18 January 2008

The Ultimate Papercraft Collection

The title says it all, this is probably one the best papercraft collection that I've ever seen, erase that, it is the best papercraft collection I've seen so far. The number of extremely rare and limited editions is just astounding. I would be lying if I said that I'm not impressed, because I am very impressed with it. The picture I used for this post is a Chokipeta designed papercraft from a Japanese Xbox game called Metal Wolf Chaos, the reason for that is because it's one of five that I've been hunting down for quite some time now and I still couldn't get my hands on one.

Just by looking at it I can easily tell that a serious amount of money went into acquiring such a vast and huge collection, if you're not based in Japan it'll cost even more. Here's an example to give you an idea of how much money you have to spend to get a limited edition papercraft (I'm talking from a collector's POV ok), well use the Chokipeta Giant Robo Head on the Collections 3 folder for our example.

Let's pretend you live in the United States or somewhere out of Japan and that you can read and write Japanese, realistically there's two ways to get it: purchase it directly or win it in an auction. When you purchase it directly you have to buy the DVD set that it comes with (on sale Softgarage.jp for $200 + shipping)(Amazon Japan $213 + $30 shipping), if you decide to go for the auction route you can head on to Yahoo Japan Auctions or any other reputable auction site and try to search if they have it (the odds of finding one are very slim). If/once you find it, bid - pray - hope you'll win. However, if you don't speak the language, you can use a third-party auction-bidding site such as Rinkya, ooh!Japan, MoJ, etc. to place the bid for you for a fee (on top of other fees). Yes, doing the auction route will definitely break your piggy bank.

The owner of this collection goes by the handle name Tikitiki_m and proudly displays his/her collection at the link below.

Ultimate Papercraft Collection (UPC) - [Home Page]

Princess Crown Papercraft - Gradiel

Princess Crown is a Japanese Action RPG sidescroller for the Sega Saturn and later on ported to the Sony PSP - I'm guessing the Gradiel papercraft is the protagonist of the game. I've never actually played this so I'll just thank the sender Millitech, thank you, and send you guys on your way to the link. Btw, this free download has a time limit so get it while you can.

Gradiel - [Via Imperishable Night]

17 January 2008

LazyTown Sportacus Airship Papercraft

LazyTown is a children's television program created by gymnastics champion Magnus Scheving that uses live-action replay, puppetry, and CGI animation to tell the story of Stephanie and how she saves the town from the world's laziest super-villain, Robbie Rotten. Along the way she gets help from her friends (Ziggy, Trixie, Pixel, Stingy) and LazyTown's own athletic super-hero, Sportacus - who likes to jump, leap, and flip with his trusted skateboard in order to promote healthy lifestyle choices, instead of the easy unhealthy ones. Today we've got the LazyTown Sportacus Airship papercaft from our good friend Claudio Dias at Paperinside. About a week ago I got word from the designer himself about todays release and by the looks of it, another great paper model to add to his growing collection, great job sir. Free download is available at his site, follow the links below.

LazyTown Airship - [Download Page]

16 January 2008

Scopedog Papercraft - Chokipeta

It's not a big secret here in the site that I'm a big fan of Chokipeta, I've been collecting his papercrafts for quite some time now and when I saw these photos it made me wish I had easy access to Japan. I saw the note on his web site last year (November) about him? showing up at the recent Super Festival 45 (January 6, 2008) in Tokyo - it's a hobby event featuring scale models and toys. But I forgot to post about it, anyways, follow the link below for detailed photos of Chokipeta's three new papercraft models taken by Joseph Tsai of Tokyo Hunter.

