27 September 2008

Castle Crashers Papercraft

Developed by The Behemoth, Castle Crashers is an action-RPG video game recently released for the Xbox 360's Live Arcade. The game centers around the adventures of four knights in their quest to hunt down a wizard and his barbarian army who stole a magic crystal and evenly enough, four princesses. These Castle Crashers papercraft were made by deviantART user crzisme.

Castle Crashers Papercraft

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Super Mario Papercraft - Monty Mole

Despite having the same name with an older video game character (Monty Mole by Gremlin Graphics) this Monty Mole is a recurring character that has appeared in several of the Super Mario video game series. Having been an enemy character for most of his appearances, Monty Mole has also jumped into the good guy/neutral zone with his role as a shop owner in Mario Party DS.

Super Mario - Monty Mole Papercraft

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26 September 2008

Claymore Papercraft - Clare

Claymore is a 15 volume dark fantasy manga series originally release for the Monthly Shonen Jump magazine. Claymore has a medieval setting which has both humans and sentient shape-shifting monsters called Yoma 'that eat humans' coexisting, Claymore also refers to the group of superhuman warriors that serve as protectors for the human race against the Yoma. The story centers around the adventures of a Claymore warrior named Clare, which is the papercraft we have above.

Claymore Papercraft - Clare [mediafire]

Honey and Clover Papercraft
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Rayman Papercraft - Bunny Clark / Superman

A recolor of Chamoo's Raving Rabbid papercraft from the Rayman video game series. This is Bunny Clark / Superman, a background character on the plunger shooting mini-games. Check out the vid below to see clark in action.

Rayman Papercraft - Bunny Clark/Superman

Metal Gear Mk. II Papercraft
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25 September 2008

Barack Obama Papercraft

Historic time for the U.S., Barack Obama - the senator from Illinois is the first African American to be nominated for presidency and could probably be one come November. This Barack Obama papercraft is from designer Matt Hawkins as a way to show his support for this candidate.

Barack Obama Papercraft

Black Pearl Papercraft Ship
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Relax Bear Papercraft - Wrapper

Here is Rilakkuma/Relax Bear's friends - Korilakkuma (white bear) and Kiiroitori (yellow chick) sporting a wrapper. The Wrapper is a colorful garment used mainly as a headscarf or sometimes as a sling.

Relax Bear - Wrapper Papercraft [kuma0rila]

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Emo Papercraft

Emo is the often misunderstood punk sub-culture that is associated with emotional sensitivity. This emo paper toy is a depiction of that sub-culture with a French twist.

Emo Papercraft [jerom-bd]

Guitar Hero Papercraft
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Super Mario Papercraft - Thwomp 2

A different variant of the Thwomp this time, this one is a dark-blue colored cube that has no spikes in it. This Thwomp papercraft is based on the Super Mario 64 video game for the Nintendo 64. Two versions for you to choose from one has the angry face and the other is grumpy.

Super Mario 64 - Thwomp Papercraft 2

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24 September 2008

Sachi the Dog Papercraft

Here's another useful papercraft for the office people out there, this one serves as a business card holder. Sachi the Dog papercraft can hold some of the cards on its mouth and the rest can be stored on its base where it stands.

Sachi the Dog Papercraft [saltnpaper]

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Scarlette Papercraft

From the award-winning creative folks at Sugar Agency, here is the Mr. Cut Fold Stick papercraft that they've created based on a character on one of their animations. The animation is for a track ("Let's Go Shopping") from UK based pop artist, Scarlette. Check it out.

Scarlette Papercraft
[Scarlette Project]

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Zombie Lemi Paper Toy

With about a month to go, Halloween papercrafts are slowly trickling in and we'll start that with Thunder Panda's Zombifie project on which the Zombie Lemi paper toy is based on. Gnaw!

Zombie Lemi Paper Toy [eric wiryanata]

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23 September 2008

"Map of The Brain" Papercraft

Here's a brain papercraft that can be of good use to educators and students. If you've got a science project or report about the brain, this papercraft would serve as a good educational tool to showcase the different parts that make up the brain - its properly labeled and color coded for ease of use. This fantastic brain papercraft was made by Deutsch artist/designer Martin Pyka. To get the goods, follow the link below and scroll down a bit until you see the word 'Paperbrain'.

