31 March 2007

Update 03.31.07

As you might have noticed the site is a bit of a mess right now and it's not looking like it used to, I've just recently switched to the new version of Blogger and having customized my old template (Minima / 3-column) I've encountered some problems from the upgrade. Blogger has added a Layout feature which would enable the casual user to easily modify their templates without any knowledge of HTML or CSS, but in the process has made it difficult for me since I have to familiarize myself with the new custom tags and widget tags that they added to enable the easy drag-and-drop function of the layout editor. I've gotten the new 3-column template figured out and hopefully I'll be able to finish this upgrade in a day or two and post some more papercrafts for you guys.

30 March 2007

Paper Art Friday - Dan McPharlin

Today we introduce a new segment on our site which we will call Paper Art Fridays. We'll scour the web to find both new and established artists and their works of art on which the medium has to be paper based and is not limited to the other paper crafts that we have posted here in the past.

We all know how difficult it is to do regular sized papercrafts and even harder with the smaller ones, well our first talented artist has no problems with that whatsoever, Dan McPharlin (ILLUSTRATOR/PAPERCRAFTER) and his hand-made cardboard miniatures are just magnificent - synthesizers and keyboards the size of an Ipod Shuffle and no bigger than your fist, due to Dan's amazing craftsmanship and exquisite detailing he has earned Paperkraft.net's first Paper Art Friday featured artist spot, so go check it out.

Dan McPharlin [web site] [flickr page] [blogger site]

29 March 2007

Final Fantasy IX - Vivi papercraft

For a while I wanted to do a character nice and colorful and finally I did it Vivi from the game Final Fantasy IX. It's in a three page template and would take about 7-8 hours of work to build this 6 inch tall masterpiece. For those who don't know him that well, Vivi Orunitia is one of the most popular character from Final Fantasy IX, he is a Black Mage who gets entangled in Tantalus' plan to kidnap Princess Garnet when he travels to Alexandria. He has a black skin of unknown material, no visible facial features - except for his distinctive glowing yellow eyes, and he has the ability to cast magic without training. Vivi is just nine years old but is incredibly powerful and mature for his age.


28 March 2007

Disgaea - Prinny Papercraft

From the PS2's tactical role-playing games Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, here's a papercraft model of Prinny - the pouch-wearing blue penguin with disproportionately small bat wings and two peg legs for feet. The game was released by Nippon Ichi Soft. around 2003. These small little creatures where usually under Etna's control and they explode when thrown at a target. They also follow a ranking system, which starts at Private Prinny, then Captain, General, King, God, and finally Uber Prinny. Papercraft model is in a PDF format and thanks to Kei Kusanagi for the pattern.

Prinny - [Download]
Photo Page - [Flickr]

27 March 2007

In Love With The Riot

Accidentally found this video and thought I'd share it with you guys, it has papercrafts on it so I guess that counts as relevant, I like the papercrafts and the music is up beat. The only thing I could find about this group is that their called "Bring Me The Fucking Riot...Man", yes that's the name of the group and their a Swedish punk band. So if you like this sort of music, Rock On!

BMTFR Official Site? [bringmethefuckingriotman.se]