12 September 2009

Adorable Animal Papercrafts by Toylava

Adorable Animal Papercrafts Baby bunnies, sheep, panda, bear, dogs, all adorable papercraftpapercraft from Japanese artists, Shozy & Miho of Toylava.

Adorable Animal Papercrafts by Toylava [via Paper Forest]

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Japanese Daihatsu Landing Craft Papercraft - LCVP

Higgins Boat Papercraft This is a Daihatsu class landing craft that was used by the Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War IIWorld War II.

Japanese Daihatsu Landing Craft Instructions

Follow the link below and look at the bottom of their page for the templates (see pic above for help)

Japanese Daihatsu Landing Craft Papercraft - LCVP

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Anime Papercraft - Chiaki 2

Chiaki Papercraft 2 Check out the new (2nd) version of the Chiaki papercraft (animeanime-type) from Mabikaze Paperworks Northarant.

The previous Chiaki was in a sitting position and had a reddish colored outfit, this new one is standing and has black and purple coloring. It'll cost you $3 for this beauty.

Anime - Chiaki Papercraft 2

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Keeps Paper Toy

Keeps Paper Toy Keeps paper toypaper toy by DMC, reminds of the time I lived in California.

I would often see this outfit/uniform worn by hispanic gangs - white T-shirt worn under a plaid flannel shirt which is buttoned only at the collar, bandanas or baseball caps, and black pants ^^. Does anybody know if there's a name for this certain type of look?

Keeps Paper Toy

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Touhou Project Papercraft - Fujiwara no Mokou

Fujiwara no Mokou Papercraft Fujiwara no Mokou (aka Huziwara no Mokou) is a human character in the Touhou Project series gifted with immortality and eternal youth, and a unique ability to manipulate fire.

She's over 1300 years old and runs a yakitori stand in the Bamboo Forest of Lost - where she's also a forest guide.

Touhou Project - Fujiwara no Mokou Papercraft

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Indonesian Trash Bin Papercraft

Indonesian Trash Bin Papercraft OrganicOrganic and non-organic trash bins typically found on the streets of Jakarta.

Indonesian Trash Bin Papercraft

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11 September 2009

TMNT Papercraft - Krang 2

Krang Papercraft Cubee Krang papercraft from the TMNTTMNT series (just the brain creature, mechanical body not included), get it now from 4Kids TV.

TMNT - Krang Papercraft 2

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Urban Paper Tokyo x Dolly Oblong - Photos

Here are the three new paper toys from Dolly Oblong that will be appearing in the Urban Paper show in Tokyo.

All 3 paper toyspaper toys are new designs with one being a custom, includes fortune kitty Lucky, Bubblebot mecha, and Tucky. If you won't be able to make it to the show, you can contact Dolly if you're interested in purchasing them ^^

Urban Paper Tokyo x Dolly Oblong - Photos

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Pokemon Papercraft - Phanpy 2

Phanpy Papercraft 2 Flash forward / 4 days later, the PokemonPokemon Phanpy papercraft gets a new look ^^ cute

Pokemon - Phanpy Papercraft 2

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Urban Paper Tokyo Show - Photos

Josh McKible's (Nanibird) photodslr coverage of the Urban Paper: Book Launch and Paper Toy Art Show opening at Cafe Pause in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan.

If you happen to be in Japan, the show runs from September 7th until the 20th and the address is:

2-14-12 Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0022
Phone: 03-5950-6117 Fax: 03-5950-6180
Cafe Pause Opening hours: 12:00 to 23:00

Urban Paper Tokyo Show Pics [via Flickr]

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Zelda Papercraft: Life-Size Link

Life-size Link Papercraft Super awesome life-sized Link papercraft (Legend of ZeldaLegend of Zelda) built by Haywan, plus 10 other various Link versions to choose from.

They are: Dark Link, Fierece Diety Link, Magic Armor Link, Golden Link, Link the Knight of Leather, Ocarina of Time Link, Pink Link, Red Link, Soldier Link, and White Link.

Legend of Zelda - Life-Size Link Papercraft

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Scribble My Wall Paper Toy

Scribble My Wall Paper Toy New paper toypaper toy series from Just Us (Zakane) featuring some brownstone with legs and arms ^^, the series is called Scribble My Wall already has 3 new designs to get you started with.

The 3 paper toys are Camou Guy, Dirtied Wall, and Wanted Post - Just Us is also looking for artists to do customs and have included basic templates that you can work on.

