17 November 2007

Warhawk Papercraft - Chernovan Nemesis

There's a new update on the official Warhawk site, you might remember this post that I made about a couple months back on the first release of the Eucadian Warhawk papercraft model, that one was the ultra-realistic version and now they've released two new models. The first one is an alternate and easier version of the Eucadian Warhawk (realistic), and the other is a Chernovan Nemesis. Free download is available at the link below. Have fun!

Warhawk Papercrafts - [Download Page]

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Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion Papercrafts - Adam

Adam, the First Angel is now available for free download at the Webdude's site. All of the other Angels descended from Adam, they possess the "Fruit of Life," the source of the Angels' power and immortality (also known as the S² Engine). As you can clearly see, Adam's body was used as the basis for the Evangelions. Also, Adam is named after the first human created by God in the Book of Genesis.

Adam - [Download Page]

16 November 2007

Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion Papercrafts - Ramiel

The Webdude has now made Ramiel a.k.a the 5th Angel / the Angel of Thunder available on his site. If you haven't been keeping up lately or are new to the site, it's from the Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series. Ramiel, is a weird translucent Angel, holding the shape of an octahedron (polyhedron with 8 faces). I mentioned weird because it doesn't look like your typical mecha or robot with the flashy armor and weapons. It's just a plain jane octahedron with a drill bit coming out of its apex and particle beams for it's defense and offense. Download it free at the link below.

Ramiel - [Download Page]

Paperboxworld - Update

It was Halloween since we last posted about their cute paper craft models, have a look at this new designs from Paperboxworld, check out the Formula P racer, a cat, and an excavator on the cars, animals, and machines section of their site respectively. As always, it's a free download.

Paperboxworld - [Download Page]

13 November 2007

Jet Alone Papercraft

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! it's raining paper crafts today. The Webdude has just left a note about a "hidden model" on his Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion page - it's the Jet Alone paper craft model.

"Jet Alone is a nuclear-powered, unmanned robot created by an independent corporation for the Japanese government with the intention of supplanting the Evangelion units. Unlike the Evas, Jet Alone has an on-board nuclear reactor, so it can function without external power indefinitely. However, its control systems were tampered with by agents of NERV and the unit's first public demonstration nearly ended in a nuclear disaster. The project remained unsuccessful after the incident." - wikipedia

Note: To download this model, look for the moving eyes!

Jet Alone - [Download Page] [If you can't find it click here]

Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion Papercrafts - Shamshel

Update: Shamshel, the 4th Angel on Webdude's Neon Genesis Evangelion paper crafts is now available for free download.

Shamshel - [Download Page]

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Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion Papercrafts - Sachiel

An early Christmas gift from the Webdude, he's releasing his epic work on The Angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion paper models. They will start rolling out on November 11 up to December 23 of this year. Much like Chokipeta's commissioned work on the Giant Robo series of paper crafts, these will come out one-by-one, so you've got to check back often on the Webdude's site or keep your eyes here for updates. As always, all of these great paper craft models are free for download. On the other side, tis' the season of giving, if you plan on helping out the paper craft designers/modelers in general now would be a good time for it. If you can, donate to the Webdude's paper craft fund to help keep the factory flowing smoothly and make sure the R&D is in tip-top shape.

In the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series, Angels are beings which attack Tokyo-3 over the course of the story. The first paper model to show up is Sachiel (the 3rd Angel) which was also the first to attack Tokyo-3. The patterns are in PDO format (what is PDO?) so you would have to have the Pepakura Viewer installed for you to see it. It's available for free download on the Pepakura site.

Sachiel (3rd Angel) - [Download Page]
Pepakura Viewer - [Download Page]

12 November 2007

Shrimp Papercraft - Ajinomoto

Monosodium glutamate or more popularly known as MSG is a sodium salt of glutamic acid, one of the most common amino acids found in nature. As glutamate, it is present in virtually all foods. You might recognize it by these other names that it goes by: Ajinomoto or Vetsin (Asia and Australia) or Ac'cent (America). When added to food, it's perceived to enhance the natural flavours present, however MSG can't improve bad tasting food or make up for your mom's bad cooking. Simply put, it's a food additive marketed as a flavor enhancer.

Ajinomoto (味の素) is one of the most popular brands of MSG seasoning, it's also the namesake of the Japanese company that makes it. It was first marketed in Japan back in 1909 and was discovered and patented by Kikunae Ikeda. Since then, Ajinomoto (company) has become one of the largest producers/suppliers of MSG, currently producing 33% of the world's supply.

Today, we're going to visit the Ajinomoto Japan web site for some simple and fun paper models. On the site you'll find a shrimp paper craft model (complete with stand and background), and paper hat patterns for a globefish and shrimp. For educators/teachers, this is a very easy and fun paper crafting project that you can get your students to work on. Free download is available at the link below. Have Fun!

Note: To get to the goods, hit on the Enter button to take you to the classroom, on the bottom-right side of the chalkboard click on the scissors icon. The paper craft patterns are in PDF format. The site requires Adobe's Flash Player, if you don't have it installed you can it get for free at Adobe's web site. If you don't want to visit the Ajinomoto web site, click on the alternative link - I've put all the files for free download via Mediafire.

Shrimp - [Download Page] [Download via Mediafire]