04 April 2009

Predator Papercraft

Predator PapercraftThe Predator (aka Yautja) is the humanoid alien creature having arthropod-like mandibles and hair-like appendages on their head, that appears in the Predator scifi movie franchise.

The Predator is taller, larger, and much stronger than humans, they belong to an alien race of warrior/hunters whos arsenal of highly advance weaponry includes: invisibility cloaking device and energy beams. They also have primitive yet awesome-looking weapons such as spears and blades.

This Predator papercraft is 68 cm tall when completed and comes in a PDO file, the designer (Blue Dragon) has left the file unlocked so you can freely scale it to your desired size.

Predator Papercraft

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BLEACH Papercraft - Kenpachi Zaraki

Kenpachi Zaraki PapercraftKenpachi Zaraki is a supporting character who plays the antihero in Tite Kubo's anime/manga series, BLEACH.

He's the Captain of the Eleventh Division (aka Squad 11, aka Zaraki Corps) within the Gotei 13 - imperial guard squads split into thirteen divisions. He literally lives to fight and is the most bloodthirsty in the Gotei 13. Hat tip to reader W W for the link.

BLEACH - Kenpachi Zaraki Papercraft
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03 April 2009

No More Heroes Papercraft - Schpeltiger

Schpeltiger PapercraftThe Schpeltiger is the motorcycle used by Travis Touchdown in the No More Heroes video game for the Nintendo Wii.
Travis' super large scooter, with a striking platinum white body and red pinstripes and markings. Has rear twin disk brakes, suspension, super long spin arm, fat rim 30 inch tires and a super freaky engine. The four mufflers that extend from the left and right side power filters and muffler covers create an X shape when looked at from the front or back. - NoMoreHeroes Wikia

No More Heroes - Schpeltiger Papercraft [ddi714d]

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Pokemon Doll Papercrafts - Team 5

Oddish Diglett Weedle Pokemon PapercraftWe're going to crawl and dig on the ground today with the new Pokemon Doll papercrafts, this is Team 5 and it includes turnipy Oddish, mole-like Diglett, and the hairy bug Pokemon, Weedle.

Pokemon Doll Papercrafts - Team 5

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Mamba Mk2 APC Papercraft

Mamba Mk2 APC PapercraftThe Mamba is 6 ton South African armoured personnel carrier (APC) based on the Mercedes-Benz' 4x4 Unimog medium truck. The Mamba is a mine-protected vehicle that can seat up to 11 passengers plus the driver. It's used mainly by the South African National Defense Force (SANDF) for transporting key personnel during peacekeeping missions.

This this particular Mamba APC papercraft is based on the Mamba Mk2 variant, one that has enhanced ballistic protection and improved safety - and by safety, I mean the 12mm machinegun mounted on its roof. I wonder what happens when this thing gets stuck on a muddy road, 6 tons is no joke ^_^

Mamba Mk2 APC Papercraft

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Ace Attorney Papercraft - Luke Atmey

Luke Atmey PapercraftLuke Atmey (aka The Eccentrist) is a character that appears in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations, he is part of Episode 2: The Stolen Turnabout.

Luke Atmey's name is a pun of "look at me", words that describe his egotistic nature. He's a former detective and a great inventor, runs his own tech company called Zvarri Corp.

This Luke Atmey papercraft was designed by Kratos and is a mod of Realnopposans' Phoenix Wright papercraft set.

Ace Attorney - Luke Atmey Papercraft

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02 April 2009

Pie Chart Papercraft - A Fun Way To Learn Fractions

Pie Chart PapercraftIt's important that kids/students learn their math concepts, such as fractions, at an early stage. With this, literally a "pie chart papercraft", you can teach them fractions via kinesthetic and visual learning.

This pie chart papercraft is designed to look like a real pie/cake to make it more entertaining for the kids, take out a piece and you can even see the layers of goodies in between. It comes with a box that has markings to illustrate the fractions and some numbered cards for labeling. Designed by Taka Taka. Yum!