Scribble My Wall Paper Toy

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10 September 2009

Pikmin Papercraft - White & Purple 2

White & Purple Pikmin Papercraft A second look at the White & Purple PikminPikmin papercraft, designed by ChokipetaKOBO, originally released for the Dengeki Gamecube gaming mag.

White & Purple Pikmin Papercraft 2

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Outdoor Furnace Papercraft

Furnace Papercraft A great tie-in to a very nice product, here's the papercraftpapercraft model of Hawken Energy's Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace - high quality heating system for both homes and businesses.

Furnace Papercraft

Special thanks to Mr. Don Squire of Hawken Energy for the heads up.

Outdoor Furnace Papercraft

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Gubi Gubi Paper Toy

Gubi Gubi Paper Toy From PainKillahArt's The Fallen Gubies blog (official blog for the Gubi Gubi), here are three Gubi Gubi paper toypaper toy customs from Mystery Action, DMC, and Brian Gubicza. The photo is somewhat related, hat tip to reader Vans for the tip.

Gubi Gubi Paper Toy

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09 September 2009

Cubee TurboGrafx-16 Papercraft

TurboGrafx-16 Papercraft Hudson Soft and NEC's TurboGrafx-16 video game consolevideo game console (aka TurboGrafx-16 Entertainment SuperSystem, aka PC Engine).

Cubee TurboGrafx-16 Papercraft

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Monster Papercraft - Swan Ship

From Hieronymous Bosch'sHieronymous Bosch famous triptych painting (The Temptaion of St. Anthony) here's the swan ship creature that appears in the center panel, transformed into papercraft by Atom (Glue² chronicle).

Hieronymous Bosch - Swan Ship Papercraft

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Digimon Papercraft - Guilmon

Guilmon Papercraft Guilmon is the red dragon-like / virus-type Digimon that is featured in the Digimon TamersDigimon Tamers animated series, it is the "rookie" form of its digivolution.

Digimon - Guilmon Papercraft

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Drukk Invaders Paper Toy - Squid

Drukk Invaders Papertoy - Squid Alright, we're moving on to the next alien in the Space InvadersSpace Invaders series, Microdot.be (Anna Blume & Henk Engst) has the "squid" alien all greened up ^^ and ready for download.

Drukk Invaders Paper Toy 2 - Squid

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Chupacabra Papercraft

Chupacabra Papercraft A cartoony papercraft version of the fabledfabled cryptid known as the Chupacabra.

Chupacabra Papercraft

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Toyota Avanza Papercraft (Daihatsu Xenia)

Toyota Avanza Papercraft The Toyota Avanza papercraft (aka Daihatsu Xenia) by Liem Kou Phing - the Avanza is a front-egine, rear-wheel drive mini MPV sold in South East Asia, Africa, and South American automotiveautomotive markets.

Toyota Avanza Papercraft (Daihatsu Xenia)

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08 September 2009

Front Mission Papercraft - Wanzer Tiran

Wanzer Tiran Papercraft Battle across Huffman Island with the kermit-looking heavy Wanzer (mecha) Tiran from Front Mission OnlineFront Mission.

Front Mission - Wanzer Tiran Papercraft

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Malaysian Ringgit Banknote Papercraft RM100

Malaysia Ringgit Papercraft Malaysia'sMalaysia currency is known as the ringgit (RM) and their basic unit of money is refered to as sen.

This RM100 bankote papercraft has Tuanku Abdul Rahman (1st supreme ruler) on the ovberse side with the reverse side showing a production line from Malaysia's national automobile manufacturer, Proton.

Malaysian Ringgit Banknote Papercraft

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Minigore Papercraft - John Gore

Minigore Papercraft Here's a papercraft of the gun-toting blockhead character (John Gore) from the iPhone / iPodiPod game, Minigore. Special thanks to Gupu 25 for the tip.

Minigore Papercraft - John Gore

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Phantasy Star Online Papercraft - Rappy Suit (Male)

Rappy Suit Papercraft Inspired by one of Phantasy Star Online'sPhantasy Star Online iconic mascots (bird creatures known as Rappy), the Rappy Suit enables the user to mingle with Rappies ^^

Rappy Suit Papercraft

As you can see by its yellow color and the swirly design on its hand/wings (which btw rotates), this one depicts the male Rappy. Special thanks to nora_factry for the heads up.

Phantasy Star Online - Rappy Suit Papercraft

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