18 October 2008

Prince of Persia Papercraft - Eagle Sword

Prince of Persia Eagle Sword Papercraft
Based on Prince of Persia: Warrior Within video game, the Eagle Sword is the weapon that the prince starts out with. Thanks to Icthus7, this thing looks amazing.

Prince of Persia - Eagle Sword Papercraft [Icthus7]

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Anime Papercraft - College Girl

A generic anime character dressed up as a college student, that's the description given by the designer but it looks more like a high schooler to me. Pretty nice though. This anime papercraft was made by Anibal.

Anime Papercraft - College Girl [pliega.es]

Cafetera Catgirl Papercraft
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Gundam Papercraft - Birdy / Torii

A very minor character in the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED anime series, Birdy aka Torii - is the robotic pet bird of Kira Yamato. Birdy was created by Kira's childhood friend Athrun Zala, and is a symbol of their friendship.

Gundam Papercraft - Birdy / Torii

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Conker Papercraft - Ron the Paint Can

A neutral character in the Conker series of video games, Mr. Paint Can here is a part of the Ron and Reg duo (talking paint can & brush) found on the Barn Boys chapter.

Conker Papercraft - Ron the Paint Can [supermariofreak]

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17 October 2008

Super Mario Papercraft - Shy Guy

Shy Guys are the little rascals that wear red robes and white ski masks. They're a Nintendo character that first appeared on Doki Doki Panic, a video game released for the Famicom. But it wasn't until the Yoshi spinoff / series of video games that the Shy Guys got recognized.

Super Mario - Shy Guy Papercraft [gupu]

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16 October 2008

Halloween House Papercraft

Canon Creative Park is on high gear this Halloween season, they've released another fun and kid friendly Halloween papercraft in just a matter of days. This one is the Halloween House papercraft designed by Ohkuma Mitsuo, its a pumpkin head / jack-o-lantern split in half with all the ghost, ghouls, and monsters partying about. I'm probably going to make this one for my office :)

Halloween House Papercraft [Canon Creative Park]

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Cute Papercraft Toys - Cabinet

Cabinet is what its called and it's the newest papercraft toy from the Kamimodel web site. Cabinet has a wooden theme that covers his whole body and includes some grass effects on the top of his head and on his knees. Available only until mid-November so grab them asap.

ROMMY Sloth Papercraft Toy - Cabinet

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American McGee's Alice Papercraft

So the other dude with the Alice papercraft, the one that released the White King, didn't want to release his Alice - well, thanks to killero94 we've got it. An Alice papercraft based on American McGee's game of the same name. The papercraft needs a bit of work on it, but you'll probably manage.

Alice Papercraft - American McGee's Alice [killero94]

White King Papercraft
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Zelda Papercraft - Princess Ruto

Princess Ruto is a sea Zora that appeared in Ocarina of Time. She is also known as the Sage of Water. It's size is similar to ninjatoes' Link so they go well together.

Legend of Zelda - Princess Ruto Papercraft

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Honda NSX GT500 FR Papercraft

Here's the latest papercraft car from Japanese designer, serene. It's mentioned on their site that this Honda NSX GT500 papercraft is not a final build, instead its got some minor issues going on with its back side.

Honda NSX GT500 Papercraft

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Cast Away: Wilson the Volleyball Papercraft

Wilson the Volleyball is a non-speaking character in the film Cast Away, featuring Tom Hanks. When Hanks' character - Chuck Noland - got stranded alone on an island somewhere in the Pacific, he inadvertently created Wilson while palming a volleyball with a bloody hand. This Wilson the Volleyball papercraft was made by Mike McDermott.

Cast Away - Wilson The Volleyball Papercraft [billybob884]

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15 October 2008

Relax Bear Halloween Papercraft

It's finally here, the much anticipated Relax Bear (Rilakkuma) Halloween papercrafts from kuma0rila. They've been slowly releasing the finished design pics for a few days now and a couple weeks short of Halloween itself - that gives you more than enough time to finish it. Relax Bear (aka Rilakkuma) is wearing a witch costume and holding a pumpkin wand, his friend Korilakkuma is wearing a witch costume as well but holding a round lollipop, and Kiiroitori is in a funky blue monster suit. Trick or treat!

