14 June 2008

Got Milk? Animal Papercraft

The Got Milk? ad campaign - famous for its slew of A-list celebrity endorsers - has kicked it up a notch and jumped in on the papercraft craze. They're site is currently offering a bunch of really simple flash games in which the prize is a cute papercraft of the particular character that you've helped. There are six games in total, so that's six characters - they include Miss Dowdy (pig), Igor the Mule, Mother Hen, Mr. Wyde A. Wake (owl), Mr. Osseous (goat), and Chuck the Beaver. Play the games to get the goods.

Got Milk? Animal Papercraft [Got Milk?]

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Monster Paper Toys

The paper toy army seems to be growing by the day because a new soldier has emerged. This is the work of a designer that goes by the name Capitan de La Felicidad. The site started about a month ago and there's three fun and easy models - Cargo, T-Reg, and The Fatboy - already available. My favorite so far is the Fatboy, its sporting some mean looking tribal tats and looks like it could give a beating to all the other paper toys that get close to it :)

Monster Paper Toys [saltnpaper]

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13 June 2008

Gears of War Papercraft - Lancer

The Lancer is one of the weapons used in the Gears of War video game that made it so bloody good, Jun from Fx Console and Fico the Command and Conquer blog has teamed up to create this Lancer papercraft and will be releasing the pattern shortly after you read this post.

Gears of War Papercraft - Lancer [Fx Console]

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Gundam Papercraft - News

If any of you happen to be in Tokyo this August you'll have the opportunity to purchase one of designer Jun's famous Gundam papercrafts. Jun (dealer name is J-Cube) will be attending the C3xHOBBY fair and will be selling an RX-178 GUNDAM Mk-2 Titans, it will cost 5000 yen / $47. Good luck.

Gundam Papercraft RX-178 MK-2 Titans [jun's blog]

Z Gundam Papercraft - MSZ-006
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Funky Joe Paper Toy

The paper toy scene has a new designer (dhoe) added to their ranks and this is his creation, the Funky Joe paper toy. You can get the pattern by e-mailing dhoe or you can head over to our friend Jerom's blog (spider pig) to download it directly.

Funky Joe Paper Toy [dhoe]

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12 June 2008

Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Stalhound

If you're brave enough, you might want to try tackling this stalhound papercraft. The Stalhound is an enemy creatures from the Legend of Zelda video game series that look like skeletal/zombie dogs and made its first appearance in Twilight Princess.

Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Stalhound
[Nintendo Papercraft]

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Lucky Star Papercraft - Konata "Kona-chan"

This anime-type papercraft is based on the Japanese four-panel(4-koma) comic strip manga called Lucky Star. The photo above shows the Konata papercraft dressed up as Haruhi Suzumiya. Grab the pattern from the link below.

Lucky Star Papercraft - Konata "Kona-chan"

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Horrorwood Paper Toys - Long Paw Of The Law

We've got some new stuff from designer Jack Hankins, this is a re-skinned version of his Go Bananas paper toy that we featured last month. This time its a cop theme, with highway patrol chimp going after Go Bananas for littering.

Horrorwood Paper Toys - Long Paw of the Law
[Jack Hankins]

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11 June 2008

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Goblin Helmet

The Goblin is one of the monster species in the Final Fantasy video game series that has been constantly featured since the game's inception. It's been called many names throughout the series - Imp, Knocker, Red Cap, Tricker - and has had quite a few appearance changes, this life-size Goblin papercraft helmet was from the Final Fantasy XI version of the Goblin.

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Goblin Helmet [GoblinGuy]

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Samurai Papercraft - Ako Drum Player

Home to the 47 Ronin aka 47 Samurai, Ako is one of Japan's historical cities that tells the tale of its national legend involving the samurai code of honor (bushido). This samurai papercaft is from the Ako city web site and has a type of hand-held war drum, probably for increased morale to their allies before going to battle or for welcoming purposes. The pattern provides three options for the face, you can put a regular samurai warrior, an anime type, and a blank one to draw your own. Click the numbered text right beside the PDF file logo to download the goods.

Samurai Papercraft - Ako Drum Player [city.ako.hyogo.jp]

Chibi Anime Papercraft - Chie Isurugi
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Foldskool Heroes Paper Toys

From the designer that brought us the popular Retrobot, here is the Foldskool Heroes paper toys from Marshall Alexander. The designer has provided three wonderfully designed templates and a blank one for us to create our own. Have a look.

Foldskool Heroes Paper Toys [Marshall Alexander]

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10 June 2008

Green Lantern Papercraft - Power Ring

Considered to be one of the most powerful weapon in the DC Universe, the power ring is used by the Green Lantern Corps. The power ring is a fantastic weapons and artifact that grants the bearer incredible power limited only by their imagination and willpower.

Green Lantern Papercraft - Power Ring [Heroic Images]

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He-Man Papercraft

Someone has valiantly taken up the task of creating a He-Man papercraft (Masters of the Universe) and this is the result, it's not a new paper model but a re-color/re-skinning of the popular Quake papercraft (Marine) floating on the net. This was sent in by e-mail and the designer's name wasn't mentioned, we'll just give thanks for the effort. Click the photo below to save the pattern.

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09 June 2008

Bjork Papercraft Costume - Volta

This funky looking papercraft is based on (Icelandic superstar) Bjork's latest album cover "Volta". I can't explain what the bizarreness is all about, I can only describe it as an enormous dodo-bird suit covered with all the colors of the rainbow with gigantic blue feet. This weird Bjork papercraft is the work of designer Lan Hungh.

Bjork "Volta" Papercraft [Lan Hung's Blog]

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Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Kafei Mask

Kafei's Mask is an item used in the Legend of Zelda video game series, it was given to Link by Madame Aroma to inquire about her son (Kafei). This papercraft was designed by killero94.

Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Kafei's Mask [via deviantart]

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08 June 2008

Chibi Anime Papercraft - Chie Isurugi

Designer atom of the glue2 chronicle site has now completed the Kira Kira papercraft series, with the release of drummer Chie Isurugi the band is ready to rock n' roll. Check them out.

Chibi Anime Papercraft - Chie Isurugi [Glue2]

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Ghostbusters Papercraft - Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

With a few months left before the next-gen Ghostbusters video game arrives, designer billybob884 has provided as with a papercraft of one of the iconic character that is said to make an appearance in the game, the Stay-Puft Marshamallow Man. Stay-Puft is the result of combining the Michelin Man and the Pillsbury Dough Boy :) "Rule No. 1: Dont Cross The Streams"

Ghostbusters Papercraft - Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

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Pokemon Papercraft - Combee

The gentle bug Pokemon - Combee has just been spotted swarming over at Drummyralf's house, head to the link below for the sweet honey.

Pokemon Papercraft - Combee [Nintendo Papercraft]

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