17 January 2009

Manga Papercraft - Black Nurse Maya

Black Nurse Maya Manga Papercraft

Here's Cafetera's opener for 2009, a chibi papercraft based on the lead character in the Black Nurse Maya manga (hentai).

Black Nurse Maya Papercraft

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Air Force One Papercraft

Air Force One Airplane Papercraft Not really the best paper replica of Air Force One, but it is acceptable. National Geographic offers this Air Force One papercraft to coincide with their new series called "On Board Air Force One", a look into the inner and outer workings of the US President's private fortress in the sky. With a name like National Geographic I would think they could have done more research and hired somebody good at making airplane papercrafts (e.g. Claudio Dias/Paper Inside).

Air Force One Papercraft

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Austin Seven / Morris Mini Pickup Truck Papercraft

Austin Seven Mini Pickup Truck Papercraft

Ichiyama has finally released the 1/30 scale Austin Seven pickup / Morris Mini pickup truck papercraft that's been a WIP since September of last year. There's six colors for your to choose from. This Mini pickup truck is a spawn from the original Mini car, its built on the longer Mini Van chassis with an open-top rear cargo area and a tailgate. It was later renamed as the Mini 95. Being Ichiyama, you know it's a very good paper scale model.

Mini Pickup Truck Papercraft

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3D Pokemon Papercraft Trading Card

3D Pokemon Papercraft Trading Card

A 3D version of the popular Pokemon Trading Card Game based on the Pokemon video game series. The papercraft trading card is six sided with the Pikachu part having a raised surface.

3D Pokemon Papercraft Trading Card

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Captain America Papercraft - Obama Version

A special version of Professor Plastik's Captain America paper model in time for President Obama's inauguration.

Captain America Papercraft - Obama Version

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16 January 2009

Kid Icarus Papercraft Diorama

Kid Icarus Diorama Papercraft

Kid Icarus is platforming video game that came out for the NES console back in 1986. It uses the same game engine as Metroid. Kid Icarus main protagonist is an angel named Pit, who uses a magical bow to battle his way out of the Underworld and get the Sacred Treasures to defeat Medusa.

Kid Icarus Papercraft Diorama [hattori]

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Blackpio Valentine's Box Papercraft

Valentine Box Papercraft

Buon San Valentino! from Blackpio, designer Valentina Sedda presents this beautiful Valentine's Day box papercraft for you to give to that special someone in your life.

Blackpio Valentine Box Papercraft

Valentine's Day Papercraft
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Fallout 3 Papercraft - Megaton Bomb

Fallout 3 Atomic Bomb Papercraft

This is the unexploded atomic bomb that you'll find in Megaton's city center. You can receive a quest from either Sheriff Lucas Simms (disarm the bomb) or Mister Burke (detonate it) called "The Power of the Atom".

Fallout 3 - Atom Bomb Papercraft

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Pokemon Papercraft - Snover

Pokemon Snover Papercraft

Snover (aka frosted tree Pokemon) is an Ice and Grass Pokemon that evolves into the Abomasnow. Snover is a tree-like Pokemon whose hat-shaped head resembles three mountain peaks.

Pokemon - Snover Papercraft

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Zelda Papercraft - King Bulblin's Horn

Legend of Zelda King Bulblin Horn Papercraft

King Bulblin enemy character from the Legend of Zelda video game series, he is a green humanoid monster that leads the Bulblin race. He's often seen riding his giant armored boar, Lord Bullbo. King Bulblin uses this war horn to summon his minions or a Twilight Portal.

Legend of Zelda - King Bulblin's Horn Papercraft

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WoW Death Knight Helm Papercraft

World of Warcraft Death Knight Helm Papercraft

World of Warcraft - Death Knight Helm Papercraft

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Resident Evil Papercraft - Jill Valentine

Resident Evil Jill Valentine Papercraft Jill Valentine is a playable character from the original Resident EVil video game and is a member of the STARS Alpha team who landed on the Arklay Mountains. She reappears in Resident Evil 3 as the sole protagonist.