Pie Chart Papercraft

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Cute Acrobat Puppies Papercraft

Cute Acrobat Puppies PapercraftSame as the other circus-themed 3D frames that we posted before, except this one involves cute dogs doing acrobatic tricks.
With the “Cute Acrobat Puppies”, when you slowly move the lever under the frame, 3 puppies leap through the ring again and again, and other puppies also jump up and down and perform stunts on the barrel.
Cute Acrobat Puppies Papercraft

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Sukeban Papercraft - Teenage Female Delinquents

Sukeban is a word used by Japan's general population to refer to "teenage female delinquents", and that is todays Tubbypaws papercraft tribute.

A majority of the Sukeban are often depicted as rebellious/violent school girls, they played a big role in the success of "Pink films" (low-budget theatrically-released sex films) during the 60s and 70s. The sukebans appeared in a subgenre called "Pinky violence" - the film focuses on eroticism in conjunction with violent and action-filled stories.

Sukeban Papercraft

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01 April 2009

Zelda Papercraft - Howling Stone

Howling Stone Papercraft
Howling Stones are special stones that makes it possible for Link to learn new Hidden Skills, they first appeared in the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. In the center of the Howling Stone is the Sheikah eye symbol (around the hole), similar to those found in Gossip Stones.

Legend of Zelda - Howling Stone Papercraft

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Pokemon Papercraft - Porygon

Pokemon Porygon PapercraftPorygon is a normal type Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Porygon2.

Porygon is the first man-made Pokemon, it was created at the Pokemon Lab in Cinnabar Island. It's completely made out of programming code and is part of the virtual Pokemon species. It's corporeal form is depicted as a polygonal duck-like creature having pink and blue colors.

Pokemon - Porygon Papercraft

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D.Gray-man Papercraft - Yu Kanda

Yu Kanda PapercraftIts form is kinda similar to the Takoyaki papercraft doll a few posts back, but this one is from a different designer and is about D.Gray-man's Yu Kanda.
D.Gray-man is about a young man (Allen Wlaker) with a cursed eye, lives to destroy a weapon known as Akuma. These weapons created by the Milleneum Earl are sent out by his command to purge the world from humans. Allen Walker uses an anti-akuma weapon, Innocence, to counter the Earl's attempts at destroying humanity. He travels to the Black Order by his mentor's directions. There he meets with others who also fight against the Milleneum Earl's plans. But more questions start to appear as Allen and his friends move further along to reach their goal. And these questions that seem to connect to Allen's past. - AnimeNewsNetwork
Yu Kanda is a protagonist in the series and one of the colder, antisocial characters. He's an exorcist that uses an anti-akuma weapon known as Mugen (sword). As you might have noticed, this papercraft doesn't have any hand or arms, so no paper Mugen as well. Designed by Acky.

D.Gray-man - Yu Kanda Papercraft

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Skull Box Papercraft

Some black and white artwork from Flickr user GUANOdesign, the skull box papercraft with a knife running throug it - the front has the skull design and the back has a tiger.

Also includes a blue fish and zebra fish papercraft

These papercrafts are the designer's contribution to Nokhook's paper toy project.

Skull Box Papercraft

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AWS' Piccolo & Critter Papercraft

Piccolo Critter PapercraftFree papercrafts from our Tasmanian friends at Adam Walker Studios(AWS).

That red Pacman-looking creature with gnarly teeth is the Angry Critter, it's based on character/s that appear in their short film, Arcade Trap. Besides this Angry Critter papercraft there's also a Happy Critter model and lots of 2D grass elements.

Next is the Piccolo papercraft and his watering can, this character is from their award-winning short film, Sam and Piccolo - haven't seen the film, but definitely planning to see it when I get some free time from work.

You can also download a Bolex camera papercraft, based on the very popular Swiss made 16mm non-sync camera.

So there you go, free papercrafts, don't forget to browse around their site and check out some of the other cool stuff they've got.

