20 September 2008

Animal Crossing Papercraft - Blathers

Oh yes, another fun Animal Crossing papercraft - for those that have played the series you can easily recognize that this owl character is Blathers. He's the museum curator, resident factoid, and Celeste's older brother.

Animal Crossing - Blathers Papercraft [POdragon]

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Zelda Papercraft - Hookshot

A nice Zelda papercraft featuring Link's Hookshot, it allows Link to push and pull stuff so he could get to the special items and treasures. The Hookshot also doubles as a limited ranged weapon, albeit not that strong. This Hookshot papercraft was made by Christina.

Legend of Zelda - Hookshot Papercraft [nintendopapercraft]

Legend of Zelda - Slingshot Papercraft
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Banjo Kazooie Papercraft 2

We had Navi's Banjo Kazooie papercraft last month on a standing position and now she's done an update on the duo putting them on a sitting position. Check out Banjo Kazooie seating on their comfy couch and playing a Nintendo Game Boy.

Banjo Kazooie Papercraft 2 [navi]

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18 September 2008

Hellboy Papercraft - Samaritan Gun

The Samaritan (aka The Good Samaritan) is Hellboy's famous oversized 4-round revolver used in the film Hellboy II: The Golden Army. The Samaritan papercraft features an opening chamber that allows you to insert/remove the tracker bullets from the rotating cylinder. Another fine detailed work from uhu02.

Hellboy - Samaritan Papercraft Gun [uhu02]

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Obi Wan Jedi Starfighter Papercraft

The exact same Eta-2 Interceptor Actis class starfighter that we featured before except that this one has a different color - piloted by Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Obi Wan Jedi Starfighter Papercraft [paper-replika]

Anakin Skywalker Jedi Starfighter Papercraft
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Zelda Papercrafts - Spell Medallions

Check out Kapsh' Spell Medallions papercrafts based on the Legend of Zelda video game series, A Link to the Past. These three spell medallions produces varying effects when combined with the Master Sword. The papercrafts include the Bombos Medallion (fire), Ether Medallion (ice), and Quake Medallion (earthquake).

Legend of Zelda - Spell Medallions Papercraft [paper 2.0]

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Smash Bros. Papercraft - Ness

Ness is the 13 year old main character in the SNES RPG classic, Earthbound and has appeared in all of the Super Smash Bros. video game series. He usually sports a matching red cap and shoes, a striped shirt, and holding his bat.

Smash Bros. - Ness Papercraft

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Cute Papercraft Toys - Candy Stripe

Have a sweet time with this pink girly girl colored papercraft called Candy Stripe from Kamimodel's Rommy Sloth Paper Toy series. Grab it now and grab it quick because it's only available for download until mid-October.

ROMMY SLOTH Papercraft Toy - Candy Stripe [Tetsuya Watabe]

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Park Heroes - Green Lantern Papercraft

Green Lantern is one of many that wields a power ring charged by the wearer's strength of will and is the fourth model to be released in Paper Inside's Park Heroes papercraft series.

Park Heroes - Green Lantern Papercraft [paper inside]

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Big Thanks

BIG thanks to all the people that sent e-mail greetings wishing me a safe trip home. So I made it back in one piece, although I can't say the same for some of my "important" stuff. I've been home since Monday but couldn't post because Hurricane Ike killed my PC's, my lonely Mac, and the most important part - electricity. I've been scrambling to get a new PC since then but my area is a big mess and most of the stores are closed, so I made a few phone calls to our friends up North and thanks to Patrice Auteuil/Tiger Direct who mailed me his loaner PC so I could continue blogging. Temporarily staying at a motel until things get a lot better. Thank you all.

15 September 2008

Pikachu's Pokemon Headquarters Papercraft

Here's Pikachu's Pokemon HQ papercraft found on a special issue of the Dengeki GameCube magazine. Based on the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, this set includes 3D models for the HQ and the mailbox and the rest are 2D cut-outs. This wonderful Pokemon papercraft is a part of Goblin Guy's epic finds.

Here we go again, this entry would serve as a reminder that this could 'probably' be my last post for this week? It's time for me to head home and check what kind of damage Hurricane Ike left behind. A majority of the hurricane affected areas are currently without power and could take between a week or more before it could be restored. If you don't see any new posts, don't be alarmed, I will definitely be back as soon as possible. Keep papercrafting and see you guys later.

Pikachu Papercraft Base [chokipeta]

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Gammon Paper Toy

Here's the latest from our friend, Capitan De La Felicidad. It's called the Gammon Paper Toy and it's got some of the same bulky traits that we saw from his Fatboy paper toy. There's currently no finished prod pics just the photo above, if you finish one, send some pics to the designer and it'll be posted on their site.

Gammon Paper Toy [saltnpaper]

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Star Wars - Stormtrooper Papercraft Helmet

Now check this out, this might be a simple Imperial Stormtrooper helmet papercraft but if you look closely at the model you can see that it has all the right folds and curves. This is what papercrafting is all about, not only are the polygons kept at a minimum, it's smoothen out to create a near perfect replica of what you're trying to transform into papercraft (saves you the time of scoring lines over and over). The pattern is in PDO, don't forget to download the latest version of Pepakura Designer to view this one. Kudos to the designer.

Star Wars - Stormtrooper Papercraft Helmet

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14 September 2008

MapleStory Papercraft Cubes

Based on the popular Korean side-scrolling MMORPG, here are some MapleStory papercraft cubes from our new friend - Tan HongXiang.

MapleStory Papercraft Cubes [Just Us]

Mongo Dice Village Papercraft
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Super Mario Papercraft - Toad

Toad is the little mushroom-head that serves as Princess' Peach's helper and caretaker of the Mushroom Kingdom. This Toad papercraft was made by nasman1993.

Super Mario Bros. - Toad papercraft [nintendopapercraft]

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Nintendo Game Boy Cartridge Papercraft

Here's a classic Game Boy cartridge papercraft from Kapsh. It's the cartridge used for the original Nintendo Game Boy handheld video game console.

Nintendo Game Boy Cartridge Papercraft [Paper 2.0]

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Halloween Paper Toys

A couple of new paper toys from Thunder Panda featuring re-skins of models from previous designers that we've featured. Check out the Zombie Grumm and Werewolf Dude paper toys.

Zombie Grumm & Werewolf Dude Paper Toy [Eric Wiryanata]

Freddy Krueger Paper Toy
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