Chokipeta - [Note]
Super Festival 45 Coverage - [Tokyo Hunter] [Flickr Page]
Super Festival 45 Home - [Home Page]

Rebellion Papercraft

A great looking mech/robot papercraft, I haven't seen this one posted anywhere so here you go.I found it on a Japanese blog called Reb.blog garage, the owner goes by the username Reb2479, so we'll call him that. His creation is called the "Rebellion" papercraft, from what I can understand on his blog entries and on the prototype pics, he's been building this model for quite some time now and just recently finished. The pattern for this papercraft counts in at 15 individual pages (JPG file), 10 for the pattern itself and 5 for instructions. It's a pretty darn good papercraft for a first try? let's all thank Mr. Reb2479

Rebellion - [Download Page] [Designer's Site]

14 January 2008

Cute Japanese Musume Papercraft

Lots of cute Japanese girl papercrafts from this site, not much info on the page except for the folder name (~terrase). There's a Hatsune Miku papercraft (初音ミク), if you don't know her, neither do I. So I Googled it up and it turns out she's a character on a singing synthesizer software called Vocaloid and came out of the first Vocaloid Character Voice Series. Next we've got a Kitsune-musume papercraft, Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox and musume when used in this context means girl or daughter. So by looking at the pics you can already tell who she is (w/ tail). Then the Pumpkin-musume papercraft, followed by the newest one which is called the Plus-san papercraft. I'm clueless with the last one so I'll just let the readers guide me with it. You will need the free Pepakura Viewer to see these files because they're all in .pdo format.

Cute Musumes - [Download Page]
Pepakura Viewer - [Download Page]

Playstation 3 Papercraft

Today Sony fans will definitely have fun with this slick Playstation 3 papercraft from Sonicscape Jun, this post is somewhat related to the Mac post below since we just included his paper iPhone set on it. I believe we posted some of Soniscape's work before, like this other papercraft console, but they've moved out of that home and into a new one, so this would serve as a note to those following his work. Don't worry, it's not all Sony stuff in there, Xbox fans can check out the Halo 3 Legendary Edition papercraft which comes with everything you find on the actual stuff. Have fun!

Playstation 3 Papercraft - [Sonicscape]

13 January 2008

Apple / Mac Papercraft for the Faithful

I've searched the web for good Apple / Mac papercrafts and have come up with two very useful links so those looking for it or those wanting to pay homage to their favorite Mac product can easily find it, and just in time for Macworld. (2 New Updates Added)

It's that time of the year again for the Apple faithful/ Mac geeks to travel to San Francisco for the Macworld Conference & Expo 2008. This is Apple's largest gathering of Macintosh fans in the world and at the same time their biggest annual event that introduces new or improved versions on their hardware and software products being delivered by CEO Steve Jobs at a keynote or special media event. The conference takes place at The Moscone Center which is located at the heart of San Francisco's downtown district.

We'll start with the ever popular iPhone papercraft which I first saw posted on Gizmodo a few months before it's official launch and was a big "hit" for scammers on eBay. Nothing much was said on the pattern but Gizmodo did mention that the person who made it was named Matt J. Although it was a good papercraft and has been dugg more than a thousand times, I find the Sneakmove iPhone papercraft much better design wise and it's not watermarked.

Next is a group of paper models from designer Mitsuaki Ohashi at kamigei.com and contains the bulk of this post. First is a set of iMac papercraft ranging from the original 1998 Bondi Blue iMac G3 up to the 2002 iMac G4, then there is the iBook papercraft set which includes the original clamshell iBook G3 and the 2001 second generation iBook G3 Dual USB, third is the PowerMac papercraft set - includes the Power Macintosh G3, PowerMac G4 Cube, and the PowerMac G5, lastly, a single PowerBook G4 papercraft.

That's it for now, we'll just regularly update this post if any other new Mac stuff comes up, download it for free at the links below.


The cutest Macintosh papercraft ever from Neoteny.com, and this iPhone papercraft that comes complete with its own box/packaging from Sonicscape Jun.

Download Links:

Gizmodo iPhone - [Download Page]
Sneakmove iPhone - [Download Page]
Kamigei Mac overload - [Download Page]
Neoteny Cute Macintosh - [Download Page]
Sonicscape Jun iPhone Complete - [Download Page]