Resident Evil - Jill Valentine Papercraft

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15 January 2009

Nanibird Paper Toys - Batch Three

Bird Papercraft

Designer Josh McKible's popular Nanibird paper toy series has just released Batch Three. After flying around the globe pecking for talents, Nanibird found 30 new brilliant artists to work on its colorful plumage, check them out.

Nanibird Paper Toy - Batch Three

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Final Fantasy Papercraft - Eiko

Final Fantasy IX Eiko Papercraft

Eiko (aka Eiko Carol) is a character from the Final Fantasy IX video game, she is a six-year old girl living in Madain Sari (lost village of the Eidolon Summoners). She was into thievery (w/ her Moogles) before she joined the party. Along with Garnet, they are the last two remaining summoners.

Final Fantasy IX - Eiko Papercraft [chamoo232]

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Canon Papercraft Zoo & Aquarium

Canon Papercraft Zoo & Aquarium

Canon Creative Park just added 5 new animal papercrafts under their Toys category. They've split it into two groups, Paper Zoo and Paper Aquarium, both are aimed at kids and beginners. The Paper Zoo animals include an elephant, giraffe, and lion. The Paper Aquarium side includes some Clownfish and Seahorse.

Canon Papercraft Zoo & Aquarium

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14 January 2009

Toyota iQ Car Papercraft

Toyota iQ Car Papercraft

As I've said on the previous post, this is a continuation of our good friend Ryo Tokisato's papercraft works. This time its the Toyota iQ car papercraft - it's actually an old link that I forgot to post, it was sent in last year. The Toyota iQ is the smallest 4 passenger car in the world, 4 means 3 adult + 1 kid or 2 adults + 2kids. The iQ has a 57 MPG EPA rating and could probably hit 60MPG under ideal driving conditions. It's available throughout Europe now but no word on a US release. This Toyota iQ car papercraft is presented by the Netz Fukui site and offers the free download with 9 color options to choose from.

Toyota iQ Car Papercraft

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Year of the Ox Papercraft 3

Year of the Ox Papercraft Although we didn't see his work for the most part of 2008, our good old friend Ryo Tokisato is back and starts out 2009 with two new paper models. First is this Year of the Ox papercraft (basically a cow) that is available on his site, which brings our collection to three now. The second papercraft is work he did for Toyota, which means you'll have to read it on the next post.

Year of the Ox Papercraft 3

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Setsubun Papercraft

Setsubun Papercraft

Setsubun is celebrated on February 3, it marks the start of spring season in Japan. It's celebrated with a bean throwing ritual called the mamemaki, to drive away bad luck / demons (oni) and bring in a new year of good fortune. A part of that celebration is eating a big sushi roll called the ehou-maki.

Setsubun Demon Mask Papercraft

It's considered as a fortune roll, they eat the entire thing without stopping and in total silence while facing the auspicious direction for that year, they also make wishes while their eating. Then there's the demon masks (Oni-no-men), somebody wears it while the rest throw beans at him and shouting "Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!” or “Oni out, good fortune in!

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13 January 2009

Year of the Ox Papercraft 2

2009 Year of the Ox Papercraft

Sanwa Supply Japan brings us their own 2009 Year of the Ox papercraft, designed by the creative folks at Paper Museum.

Year of the Papercraft 2

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Voodoo Stubey Paper Toy

Voodoo Papercraft Toothpick Holder

The always functional Stubey paper toy from Salt N' Paper has a new look and new purpose for 2009, once a holder of pens, now it's a toothpick holder called Voodoo Stubey.Ouch! that's got to hurt.