Map of the Brain Papercraft [martinpyka.de]

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Banjo Kazooie Papercraft - Cheato

Cheato is a flying book with cheat codes that help Banjo and Kazooie in their adventures. This Cheato papercraft was made by picklelicker129

Banjo Kazooie - Cheato Papercraft [nintendopapercraft]

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Star Wars - ARC-170 Starfighter Papercraft

They are the protectors for Coruscant's skies, the ARC-170 starfighter (Aggressive ReConnaissance) is operated by three clone trooper pilots - one for flight maneuvers, one for laser cannons, and one as tailgunner. Much like the other starfighters, this one also carries an astromech droid.

Star Wars - ARC-170 Starfighter Papercraft

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Portal Papercraft - Radio

Check out this Portal Radio papercraft made by Ade23005. Based on Valve's award winning first person/puzzle video game Portal - it's the radio found in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center.

Portal - Radio Papercraft [ade23005]

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Super Mario Papercraft - Penguin

This is the Penguin character from the Super Mario 64 video game. You'll be able to find them on the Cool Cool Mountain (4th painting world) stage. This Super Mario Penguin papercraft was made by supermariofreak.

Super Mario - Penguin Papercraft [nintendopapercraft]

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Taras Lesko Papercraft Bust

From uber web/flash designer Taras Lesko, nothings says 'me' like an oversized papercraft bust of yourself. No patterns here (if you want, maybe you can ask the designer) just some impressive pics of his work. This is going to be one of hell of a conversation piece.

Taras Lesko Papercraft Bust

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22 September 2008

Park Heroes - Hulk Papercraft

Stan Lee's not-so jolly green giant superhero is given the South Park treatment. Mild mannered physicist when calm and greener than green brute juggernaut when angered. This Hulk papercraft is the newest addition to designer Claudio Dias' Paper Park Heroes series.

Hulk Papercraft [Paper Inside]

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Zelda Papercraft - Fierce Deity Link

From Majora's Mask, here is the powerful adult-form that Link transforms into with the help of the Fierce Deity Mask's dark power, aptly called Fierce Deity Link. This Fierce Deity Link papercraft is from Ninjatoes.

Legend of Zelda - Fierce Deity Link Papercraft

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Honda Civic Papercraft

The Civic is Honda's ever popular line of compact cars and the second longest running car brand from a Japanese manufacturer. I'm not quite sure but I think this Civic (pic above) is from Honda's fifth generation (1992-1995). This Honda Civic papercraft is another fine work from designer Suzuki Hideaki.

Honda Civic Papercraft [bitd]

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Zelda Papercraft - Gale Boomerang

The Gale Boomerang papercraft based on the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The Gale Boomerang is another one of Link's ranged weapons, this one is inhabited by the Fairy of the Winds and allows Link to summon small gales that can either attack enemies or retrieve items. This papercraft is on the rough side, so bear that in mind if you decide to build it.

Legend of Zelda - Gale Boomerang Papercraft

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Pokemon Papercraft - Sandshrew

Sandshrew is a ground type Pokmeon that is the pre-evolve form of the Sandslash. True to its name, it has a sand like skin tone on its extra tough hide. This Pokemon Sandshrew papercraft was made by PMF.

Pokemon - Sandshrew Papercraft [nintendopapercraft]

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21 September 2008

Banjo Kazooie Papercraft - Honeycomb

One more Banjo Kazooie papercraft post to end what has been a hectic week for me. The honeycomb is an item in the Banjo Kazooie universe that serves as health points, if you're character absorbs damage then you have to wolf down on honeycombs to get rejuvenated.

Banjo Kazooie - Honeycomb Papercraft

Banjo Kazooie Papercraft
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Anime Papercraft - Miss Miwa

A new anime-type papercraft from Cafetera, this very blue and very bosomy lady is called Miss Miwa. She is part of Project Yosonoko by Japanese illustrator DMasahiro.

Anime - Miss Miwa Papercraft

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