05 April 2006

Easter Egg Papercraft

Another famous easter symbol is the Easter Egg, they are specially decorated eggs given out to celebrate Easter holiday. Next to the Easter Bunny, the Easter Egg is well known worldwide. The old tradition used dyed or painted chicken eggs, now they used eggs shaped out of chocolate or plastic eggs filled with candies. Once again, this paper model is from Epson Hong Kong and designed by Chan See Lik Paul. This cute Easter Egg paper model is in PDF format and is about 820KB. Chicken Little's cousin is included :)

Easter Egg Papercraft [Epson HK]

Easter Bunny Papercraft

Easter is the time of springtime festivals, Christians celebrate the life and resurrection of their savior Jesus Christ, and for everybody else it's a time for chocolate covered bunnies, marshmallow chicks, and lots of colorful eggs. The easter bunny is one of the best known easter symbols, so here is a paper model of an easter bunny from Epson Hong Kong, designed by Chan See Lik Paul. The paper model is in PDF format and is about 5.56MB.

Easter Bunny Papercraft [Epson HK]

02 April 2006

Dinosaur Papercraft - Iguanodon

The Fukui(Japan) prefecture web site fukuioyado.com is providing this free paper model of an iguanodon in relation to finding dinosaur fossils in one of their cities (Katsuyama). This paper model is in PDF format and comes with a pattern (527KB) and instructions (1.2MB).

Dinosaur Papercraft- Iguanodon

Instructions - http://www.fukuioyado.com/paper/fukuiryu_exp.pdf

Note: Thanks to Tengu for pointing out that this is an iguanodon and not a velociraptor