Voodoo Stubey Paper Toy

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Park Heroes - Daredevil Papercraft

Marvel Comics Daredevil Papercraft

Marvel Comics' blind superhero, Daredevil, is the new year opener for Paper Inside's Park Heroes papercraft series. Daredevil (aka Matt Murdock) is a pro bono lawyer by day and superhero crime fighter by night. Blinded by a radioactive accident when he was younger, Daredevil gained superhuman senses and echolocation (e.g. bats and dolphins). He is also an expert acrobat and skilled martial artist.

Park Heroes - Daredevil Papercraft

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Zelda Papercraft - Pot

Legend of Zelda Pot Papercraft

More containers from the Legend of Zelda series, this one is a pot found on Twilight Princess. It's a good pen holder as well.

Legend of Zelda - Pot Papercraft

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SD Tank and Mecha Papercraft

SD Tank and Mecha Papercraft

Similar to Tonton's Cat Army papercraft series, here's another one that mixes SD Tanks and mechas. The battle tanks include an M1A2 Abrams, Challenger 2, Leopard 2, & C1 Ariete - while the mechs are generic.

SD Tank and Mecha Papercrafts [2akaituki]

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12 January 2009

Samurai Papercraft - Tonbo

Samurai Papercraft Tonbo

Slice and dice baby! here's Tonbo the Samurai from El Luchador Bony.

Tonbo Samurai Papercraft

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Colossus the Lion Paper Toy

Lion Papercraft Toy

A cute lion paper toy named Colossus from Dolly Oblong's Paper Dollies series. The paper creatures are based on hand knitted dolls created by the designer. You can check out the rest of the paper toys at the link below.

Paper Dollies - Colossus

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Pokemon Papercraft - Tentacruel

Pokemon Tentacruel Papercraft

Tentacruel is water and poison type Pokemon that is the evolved form of the Tentacool. The Tentacruel is said to have up to 80 tentacles, with 14 down and the rest tucked in (hidden). It resembles a giant blue jellyfish with two red ruby orbs on top of its head and a small one in the front.

Pokemon - Tentacruel Papercraft [icthus7]

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Pokemon Papercraft - Pikachu 4

Pokemon Pikachu Papercraft

Newest Pikachu model from the Paper Pokes, I believe this is the fourth one that we'll have on our site. Check it out.

Pokemon - Pikachu Papercraft 4

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Warhammer 40K Papercraft - Bolter Gun

Warhammer 40,000 Bolter Papercraft Gun

The Bolter is one of the most powerful guns used primarily by the Space Marines in Warhammer 40K. It has hundreds of variants and fires explosive rounds. The Bolter papercraft above is your standard-issue .998 Godwyn pattern Bolter. It also comes with a shadow box and three rounds.

Warhammer 40K - Bolter Papercraft

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11 January 2009

Zelda Papercraft - Ganondorf 2

Legend of Zelda Ganondorf Papercraft

This is Ninjatoes version of a Ganondorf papercraft, so that makes it two models that we have for the Ganondorf form (human), and one for the Ganon (monster) form. Ganondorf is the main antagonist of the Legend of Zelda video game series, he is also known as the Great King of Evil or Dark Lord. He is of the Gerudo race. There's a sword and robe that goes with that pose.

Legend of Zelda - Ganondorf Papercraft 2

Ganondorf Papercraft 1
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Animal Papercrafts - Java Sparrow

Java Sparrow Papercraft

Here's a site that has much love for the little Java Sparrow (aka Java Finch or Java Rice Bird), a very popular cagebird. It is listed on the IUCN Red List as a vulnerable species (threatened) and is likely headed for endangered status if things don't improve for them. I've provided a pic below so you'll know which ones to click to get the various patterns.

Java Sparrow Papercraft

Java Sparrow Papercraft [marubundo]

Toco Toucan Papercraft
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Salad Fingers Papercraft - Hubert Cumberdale

Salad Fingers Hubert Cumberdale Papercraft

Here's the follow-up to kapsh Salad Fingers papercraft, this is Hubert Cumberdale, one of Salad Finger's finger puppet friends who appear on his fantasies.

Salad Fingers - Hubert Cumberdale Papercraft

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