22 April 2006

ifbot Papercraft

From Robosquare.org, here's a paper model of a robot called "ifbot". ifbot is an advance communication robot that can understand and speak human language (only Japanese language for now), it can also move by itself, avoid obstacles, detect steps, take pictures and send them wirelessly via the internet, and last but not the least, it can recognize upto ten persons from their voices and faces and adapt to the emotional tones of the speaker. It is marketed in Japan as a domestic communication robot primarily for elderly people to provide conversation and companionship. This paper model is in PDF format, the pattern comes in two pages and one page for instructions.

ifbot Papercraft

18 April 2006

Dog Papercraft - Corgi

It's official, summer has landed in my town. Even though its still spring time, down here in Texas we are already close to hundred degree temperature and rolling-blackouts are abound. In recognition of the term "dog days", here's a paper model of a dog (corgi) from Kei Craft studio. Hosted and created by Kei Craft, the file comes in PDF format and includes a pattern (386KB) and instructions (288KB). Have Fun!

Corgi Papercraft [Keicraft]