Relax Bear (Rilakkuma) Halloween Papercrafts

Relax Bear Papercraft
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Zelda Papercraft - Miniblin

As part of Ganon's evil army, the Miniblin are the weakest and smallest creatures in that monster hierarchy. They use pitchforks as weapons and attack as a group. Nye Na! Deh Dank! This Miniblin papercraft was made by PMF.

Legend of Zelda - Miniblin Papercraft

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Conker Papercraft - Tediz

Tediz (aka Tedi) are the robotic Teddy Bears and antagonists in Rare's Conker series of video games. There are eight types and this particular Tediz papercraft is the classical version.

Conker - Tediz Papercraft

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14 October 2008

Super Mario Papercraft - Piranha Plant

The Piranha Plant (aka Packun Flower) is another one of the well known enemy characters in the Super Mario video game series. It's a Venus fly-trap looking creature, eerily similar to the monster plant on The Little Shop of Horrors movie.

Super Mario - Piranha Plant Papercraft [mastermind777]

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Halloween Papercrafts - Zombiefie Six

Here's half a dozen of the popular paper toys from various designers transformed into zombies to satiate your cravings for Halloween papercrafts. So grab the Zombie Six paper toys now before they deside to grab you.

Halloween Papercrafts - The Zombiefie Six [thunderpanda]

Halloween Papercraft - Canon
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Star Wars Papercraft - Naboo Starfighter

This one might be familiar if you've watched The Phantom Menace (Episode 1), you'll see it being piloted by a young Anakin Skywalker during the Battle for Naboo when he takes out the Droid Control Ship.

Star Wars - Naboo Starfighter Papercraft

Stormtrooper Papercraft Helmet
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13 October 2008

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Lulu's Moogle

Based on Final Fantasy X, the black mage - Lulu - uses dolls of various Final Fantasy creatures to attack enemies and this Moogle is one of those dolls. Lulu's Moogle papercraft looks a lot easier to build than the one that we previously have, give it a try.

Final Fantasy - Lulu's Moogle Papercraft

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de Blob Papercraft

An unlikely hero, de Blob is part revolutionary - part delinquent, and he has to bounce, flip, and smash his way past the evil forces of the I.N.K.T. Corporation to bring back color to his beloved Chroma City. This de Blob papercraft is based on a video game title of the same name published by THQ for the Nintendo Wii.

de Blob Papercraft

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Park Heroes - Flash Papercraft

With super speed and reflexes, the Flash can defy some of the laws of physics and is considered to be the fastest superhero around. This Flash papercraft is part of the Park Heroes series.

Park Heroes - Flash Papercraft [paperinside]

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iPhone 3G Papercraft 2

A second iPhone 3G papercraft? why not. This one was e-mailed in yesterday by Kevin Y. of Paper iPhone. Two screen versions to choose from.

iPhone 3G Papercraft 2 [Download]

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12 October 2008

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Korrigan & Lycopodium

A part of the Mandragora family, the Korrigan can be found in the Boyahda Tree. They look exactly like any other Mandragora except that they're black and has yellow eyes. Also included is this papercraft set is the Lycopodium, a white version of the Mandragora.

Final Fantasy XI Papercraft - Korrigan & Lycopodium

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Kirby Papercraft - King Dedede's Mallet

King Dedede is the chubby penguin character that is the main antagonist in the Kirby video game series and this is his weapon of choice, a giant wooden mallet.

Kirby - King Dedede Mallet Papercraft

Meta Knight Papercraft
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Zelda Papercraft - Owl Statue

The Owl statues are another of the recurring feature in the Legend of Zelda video game series. This particular Owl Statue papercraft is based on Majora's Mask, it is believed that they are carved in the likeness of Kaepora Gaebora (wise old owl). Once activated, the Owl Statues can serve as warp points throughout Termina. And to the bunch of anons that send it in, thanks - got it.

Legend of Zelda - Owl Statue Papercraft

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