12 July 2008

LittleBigPlanet Papercraft - Sackboy / Sackgirl

One of the big PlayStation 3 titles coming out this fall is LittleBigPlanet, a puzzle platformer and world creation video game. In the game you control small characters individually refered to as either a "Sackboy" or "Sackgirl". Media Molecule, the developer of the game, has released a blank Sackboy papercaft pattern for you to design. You can make it a Sackgirl if you want or you can mix both into the design if you prefer that kind of thing.

LittleBigPlanet Papercraft - Sackboy / Sackgirl
[Media Molecule blog]

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Blackbird 002 PC Papercraft

HP's high-end, bleeding edge gaming PC that offers a very appealing case design and a price tag equivalent to two months of my rent. If you know your way around a PC then this is not for you, you're better off building one. On the other hand if you don't know your way around it but have got tons of spare moolah, this is perfect for you. This HP Blackbird 002 papercraft was sent in by one of our readers, so, thanks Johannes. Game on.

HP Blackbird 002 PC Papercraft [via mediafire]

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Mario Kart Papercraft

The Mario Kart series are racing video games that features turbo charged go-karts driven by some of Nintendo's most famous and iconic characters based in the Mario series. This Mario Kart papercraft is by Philipp Stollenmayer.

Mario Kart Papercraft [Nintendo Papercraft]

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11 July 2008

Sanyo Eneloop Papercraft

Eneloop is a next-generation nickel metal hydride battery that is both rechargeable and recyclable, it is part of Sanyo's efforts in contributing to the conservation of natural resources and making environment-friendly products (going green). That dog in the middle is called Kami Loopy, Sanyo Eneloop's mascot. The papercrafts include Kami Loopy, an Eneloop battery, battery container, and the most recent one, colorful flags (probably an Olympic theme). Designed by ijoy.

Sanyo Eneloop Papercraft [eneloopy]

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Olympus OM-1 Camera Papercraft

Introduced in 1972 at the Photokina of Kohn (most important trade fair for the photographic and imaging industries held in Deutschland every two years), the Olympus OM-1 was the first product in Olympus' OM series. At that time, it was considered to be the world's smallest and lightest 35 mm single-lens reflex camera. Olympus Japan has released a faithful re-creation with this OM-1 papercraft camera. To download, just follow the link below and check out the pic guide.

Olympus OM-1 Camera Papercraft [olympus.co.jp]

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10 July 2008

Pokemon Papercraft - Chimchar

As you can see from the flames coming out of its monkey butt, this is a fire-type Pokemon. Chimchar is one of the three starter Pokemon you'll receive on the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl game for the Nintendo DS. This Chimchar papercraft is part of the the Great Goblin Find of 2008, one part was the Clank papercraft which you've seen a few days ago. Have fun.

Chimchar Papercraft [via mediafire]
Chimchar Photos [via flickr]

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Pokemon Papercraft - Snorlax

It's fat and spends most of its time sleeping and eating, Snorlax is a Normal-type Pokemon with a very big belly, short arms, and equally big feet to support all that weight. This Snorlax papercraft was designed by PMF.

Snorlax Papercraft [Nintendo Papercraft]

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09 July 2008

Relax Bear Papercraft - Rainy Days

A new Relax Bear papercraft theme is out, this one has Korilakkuma (white bear) and Kiiroitori (yellow chick) holding umbrellas while re-enacting Mary Poppins.

Relax Bear Papercraft - Rainy Days [kuma0rila]

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iPhone 3G Papercraft

Two more days until the official launch of Apple's highly in-demand iPhone 3G, if you're not one of the lucky people getting one, here's an iPhone 3G papercraft from Big Chief. Not really a detailed paper replica but more like a simple box type one - too bad there's another logo in the back. Now we can play pretend :) -Thanks to Luca for sending this in.

iPhone 3G Papercraft [BigChief]

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Monster Paper Toy - Stubey

Stubey's not a only a monster paper toy with Hulk colored skin and matching aubergine pants, but he's a monster paper toy with a function. Similar to the BC Butler we featured five months ago, Stubey can hold your pens for you, albeit just three.

