13 January 2008

Apple / Mac Papercraft for the Faithful

I've searched the web for good Apple / Mac papercrafts and have come up with two very useful links so those looking for it or those wanting to pay homage to their favorite Mac product can easily find it, and just in time for Macworld. (2 New Updates Added)

It's that time of the year again for the Apple faithful/ Mac geeks to travel to San Francisco for the Macworld Conference & Expo 2008. This is Apple's largest gathering of Macintosh fans in the world and at the same time their biggest annual event that introduces new or improved versions on their hardware and software products being delivered by CEO Steve Jobs at a keynote or special media event. The conference takes place at The Moscone Center which is located at the heart of San Francisco's downtown district.

We'll start with the ever popular iPhone papercraft which I first saw posted on Gizmodo a few months before it's official launch and was a big "hit" for scammers on eBay. Nothing much was said on the pattern but Gizmodo did mention that the person who made it was named Matt J. Although it was a good papercraft and has been dugg more than a thousand times, I find the Sneakmove iPhone papercraft much better design wise and it's not watermarked.

Next is a group of paper models from designer Mitsuaki Ohashi at kamigei.com and contains the bulk of this post. First is a set of iMac papercraft ranging from the original 1998 Bondi Blue iMac G3 up to the 2002 iMac G4, then there is the iBook papercraft set which includes the original clamshell iBook G3 and the 2001 second generation iBook G3 Dual USB, third is the PowerMac papercraft set - includes the Power Macintosh G3, PowerMac G4 Cube, and the PowerMac G5, lastly, a single PowerBook G4 papercraft.

That's it for now, we'll just regularly update this post if any other new Mac stuff comes up, download it for free at the links below.


The cutest Macintosh papercraft ever from Neoteny.com, and this iPhone papercraft that comes complete with its own box/packaging from Sonicscape Jun.

Download Links:

Gizmodo iPhone - [Download Page]
Sneakmove iPhone - [Download Page]
Kamigei Mac overload - [Download Page]
Neoteny Cute Macintosh - [Download Page]
Sonicscape Jun iPhone Complete - [Download Page]


  1. You missed the iPhone I made ;)


  2. I was wondering if the hellow I mac is available ...because the link is broke..also...

  3. I just checked it and it's working, try this one >> Mac

  4. What do you use papercrafts for?

  5. I use it as a display / office
    decoration. Activity tool. Flickr eye-candy.

  6. can you plz post me a comment for a link to papercraft psp?(i know that this site have mac papercrafts but i want papercraft psp!) i browse the web for 2 years and couldnt find it!and i want the normal psp not the next generation or pspGO!plz


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