20 December 2008

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Zidane

Final Fantasy IX Zidane Papercraft

Based on the Final Fantasy IX video game, Zidane (aka Zidane Tribal) is one of the protagonists and is the lead character / monkey boy in this 9th installment of the FF series.

Final Fantasy IX - Zidane Papercraft [chamoo232]

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Fallout 3 Papercraft - Nuka Cola

Faalout 3 Nuka Cola Papercraft

Fallout 3's official soft drink for its post-nuclear world, the Nuka-Cola can be found throughout the wasteland and is often drank flat and warm.

Fallout 3 - Nuka Cola Papercraft

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19 December 2008

Wind-up Papercraft Robot

Wind Up Papercraft Robot

We love robots, especially the retro ones. Check out this papercraft robot by Scott Robinson. It's his take on the classic wind-up robot, but with some cool rusty metal effect and a fearsome look to it. Hit the link below to request the pattern.

Wind-up Papercraft Robot [redbubble]

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Dark Lord Papercraft

Dark Lord Papercraft

Horrorwood's latest papercraft and probably the last one for this year, features a Batman-looking character riding on a monster horse. The Dark Lord's mask can be removed to reveal its face.

Dark Lord Papercraft

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Pokemon Papercraft - Teddiursa

Pokemon Teddiursa Papercraft

Teddiursa is a normal type Pokemon that evolves into a Ursaring, it's a teddy bear that has a crescent mark on its forehead. It got its name from combining Teddi + ursa (latin for bear).

Pokemon - Teddiursa Papercraft [paperpokes]

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Superhero Papercrafts - Fantastic Four & More

Marvel Fantastic Four Papercrafts

The second batch of Marvel superhero papercrafts using Harlancore's Boxpunx series has arrived. It's called the Fantastic Funk-a-delic! and as you might have guessed it, involves the Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Girl, Human Torch, The Thing) plus some other major Marvel characters (Nightcrawler, Sub-Mariner, Daredevil, Silver Surfer, The Punisher, Nick Fury, Dr. Strange, Dr. Doom).

Fantastic Four Papercraft

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18 December 2008

Princess Zelda Christmas Papercraft

Princess Zelda Christmas Papercraft

And here's a Christmas present from our friend Icthus7, it's Princess Zelda (adult) wearing her royal garb, sporting the colors of Christmas and holding a giant snow flake. Feliz Navidad!

Princess Zelda Christmas Papercraft

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Christmas Papercrafts - Jingle Cats

Jingle Cats Christmas Papercraft

Christmas is a few days away and the related papercrafts just keep on coming, here's the latest set from Badcat Design's CatCubeTopia paper toy series - the Jingle Cats. The set includes the following: Sweet Tooth (candy cane), Chewy Cat (lights), Abominable SnowKitty, Frisky the SnowCat, and Kitty New Year.

Christmas Papercrafts - Jingle Cats

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Command & Conquer Papercraft - Predator Tank

Command & Conquer Predator Tank Papercraft

The Predator tank is one of the best Tier 1 battle units in the Command and Conquer video game, it's heavily armored and uses a 150mm cannon as its primary weapon - which can be upgraded to the extremely powerful railgun.

Command & Conquer - Predator Tank Papercraft

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17 December 2008

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Vivi Update

Final Fantasy Vivi Papercraft

Chamoo's Vivi papercraft has received an augmentation, this time Vivi's got two hands up with one holding a staff and the other with a fireball (interchangeable). There's also four elemental staffs that you can swap around.

Final Fantasy - Vivi Papercraft Update

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Build A Christmas House Papercraft

Build Your Own Christmas House Papercraft

Our Christmas papercrafts for this year is looking good, with a Christmas Train paper model out last week, Paper Replika's adding another one of the classic Christmas depictions - a snow covered house with a chimney (albeit no smoke :), plus a huge Christmas tree outside.

Build A Christmas House Papercraft

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Nogloo Paper Toy

No Glue Papercraft ToyHere's the Nogloo paper toy, the latest from our friends at SaltnPaper. The name Nogloo is a phun on 'no glue' and is certainly true about this model with regards to its assembly.

Nogloo Paper Toy

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16 December 2008

Zelda Papercraft - Happy Mask Salesman

Legend of Zelda Happy Mask Salesman Papercraft

The Happy Mask Salesman is character in the Legend of Zelda video game series that first appeared in Ocarina of Time. He sells various weird and rare masks. You can also see him in Majora's Mask and Oracle of Ages.

