23 May 2009

Final Fantasy - LeBlanc Papercraft

LeBlanc PapercraftHere's a LeBlanc papercraft model from Final Fantasy X-2, created by new designer Fezco (Paper and Glue).

LeBlanc is the haughty leader of the Syndicate (aka LeBlanc Syndicate) - sphere hunter group from Guadosalam.

If you didn't notice, this LeBlanc papercraft is cut from the same mold as Kaizo's Lady Luck, that's because Fezco is Kaizo's apprentice ^^ So, congrats on your first model, awesome work and hope to see more from you soon.

Final Fantasy - LeBlanc Papercraft

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Zelda Papercraft - Cremia's Wagon

Cremia's Wagon PapercraftCremia's Wagon papercraft from Ninjatoes, you can call this an add-on to the previously released Romani Ranch Mule.

Cremia is the young woman that runs Romani Ranch (Majora's Mask), she uses this wagon to deliver their famous Romani Milk.

Legend of Zelda - Cremia's Wagon Papercraft

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Zelda Papercraft - Wolfos 2

Wolfos Papercraft 2A Wolfos papercraft from Ocarina of Time, that's two versions now for our collection, three if you'd include its cousin the White Wolfos.

Legend of Zelda - Wolfos Papercraft 2

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22 May 2009

Zelda Papercraft - Boss Remains "Odolwa"

Odolwa Mask PapercraftIn the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, when Link defeats any of the bosses (from the four temples of Termina) they leave behind a mask which is called a Boss Remain.

Boss Remains serve as rewards for defeating the bosses, this one is from the Masked Jungle Warrior Odolwa.

Legend of Zelda: Boss Remains "Odolwa" Papercraft

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Paper Totem - Totemualdo by Chauskoskis

Totemualdo PapercraftIt's illustrator/sculptor Walter Jacott's (aka Chauskoskis) turn to mod the Paper Totems.

Paper Totem - Totemualdo

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Army of Death: Soldier Papercraft

Army of Death Soldier PapercraftMaarten Janssens' (3EyedBear) new horror-magazine site puts up a new papercraft model called the Army of Death: Soldier - in what I hope will be one of many more scary and grotesque paper models to crawl out of their lair ^^
Back in 2006 at a local comic-convention in Holland, Menno Kooistra toyed with the idea to bring horror back into comics. The Dutch comic-community got very excited and created the 96 pages fullcolour coffee-table-book Bloeddorst (Dutch meaning “Blood-Thirst”) from the ground up. It got critically acclaimed as a broad portfolio with the combination of acclaimed artists and fresh young, yet undiscovered talent and was successfully continued with an extensive tour throughout the nation, but the publisher didn’t want to continue the project after which it died slowly.

Now, Menno Kooistra (photo), Maarten Janssens and Nynke Landman, all three involved from day one, emptied their wallets wanting to reanimate Bloeddorst and just do it themselves. It’s an uncertain road ahead but certainly filled with buckets of blood!

Army of Death: Soldier Papercraft [Bloeddorst]

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Donkey Kong - Palm Tree Papercrafts

Palm Tree PapercraftsBack to Donkey Kong 64, some 4-leaf and 15-leaf Palm tree papercrafts extracted from that game. Now we wait for Donkey Kong himself ^^

Donkey Kong - Palm Tree Papercrafts

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Pokemon Papercraft - Omanyte

Pokemn Omanyte PapercraftOmanyte (aka Omnite) is a dual-type Rock and Water Pokemon that evolves into the Omastar. Omanyte has long been extinct but can be revived using helis fossils.

It's based on an extinct group of real marine animals called Ammonites, they look exactly the same although the Pokemons have their cuteness factor up a few notches ^^

Pokemon - Omanyte Papercraft

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Silver Surfer Mask Papercraft

Silver Surfer Mask PapercraftMarvel Comics' spacefaring adventurer and explorer, Silver Surfer, is the fourth to have his shiny mug transformed into Tektonten's Comic Book Character Mask series.

This Silver Surfer mask papercraft is based on his front cover appearance from the comic book, Fantastic Four #50 "The Startling Saga of the Silver Surfer" released back in 1966.

Silver Surfer Mask Papercraft

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21 May 2009

Bamboo Blade Papercraft - Tamaki

Tamaki Kawazoe PapercraftAnd here it is, the last of the Bamboo Blade papercrafts from ACGateway - Tamaki Kawazoe (aka Tama-chan). She is described as the strength of the group and a big anime and tokusatsu fan.

Bamboo Blade - Tamaki Kawazoe Papercraft

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Toki Tori Papercraft

Toki Tori PapercraftBryan from Paper Foldables fancied the re-release of the Toki Tori video game so he created a papercraft for it ^^

Toki Tori is a puzzle video game that originally came out for the Game Boy Color, many of you might have missed it because of a tragic incident that happened that year (the game was released on Sept. 12, 2001 btw). An enhanced remake was recently relased via WiiWare for Nintendo's Wii console - which is where this Toki Tori papercraft is based on.

Toki Tori Papercraft

Toki Tori Papercraft

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WoW Papercraft - Belbi Quikswitch

Belbi Quikswitch PapercraftBelbi Quickswitch is an NPC and a cutie pie gnome from the World of Warcraft game.

She's a Ticket/Token Redeemer that you can find at Dan Morogh, this Belbi Quikswitch papercraft is also sporting the Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles - guaranteed to make everyone look atrractive ^^

Congrats to the folks at the Unofficial World of Warcraft site, this latest release is a gift to mark their 1,000,000 pageview achievement.

World of Warcraft - Belbi Quikswitch Papercraft

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Mini.G Paper Toy

Mini.G Paper ToyItalian papercraft designer Philtoys' latest urban creation, the Mini.G The link below takes you to his MySpace page, the download link for the goods is on the left side of his page - you'll have to scroll down a bit to see it.