Stubey Paper Toy [saltnpaper]

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Urban Fresh Hoody Paper Toys

I missed this one on my inbox, a couple months back we posted a call-for-artists entry about designer Damien Charles Urban Fresh Hoody paper toys, and today Series One is now available for you to download. There are seventeen paper toys for you to choose from, each download is represented by a text character (tip: exclamation point included)

Urban Fresh Hoody Paper Toys [ufhoody]

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08 July 2008

Clank Papercraft Robot

This Chokipeta designed Clank papercraft robot is a character based in the Ratchet & Clank video game series for the PlayStation consoles. Clank recently had his own spinoff video game for the PSP called 'Secret Agent Clank'. Don't forget to check out some new photos I added to our flickr page and a special thanks to Goblin Guy for this great find. If any collectors out there are interested in purchasing the real thing, follow the Amazon Japan link below.

Clank Papercraft Robot [mediafire]
Clank Photo Page [via flickr]
Buy Clank Here [Amazon.co.jp]

Zelda Papercraft - Zora Link

The Zora is a fish-like humanoid race much like mermaids and mermans, that has appeared in Nintendo's Legend of Zelda video game series. This Zora Link papercraft is based on a character in the Zelda universe were Link takes the form of a Zora (Mikau) by wearing the Zora Mask. Zora Link has fins on his arms that serve as weapons for both offensive and defensive purposes. He uses the fins as boomerangs and as a shield, they retract when not in use.

Zelda Papercraft - Zora Link [Navi Paperkraft]

Zelda Papercraft - Wind Waker Link
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07 July 2008

Koopa Clown Car Papercraft

This Koopa Clown Car papercraft is Bowser's single-seat personal airship as seen on the Super Mario World video game for Nintendo's Super NES and Super Famicom console. It's a gravity defying helicopter-like vehicle that has massive bowling bowls for its arsenal and a wickedly smiling clown face painted on its sides.

Koopa Clown Car Papercraft [Nintendo Papercraft]

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Zelda Papercraft - Rod of Seasons

Here's a beautifully made Rod of Seasons papercraft from designer Icthus7 based on an item in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons video game for the Nintendo Game Boy Color. It's a powerful mystic rod that allows Link to change the current season in-game.

Zelda Papercraft - Rod of Seasons [Nintendo Papercraft]

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Super Mario Papercraft - Cataquack

This Cataquack papercraft is based on a character from the Super Mario Sunshine video game for the Nintendo Gamecube. Cataquacks are duck-like creatures that come in either red or blue color, they inhabit Isle Delfino's Gelato Beach and serves as both helper or hindrance to Mario.

Cataquack Papercraft [GoblinGuy]

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06 July 2008

Metal Gear Mk. II Papercraft

Based on the recently released Metal Gear Solid 4 video game, the Metal Gear Mk. II is a small recon robot controlled by Otacon that helps deliver ammo and advice to Solid Snake. It has an ability to shock unsuspecting enemies unconscious and can turn invisible during recon missions.

Metal Gear Mk. II Papercraft [Chamoo232]

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Futurama Papercraft - Suicide Booth StopnDrop

They're the same size as your average phone booth, but you don't want to mistake it for one. This is Futurama's suicide booths, a booth that does exactly what its name implies. This particular model is the Stop'n'Drop suicide booth, it has two modes of death that you can choose from - 'quick and painless' and 'slow and horrible' - all that for 25 cents.

Futurama Papercraft - Suicide Booth [billybob884]

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Gundam Papercraft - YMS-15 Gyan

YMS-15 Gyan is from the Mobile Suit Gundam anime series, created by the Zimmad Company to compete against the Zeonic's MS-14 Gelgoog. Unfortunately this mecha didn't see much action as it saw battle only once and got destroyed right away. Included weapons with this YMS-15 Gyan papercraft is its beam saber and missile shield - hide away bombs are not included.

SD YMS-15 Gyan Papercraft [Cubic Character]

Gundam Papercraft - SD RX178 Mk II
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Wall-E Papercraft Video Game Edition

Remember the pic above? well we've got it now, after four days of receiving massive e-mail requests, the most sought after robot papercraft this week - the Wall-E Papercraft Video Game Edition - has finally arrived. Some have thought that we were keeping it for ourselves and not sharing, some thought it wasn't a papercraft at all, the real story was that the designer was working hard doing some improvements and adding the finishing touches. We've all got designer Kellen Waugh to thank for this great looking Wall-E. Have fun!

Wall-E Papercraft Video Game Edition

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