Legend of Zelda - Happy Mask Salesman Papercraft

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Final Fantasy Papercraft - Sephiroth

Final Fantasy Sephiroth Papercraft

Sephiroth is the main antagonist and one of the most well known character in the Final Fantasy VII video game. You can choose from three different poses for this Sephiroth papercraft: one is in a combat stance - holding his Masamune sword, another one with Sephiroth reading a book, and the last, holding Jenova's head.

Final Fantasy - Sephiroth Papercraft

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LOTR Phial of Galadriel Papercraft

Lord of the Rings Phial of Galadriel PapercraftThe Phial of Galadriel (aka Star-glass) is an item from J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth legendarium, it was given to Frodo Baggins by Galadriel (The Lady of the Wood) before they left Lorien. This Phial of Galadriel papercraft is not based on the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings film, but is based on a 1980's animated TV movie by Rankin/Bass.

Lord of the Rings - Phial of Galadriel Papercraft [tektonten]

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4 Foot Freedom Gundam Papercraft

Life-size Freedom Gundam Papercraft

We open today's posts with another impressive work from Taras Lesko, the last time we saw him it was his self-portrait paper model, now it's a kid-size Freedom Gundam papercraft. It's 4 foot tall, with 175 pages (ouch!) for the pattern and 2 months of dedicated work. Don't forget to check out the time-lapse video available on the designer's site. Kudos!

4 Foot Freedom Gundam Papercraft [kranestyle]

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15 December 2008

Make Your Own Newsbot Papercraft

Newsbot Papercraft Robot

Did somebody asked for a robot toy this Christmas? here's the Newsbot papercraft (robot) from Commercial Appeal - a Memphis based online news site. This robot papercraft is the work of designer Shane McDermott.

Make Your Own Newsbot Papercraft

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Cute Papercraft Toys - Shishimai

Shishimai Papercraft ToyShishimai, aka "Lion Dance", is an essential part in Japanese festivals and ceremonies that involves performers in wooden lion masks and costumes dancing to the beat of loud percussion music. This is the latest theme on Kamimodel's ROMMY Sloth Paper Toy series.

ROMMY Sloth Papercraft Toy - Shishimai [kamimodel]

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Pokemon Papercraft - Magby

Pokemon Magby Papercraft

Magby is a fire type Pokemon that evolves into Magmar. It'a duck-like creature that's got lots of Rahman lumps on its head. They live in volcanic craters and have a constant body temperature of over 1100 F, now that's one very hot Pokemon.

Pokemon - Magby Papercraft [paperpokes]

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Bitobuilding Papercraft

Japanese Building Papercraft

Our friend at SHIS (Suzuki Hideaki Illustration Studio) has a new building papercraft called the Bitobuilding, its your typical multi-storey building with this one housing the PAN Graphic Academy.

Bitobuilding Papercraft [bitd]

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14 December 2008

Cave Story Papercraft - Balrog

Cave Story Balrog Papercraft

Balrog is an enemy character based on the the Cave Story (Dokutsu Monogatari) action adventure video game. Balrog is a servant of The Doctor (Fuyuhiko Date), he is depicted as cross between a toaster and a lunchbox. He is popularly known for his "Huzzah!" battle cry.

Cave Story - Balrog Papercraft

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Roswell UFO Papercraft

Roswell UFO PapercraftWether you believe in it or not, here's a Roswell UFO papercraft based on the 1940's Roswell Incident in New Mexico. This is not your typical disc shape UFO popularized by the media, its got more of a futuristic style to it.

Roswell UFO Papercraft [paper-replika]

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Christmas Tree Papercrafts

Italian Christmas Tree Papercraft

Some urban style Christmas tree papercrafts from Italian designer Philtoys, includes three funky themes for you to choose from: "I love my sneakers", "Settimo Cielo", and "Phil Toys".

Christmas Tree Papercrafts [PROVIDERmag]

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Super Mario Papercraft - Lakitu 8-bit

8-bit Super Mario Lakitu Papercraft

Some 8-bit papercraft fun for today, Lakitu is one of the original enemy characters from the Super Mario Bros. video game, it is depicted as a humanoid-faced Koopa wearing goggles. It rides a smiley cloud and throws Spiny Eggs (that hatch into Spinies) at Mario.

Super Mario 8-bit Lakitu Papercraft

Thwomp Papercraft
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