Mini.G Paper Toy

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Captain Chilli Pepper Paper Toy

Jennifer Bryan (Creaturekebab.co.uk) just released a papercraft toy based on a character from her entry to Wacom's "Bring Your Vision To Life" contest, check it out.

The Revenge of Bessie the Kracken

"The Revenge of Bessie the Kracken"

Some pirate action with this Captain Chilli Pepper paper toy (that's him in the bottom left corner) and Jenni has mentioned that if she does good in the contest she'll release the entire set on Creaturekebab - you can follow the links below and support by visiting, commenting, or faving.

Captain Chilli Pepper Paper Toy
Revenge of Bessie the Kracken

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Horrorwood Meets Nanibird - Bumper 2 Bumper Papertoys

Horrorwood Meets NanibirdHorrorwood (Jack Hankins) does a collab with Josh McKible mix mashing the Calling All Cars papertoy and putting Nanibird on the driver's seat.

Horrorwood's version is called "The Banana Bird" using the same design as his Go Bananas papertoy and Nanibird's is called "Space Racer", a futuristic space theme.

Horrorwood Meets Nanibird - Calling All Cars Mega Combo

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Yoshi's House Papercraft Diorama

Yoshi's House Papercraft DioramaA fantastic looking Yoshi's House diorama from the Super Mario World video game.

Yoshi's House (aka Yoshi's Fruit Tree) is a place in Yoshi Island where Yoshi resides - the place has got fruit bearing trees with berries / apples in it, a fireplace w/ chimney, and its very own mailbox with Yoshi's name on it. This diorama was designed by Gipi.

Yoshi's House Papercraft Diorama

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20 May 2009

Official Patapon 2 Papercraft Masks

Patapon 2 Paper MasksSome Patapon 2 paper masks that came out last week.

Patapon 2 Paper Masks

Playstation folks having some fun ^^

It was part of a photo/video contest from Sony & Facebook were you could win a Patapon t-shirt, Patapon action figue, and some static cling decals. Unfortunately, today is the last day for submission, so if you're quick enough you can probably catch up and submit a photo or video before time runs out (May 20, 2009 11:59 pm pacific standard time). Good luck.

Terribly sorry to reader Gennie who emailed/tipped it to us last week, I missed it and it got burried, so sorry.

Official Patapon 2 Papercraft Masks
You want a PATA-SHIRT? Then send us a PATA-PIC! [Rules]

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Harry Potter - Golden Snitch Papercraft

Golden Snitch PapercraftHere's a Golden Snitch papercraft based on the Harry Potter series. I'm not quite sure about the bird wings though, I always thought the Golden Snitch had what looks like insect wings ^^

Designed by Mark Green (aka paperart) from the deviantART site.

Harry Potter - Golden Snitch Papercraft [via Tektonten]

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Warcraft 3 Photo Preview - Goblin Tinker

Goblin Tinker PapercraftHannesX from the Hobikitkertas DotA site has informed of us of his latest work, the very resourceful mechanical experts of the Warcraft 3 kingdom - the Goblin Tinker (aka Tinker).

Goblin Tinker Papercraft This Inspector Gadget-like thingie will be available soon ^^ More photos at the link below. Thanks to HannesX for the update.

Warcraft 3 Photo Preview - Goblin Tinker

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19 May 2009

SD G-Bit DOME Gundam Papercraft

G-Bit DOME Gundam PapercraftToyoppe brings out his own version of an SD GX-9900-GB G-bit D.O.M.E based on the mecha from After War Gundam X anime series. The complete title for this Gundam papercraft would be GX-9900-GB G-Bit D.O.M.E

G-Bit DOME Gundam Papercraft

It's a mobile suit from the United Nations Earth that was based on the FX-9900 GX-Bit. The G-Bit D.O.M.E is very similar to the GX-Bit except for an additional buster rifle and chest vulcan gun. This Gundam was used to protect and guard a moon base.

This G-Bit D.O.M.E papercraft includes the satellite cannon (mounted on its backpack).

G-Bit DOME Gundam Papercraft

If you are new and not familiar with Toyoppe, the link below will take you to the download page, you'll see a color coding that goes from 1 to 6, those correspond to the color of the parts for this Gundam papercraft (you need to print the template on colored paper). Template page A, B, and C should be printed on white paper, D on blue, and so on.

SD GX-9900-GB G-Bit D.O.M.E Gundam Papercraft

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Donkey Kong Papercraft - Barrel Cannon

Barrel Cannon PapercraftThe barrel-shaped cannon from Donkey Kong 64 (aka DK 64) - takes you to places you wouldn't normally reach.

Donkey Kong - Barrel Cannon Papercraft

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TMNT Papercraft - Shredder, Casey Jones, & Foot Soldier

Shredder, Casey Jones PapercraftTwo new Foot Clan members (Shredder & Foot Soldier) and the mask-wearing, bat-swinging Casey Jones are now available at 4Kids.tv

The Casey Jones & Shredder papercrafts are locked, you'll need to sign-up on the 4Kids.tv site to access it.

Update: Thanks to reader Brandon for pointing out that there's a point system in place in order to access the Shredder and Casey Jones papercrafts. Luckily for you, Cubeecraft has provided a code so you can instantly download it. Just follow the links below and head on to the Cubee blog to find the "code" ^_^

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Papercraft
Cubeecraft Blog [find the code here]

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Paper Sticky - Expo Stickers 2009

Expo Stickers PapercraftA Dolly Oblong & Expo Stickers collab resulting in a paper toy plastered with the Expo Stickers 2009 logos. This is one of six so stay tuned for the others.

Paper Sticky - Expo Stickers 2009

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