05 February 2011

Lego Man Papercraft & Pink Hello Kitty Paper Model

Lego Man Papercraft

Lego Man papercraft + Hello Kitty sporting a pink flowery outfit, paper models by DrakerDG.

Oh My Goddess! Papercraft - Lind

Oh My Goddess Papercraft Lind

Lind is a Valkyrie that has ice elemental powers and is the 5th Goddess that appears in the Oh My Goddess! (aka Ah! My Goddess!) seinen manga series.

The Wind Waker - Link's House Papercraft

The Wind Waker Link's House Papercraft

The quaint wooden house on Outset Island where Link and his family lives.

British Energy - Sizewell B Nuclear Power Station Papercraft

British Energy Sizewell B Power Station Papercraft

1:800 and 1:1600 scale model of the Sizewell B power station in Suffolk, England.

Sk8r Street Dog Paper Toy

Sk8r Street Dog Paper Toy

"Sk8r" a custom Street Dog paper toy designed by Yulia Susanti.

Veeboy Paper Toy + Epicureo Paper Toy

Veeboy Paper Toy Epicureo Paper Toy

New customs from Willie Beren using Pandacrew's SHTK and Macula's Chum Chum paper toys.

3D Dog Illusion Papercraft

3D Dog Illusion Papercraft

Binary Arts' Dragon Illusion papercraft gets another custom courtesy of Dog Trick Academy and their Border Collie? canis familiaris mascot.

04 February 2011

MechaBunny Paper Toy - Mecha 6.3

MechaBunny Paper Toy Mecha 6.3 020411
happy chinese new year!!
i would like to celebrate the start of the year of the rabbit with the release of the brand new Mecha6 -Nick Knite

Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Onion Knight Papercraft

Dissidia Final Fantasy Onion Knight Papercraft

Majora's Mask - Snapper Papercraft

Majora's Mask Snapper Papercraft

Snappers are the giant tortoises from the Legend of Zelda series who's named after snapping turtles.

Kingdom Hearts 2 - Chibi Yuna Papercraft

Kingdom Hearts 2 Chibi Yuna Papercraft

Yuna, the treasure hunting pixie from Kingdom Hearts 2, papercraft model by Pepabysmal.

Pokemon Wobbuffet Papercraft

Pokemon Wobbuffet Papercraft

Wobbuffet (Sonans) is a psychic-type and Patient Pokemon that is the evolve form of Wynaut, not much has changed with its appearance, still looks like a blob only bigger.

New Super Mario Bros. Papercraft

New Super Mario Bros Papercraft

Super Mario papercraft #12345 ^^, this latest Mario model stands 30cm tall and was created by DrakerDG (PaperBotz).

Pokemon Wynaut Papercraft

Pokemon Wynaut Papercraft

Wynaut (aka Sohnano) is a psychic-type and Bright Pokemon that is the pre-evolved form of Wobbuffet, it's a cyan-colored monster that looks like it was made from balloon modelling.

02 February 2011

Super Bowl XLV Papercraft - Pittsburgh Steelers / Green Bay Packers Helmets

Super Bowl XLV Papercraft Helmets

Choose your colors! Super Bowl XLV papercraft helmets - Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers - Sunday, February 6, 2011.

Desktop Cornhole Papercraft (Game)

Desktop Cornhole Papercraft
In keeping with the spirit of Super Bowl XLV, award-winning digital artist/content creator Kim Porter has created this cool Desktop Cornhole papercraft game that you can can download from her site.

Starcraft 2 - Banshee Papercraft (Aircraft)

Starcraft 2 Banshee Papercraft

This is the AH/G-24 Banshee - a Terran air unit in Starcraft 2 that is mainly used as a dedicated ground attack aircraft - Banshee papercraft model by ddong5678.

Anomalocaris Papercraft

Anomalocaris Papercraft

Anomalocaris ("anomalous shrimp") is a super-predator from the Cambrian period (roughly 500 million years ago) and one of the early arthropods related to shrimps.

Niman Katsu Sand Papercraft

Niman Katsu Sand Papercraft

Niman Katsu Sand papercraft from Niku Mansei (Japan), based on Mansei's famous katsu-sand (tonkatsu sandwich).

01 February 2011

Mega Man - Metool Papercraft

Metool Papercraft

Stubby - Pencil Paper Toy

Stubby Pencil Paper Toy
This papertoy "Stubby" is a tribute to those great pencils past, present and future who so proudly sacrifice there graphite soul in service to the higher creative calling! -Matt Hawkins

Gundam Papercraft FF-X7 Core Fighter

Gundam Papercraft FFX7 Core Fighter

The FF-X7 Core Fighter is used in the Core Block System (interchangeable cockpit) of the RX-75-4 Guntank, RX-78-2 Gundam, and RX-77-2 Guncannon and is part of the Earth Federation Forces' V Project.

ye-bot Paper Toy #16 & #17

yebot Paper Toy

2 new Ye-bot paper toys (Marko Zubak's ye-bot initiative), one unnamed custom by ABZ and "Boney" by dyadic.

Le'Geg Paper Toy

LeGeg Paper Toy

The second paper toy release from Bodickraft (Dicky Wardiansyah).

31 January 2011

Aliens - USS Sulaco Papercraft (Spaceship)

USS Sulaco Papercraft

Search for any Aliens papercraft on the web and you'll definitely find Jan Rukr, he's one of the biggest Aliens fan around and he's got an epic project in-progress.

Sweet Papercraft Hearts (Valentine's Day 2011)

Sweet Papercraft Hearts

Happy Valentine's from Abi Braceros (OH-SHEET Paper Toys), download and build her "Sugar Free, Sweet as Candy" Paper Hearts for that special person in your life.

D'Loo Paper Toy

DLoo Paper Toy

Say hello to the D'Loo crew - Dicky Wardiansyah's first paper toy template.

Fire Extinguisher Papercraft

Fire Extinguisher Papercraft

Pull the pin, Aim at the fire, Squeeze the lever, Sweep from side-to-side - here's the lifelike fire extinguisher papercraft model from Bamboogila.

30 January 2011

Pokemon Mightyena Papercraft

Pokemon Mightyena Papercraft

Mightyena (aka Guraena) is a dark-type and Bite Pokemon that is the evolved form of Poochyena, it holds the distincion of being the first pure-Dark-type that can evolve.

Pokemon Poochyena Papercraft

Pokemon Poochyena Papercraft

Poochyena is a dark-type and Bite Pokemon that is the pre-evolved for of Mightyena, it resembles a wolf pup.

Nintendo R.O.B Paper Toy

Nintendo ROB Paper Toy

Cubee version of Nintendo's R.O.B. (Robotic Operating Buddy, aka Family Computer Robot) - an NES accessory used in Nintendo's Robot Series video games, comprised of Gyromite and Stack-Up.

Spidertank Papercraft

Spidertank Papercraft

Here's the super cool Spidertank papercraft model (walker/crawler-type robot) - a collab between deviantARTists Destrok2k and Griphinator.

Big Octo Papercraft

Big Octo Papercraft

The Big Octo, as its name suggests, is a big/giant version of the Octorok (octopus-like creature) enemy from The Legend of Zelda series.

Lineage 2 - Siege Golem Papercraft

Lineage 2 Siege Golem Papercraft

The massive and very expensive Siege Golem that can be summoned by Warsmiths (needs Dwarf skill at Lvl 49) from the Lineage 2 game.