Mario - Bowser Key Papercraft

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Super Mario Papercraft - Koopa Troopa

Koopa Troopa PapercraftKoopa Troopa is another one of the recurring enemy character in the Super Mario game series, they are the foot soldiers in Bowser's army.

Although the Koopa Troopa started out on four legs, most recent versions depict them as bipeds - with the two front legs now serving as arms. They come in a variety of colors and shapes. Mario can use their shells as a projectile weapon. This Koopa Troopa papercraft is from Prife7.

Super Mario - Koopa Troopa

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15 April 2009

American Graffiti Papercraft - 32 Ford Coupe

32 Ford PapercraftThe famous 32 Ford Coupe hot rod from the 1973 George Lucas film, American Graffiti.

32 Ford Papercraft - Under
32 Ford Papercraft - Side
This 32 Ford Coupe papercraft is a complete overhaul of Ron Kemp's original model, nicely detailed vector work plus some new colored parts so you can customize. The display base that comes with it also got the same treatment. The instructions are well written (English and Spanish) and has good images to guide you, overall, the difference between the old and new are like night and day. Definitely and A+ to Angel Guzman for the effort and hardwork. Check it out.

American Graffiti - 32 Ford Coupe Papercraft

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Tron Papercraft - Recognizer

Recognizer PapercraftI don't think we've posted this papercraft before, from the 1982 sci-fi film Tron, here's the Recognizer (aka Reco) a hovering structure used by the Master Control Program (MCP) to capture conscripts and programs.

This Recognizer papercraft was made by Marco Scheloske and is available at the Starship Modeler site.

Tron - Recognizer Papercraft [via Tektonten]

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Scrap Robot Papercraft

Scrap Robot PapercraftIf you happen to have some leftover scraps from your paper crafting sessions, you can try building Roaring Design's old school robot papercraft.

Scrap Robot Papercraft

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Samurai Helmet Papercraft - Kabuto 2

Kabuto PapercraftNiku-Mansei puts up a new kabuto (samurai helmet) papercraft with an added armguard for upcoming Boy's Festival (Tango no sekku) in Japan.

As part of Japanese tradition, Kabuto are bought and kept as seasonal home decoration to be displayed during the Boys' Festival (May 5) for expressing the hope that each boy in the family will grow up healthy and strong.

Samurai Helmet Papercraft - Kabuto 2

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Cactus Plant Papercraft

Cactus Plant PapercraftI would have rather opted for an anime or video game related papercraft from Chokipeta but there is none at the moment, so enjoy these cactus plant papercrafts that he did for Canon Creative Park (Japan).

The cactus is a drought resistant plant that has succulent stems and covered in spines. It is part of the Cactaceae family. Cacti are very well adapted to very hot and arid environments. They come in various size and shapes - from small and round to tall and columnar. They are often used as ornamental plants.

Cactus Plant Papercraft

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Toyota Car Papercrafts

Updates from the Netzfukui site, Toyota car papercrafts designed by our friend Ryo Tokisato. Top photo not related ^_^

The last time we visited their site the only paper model was the Toyota IQ, now there's six new cars: Toyota Vellfire, Toyota VOXY, Toyota ist, Toyota Auris, Toyota bB, and the Toyota Vitz. Sorry if the pics are a bit small, that's all I could find.

Toyota Vellfire PapercraftThe Toyota Vellfire is a luxury minivan / multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) that features Toyota's first-ever rear wipers that fold away into the roof spoiler for a clean look. Primarily made for the Japanese market, it is now being made available to certain parts of Asia.

Toyota Voxy PapercraftThis is the Toyota Voxy, an eight-seater minivan sold only in the Asian market, it's also known as the Toyota Noah.

Toyota ist PapercraftNext one is the Toyota ist, you might remember it from a few days ago, we featured a similar version from a different designer. The Toyota ist is a subcompact car known here in the US as the Scion xA.

Toyota Auris PapercraftThe Toyota Auris is compact 3-5 door hatchback primarily sold in the European market. It is also available in Australia and New Zealand under the Toyota Corolla nameplate.

Toyota bB PapercraftThe Toyota bB is a subcompact / mini MPV based on the Toyota Vitz, it is popularly known here in the US as the Scion xB.

Toyota Vitz PapercraftAnd finally the Toyota Vitz, a subcompact / supermini car known here in the US as the Toyota Yaris.

These Toyota car papercrafts have a lot of options in the color department, each car has at least 7 colors for you to choose from. Broom! broom!

Toyota Car Papercrafts

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