29 March 2008

Nintendo Pokemon Papercraft - Pikachu

Have a go at this new Pokemon papercraft featuring the electrically charged yellow mouse, Pikachu. It's an official Nintendo released and provided by second-party developer, Ambrella. The paper Pikachu is very simplistic in design and is geared towards beginners in papercrafting or younger kids. If you want a more challenging pattern, you can try the Chokipeta version of Pikachu (also an official release) or other Pokemon characters located on the left side of our site.

Pokemon Papercraft - Pikachu

Pikachu Papercraft
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28 March 2008

Kamen Rider Papercraft - DenLiner

We've got three Kamen Rider papercrafts today from Maira's blog, these beasts are paper trains based on the Kamen Rider Den-O series. I haven't seen any shows of it in quite a long time and as far as I can remember, the last series that I watched was Kamen Rider Black. The trains are part of whats called as the DenLiner - a time travelling train in which the Kamen Rider uses to stop the bad guys from altering the past and future. Three papercraft trains, two of which I don't have any info. but the one with what looks like a dragon is head is called the King train or King Liner.

Also check out the video below showing the Tomy Plarail (plastic electric train set system) DenLiner which is quite popular with the kids in Japan.

Kamen Rider Papercraft - DenLiner [Maira's Blog]

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27 March 2008

Custom Paper Toys - Wild Urp

It's a bit slow today, nothing much going on. I searched around the storage room in my office and I found a box full of papercrafts that I assembled from way back in '06 and '07. I checked them to find out which ones we've shown and it turns out a bunch of them have not been posted. I'll start with this Wild Urp paper toy from cartoonist/designer Matt Hawkins. Wild Urp here is a cartoony depiction of the famous American lawman and iconic Wild West figure Wyatt Earp. There's plenty more free paper toys on Matt's site including two special editions that you have to purchase, the Mechanical Man and Comic Monkey. Follow the links and explore.

Custom Paper Toys - Wild Urp [madhawkins]
Wild Urp Photos [flickr]
Custom Paper Toy Shop [bigcartel]

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NiceBunny HedKase Paper Toys - Update

It's been three months now since we last posted about the NiceBunny web site, I just checked today and found two new paper toys that I haven't seen before. Designer Brian Castleforte has added the Skumbob paper toy by Skummie and the Schmunkee paper toy by Jay Clue to Nicebunny's HedKase Artist Series section. That makes fifteen total for this series and more than forty paper toys in all for you to choose from. Check them out.

HedKase Paper Toys - Artist Series Update [NiceBunny]

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26 March 2008

Canon Papercrafts - Spring Update

Canon is on the right track with it's papercraft section, they're constantly updating and adding good quality paper models that would suit both beginners and experts alike. The current update includes a globe puzzle papercraft and a paper reversi board game on the toy section, five new paper photo boxes on the seasons and holidays section, and finally, a convertible and sailing ship paper model on craftown section. Get them all at the link below and have fun.

Canon 3D Papercraft [Canon Japan]

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25 March 2008

Star Wars Papercraft - R2-D2 Mailbox

The first Star Wars movie was released on May 25, 1977. Last year (May 2007) marked its 30th anniversary, Lucas Online/Starwars partnered with the United States Postal Service (USPS) to come up with a new set of Star Wars commemorative stamp designs and even dressed up some of the standard blue Postal Service mail collection box to look like R2-D2 (nationwide). And with that, they released this R2-D2 mailbox papercraft along with other cool Star Wars merchandise. This paper model is currently available at the official Star Wars site under the crafts and projects section, check it out.

Star Wars Papercraft - R2-D2 Mailbox
R2-D2 Mailbox [Flickr Photos]

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Recycle Bin Papercraft

After cutting out the papercraft patterns there's a lot of left over paper trimmings, what do we do with that? we put it on the recycle bin of course. Our friend miso over at highwaychile has created these two recycle bin papercrafts, one blue and the other brown (with a 7up logo?), as a simple reminder that it's good to recycle paper.

Recycle Bin Papercraft [highwaychile/miso]
Why Do We Need To Recycle Paper [Carnegie Mellon]

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The Pink Panther Papercraft

The Pink Panther is a cartoon character that became popular after it appeared on a 1963 live-action film of the same name. Since then, it's popularity has not only gained legions of fans worldwide, but has spawned countless comics, short-films, and cartoon shows. Designed by the webdude, this Pink Panther papercraft is in PDO format and is available at the "others" section of the site - you'll need the Pepakura viewer below to open this file. I've also included a link to that distinct Pink Panther theme song for those that are interested.

The Pink Panther Papercraft [Paperian/Webdude]
Pepakura Viewer
The Pink Panther Theme Song

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24 March 2008

SD Alteisen Mecha Papercraft

Fresh of the production line, designer Maira has churned out this great SD Alteisen mecha papercraft based on Banpresto's Super Robot Wars Original Generation / Super Robot Taisen video game series. Super Robot Wars is a strategy role-playing video game that features various mecha units from popular anime and manga titles such as Mobile Suit Gundam, Getter Robo, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Mazinger Z to name a few. The Alteisen papercraft does not belong to any anime or manga series but instead is a part of the SRW Original Generation lineup which uses original robots and characters. The video game was mainly a for Nintendo but did see versions on the PlayStation and Sega Dreamcast.

SD Alteisen Mecha Papercraft [Maira's Blog]

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Retrobot Paper Toy

Many have been asking if there was a papercraft version of Marshall Alexander's cool blue Repair-A-Robot illustration, sorry to say, but there wasn't any (maybe he'll make one after reading this). But this new released paper toy could be substituted for that, it's blue, it's a robot, and looks similarly cool. Here is the 1970's Retrobot paper toy.

Retrobot Paper Toy [Marshall Alexander]

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Military Paper Aircraft

We're flying high today with designer Ojimak's paper aircraft. These paper models are based on current military aircrafts used by the United States, Japan, European Union, Russia, and some other countries that are able to afford it. The list of airplanes include the ever popular United States Navy Blue Angels (Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron) and F-22 Raptor, the British Harrier Jump Jet, and the most recent addition to the collection, a Russian Sukhoi SU-47. This one is an experimental supersonic jet fighter with a very unconventional appearance due to its distinct forward-swept wing, and yes, that's the one that looks like the wings were attached backwards. Fifty two paper aircrafts are featured on the site but only forty one are currently available for free download, they're the ones with the yellow marks. Swoop down and grab them below.

Military Paper Aircrafts

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23 March 2008

Peparo Robot Papercraft

Nothing much going on this Easter Sunday, just three unknown robot papercrafts heading your way. And if you missed some of the great posts this week, you can catch up with the rundown below.

Peparo Robot Papercraft [Peparo]

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Paper Toys - Eggotastic Alien Eggs

Brainjar Paperdesk has put a new twist to the traditional easter egg with their wacky looking eggotastic alien eggs (from outer space). Two paper models are currently available, the green one is their regular alien form and the pink one - with the rabbit ears and buckteeth - is on diguise. Happy egg hunting!

Paper Toys - Eggotastic Alien Eggs [The Brainjar Paperdesk]

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