AWS' Piccolo & Critter Papercraft

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31 March 2009

"The Seed" Stop Motion Papercraft

With funding from Adobe and a lot of time and patience, here's a sublime short film from artist Johnny Kelly called "The Seed". It uses a mix of stop motion papercrafts and 2D drawn animation.
A two-minute animated voyage through nature's life cycle, following the trials and tribulations of a humble apple seed.

Stop Motion Papercraft 1Stop Motion Papercraft 2

and here's the "making of" vid

The papercrafts were made by Elin Svensson.

Puzzle Cube Papercraft Toys

Puzzle Cube Papercraft ToysTwo puzzle cube papercrafts from a Japanese designer that goes by the name TOMATO.

They're very simple enough that it's not really going to be a challenge putting them together, good for kids and beginners at papercrafting ^_^

For some reason, the puzzle cube on the left reminds of a Keith Haring artwork and the one on the right is like a failed attempt at Kamikara's Gear Cube.

Hear's what they look like when you take them apart.

Puzzle Cube Papercraft 2Puzzle Cube Papercraft 3

Puzzle Cube Papercraft 1
Puzzle Cube Papercraft 2 "Gear"

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Just A Reminder

Sylph PapercraftFor those following Icthus7' Legend of Zelda Koroks papercraft series, if and when you finish the whole thing, be sure to take a photo and send it to the designer - you'll get a bonus for you hardwork.

The Koroks include Hollo, Irch, Olivio, Oakin, Makar, Linder, and Rown, the bonus is a sylph papercraft model (pic above) - Sylphs are elemental beings believed to inhabit the air and are usually female.

Just a reminder ^_^

30 March 2009

Pokemon Papercraft - Marill

Pokemon Marill PapercraftMarill is an aquatic mouse Pokemon that is the evolved form of the Azurill. Marill's unique feature is its oil-filled tail-end which floats like a buoy. The tail itself is stretchable, so while the tail-end floats atop the water, the rest of its body dives underwater to feed on aquatic plants.

Marill is also one of the few Pokemon that have impermeable fur that keeps it dry even when swimming, this impermeability also allows it to swim at high speed because it lessens water resistance.

Pokemon - Marill Papercraft

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Zelda Papercraft - Sheik

Sheik PapercraftSheik is one of Princess Zelda's alter-ego in the Legend of Zelda video game series, this character appears in Ocarina of Time.

She muffles her voice, styles her hair diffrently, covers half her face, wears a form-fitting blue suit (probably have a chest plate to hide her oppai) - all to pass herself off as a Sheik (a young Sheika). Sheikas btw, are an ancient clan of ninja-like warriors that swore to protect the Hylian Royal Family, and were often referred to as the "shadows" of the Hylians.

Sheik plays the harp and helps Link learn new songs to get him through his quests. This Zelda Sheik papercraft is from Icthus7, it comes with the harp and a stand.

Legend of Zelda - Sheik Papercraft

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Zelda Papercraft - Gibdo

Gibdo PapercraftThe Gibdo is an enemy character equivalent to mummies in the Legend of Zelda video game series. They're usually ReDead creatures wrapped in bandages.

Legend of Zelda - Gibdo Papercraft

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National Treasure - Masonic Medallion Papercraft

National Treasure Masonic Medallion PapercraftNic Cage fan? like conspiracy theories? then you're going to love this Masonic Medallion papercraft models from Tektonten, it's based on the 2004 Disney hit, National Treasure.

National Treasure - Masonic Medallion Papercraft

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29 March 2009

SD ZZ Gundam Papercraft 2

Toyoppe did a major overhaul on his previous SD ZZ Gundam papercraft and added a few bonuses.

You can see from the comparison shot above that the height has changed, the old ZZ Gundam is the one on the left. The backpack and double beam rifle is still there.

And now the bonus parts, if you remember from the old post, I mentioned that the ZZ Gundam is a transformer-type - it can switch between various operating modes, here they are:

Core Top

Core Base



Download the patterns from the link below. As with other Toyoppe papercraft models, the patterns are to be printed on colored paper, just follow the provided color coding.

SD ZZ Gundam Papercraft 2

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