08 November 2007

Rabbit Papercraft - Mesousa (Pani Poni Dash!)

This sadly looking rabbit is named Mesousa - he has a serious case of depression (Prozac anyone?) and comes from the Japanese series Pani Poni Dash! (ぱにぽにだっしゅ!), which focuses on parodies, satires, and comedy with regards to both Japanese and American pop-culture (internet, anime, gaming). The story centers around "Becky", an 11 year-old child prodigy / mathematics teacher and the antics of her class. Mesousa is Becky's companion and is there primarily as a sacrificial victim to the series' slapstick comedy. The series started out as a manga and later on as anime, it was published by Square Enix and created by Hekiru Hikawa. Free download for this simple paper model is available below.

Mesousa Papercraft [via mediafire]
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06 November 2007

Sword of the Phoenix Paper Model

A Ninjatoes update, from the Uncanny X-Men comic, issue #479, here is the Sword of the Phoenix paper craft model. I don't know anything much about it, except for the fact that it's a cool sword and it's a Ninjatoes creation, that's good enough for me. If you know anything about it just put it on the comments section or send me an email and I'll credit you for it. Download it for free at Ninjatoes web site.

Sword of the Phoenix Papercraft [ninjatoes]

Friday the 13th Papercraft - Jason Voorhees

I know Halloween is done and over and I wish I could have posted it last week, it's better late than never I guess. One of the most notable film characters in the horror genre is Jason Voorhees, he's the one with the hockey mask, wielding a machete/knife and the one doing all the gory killing. He's in line with other famous horror characters in popular culture such as Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elmstreet), Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), and Michael Myers (Halloween). Some other facts about him that you might have not known: MTV gave him a Lifetime Achievement Award back in '92 and his trademark white mask was molded from a 1950's Detroit Red Wings hockey mask. Our friend Octavio from Assembled Paper Models has created this Jason Vorhees paper model / Friday the 13th papercraft complete with blood splatter. Free download is available at his site, check it out.

Jason Vorhees - [Download Page]