19 October 2007

Paper Airplane Contest - Kotaku

If you're a fan of flight/combat sims then check out Kotaku's contest for next weeks release of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation (エースコンバット6 解放への戦火 Ēsu Konbatto Shikkusu Kaihō e no Senka) video game for the Xbox 360. All you have to do is make a "rad" paper airplane and the loot is yours, it includes the game itself, autographed photo (from game's producer and director), faceplates, and a flightstick set. They mentioned cut and glue, so I guess that includes paper crafts/paper models.

Make A Rad Paper Airplane - [Site]

18 October 2007

Paperkraft.net Contest

Although I've been online with this blog for over a year now, we never really got to celebrate it's first anniversary due to the fact that I was having some work related issues back in 2006. This site started on February of that year and I stopped posting around September, I was M.I.A for 5 months and just recently got back on track (started posting again February 2007). You can clearly see this gap that I'm talking about on the Archives, but eventhough I had some setbacks, people still supported the site and I thank you greatly for that.

I counted the months, and we're past the 12 count, so I think today would be as good as anyday to celebrate our anniversary. Starting this day until December, we'll be having contests to give away papercraft (anime/video game themed) and origami related merchandise. The prizes will vary depending on the complexity of the contests, I'm still trying to think of what types of contests to conduct so feel free to give any suggestions.

Our first contest will be simple, it's going to be a random drawing from my subscribers list, If your a subscriber then you don't have to do a thing because you're automatically entered, if you're not a subscriber yet, then you have until Sunday (October 21, 2007) to enter.

This contest is open to everybody in the world were USPS delivers, you will be responsible for any tax that may arise in your respective country. I'm in the U.S. so keep that in mind.

The price is a Page.A.Day Origami Calendar by Margaret van Sicklen. I haven't opened it yet so I don't know what's inside, but it's quite heavy for a calendar (1lb. 8oz.). On the description, it says that it has hundreds of models complete with instructions, perfectly-square-full-color decorated pages, and comes with a 16-page "Origami Key". I've taken photos of it with a dollar bill for size comparison, also check out the preview of the other prizes that await you. That's it for today, good luck, and thanks once again.

Hi-Res Photos - [Photo Page]

Note: By next year we'll celebrate back to the real month, which is February.

World of Warcraft Papercraft

Wold of Warcraft, or WoW, as it's commonly referred to by gamers, has been one of the most successful MMORPG (Massively Muliplayer Online Role-Playing Game) and also the world's largest in terms of subscribers. I've been a fan of RPG video games since the 80's and still keep up with it today, although not as much - I try to stick with the traditional single player RPG. I first played WoW back in 2005 and easily got addicted to it (like everybody else at that time), but with my work, bills to pay, making/posting paper craft, there just wasn't enough time to include it in my day-to-day activities. Not to mention the extra $15 a month subscriber fee, which can add up pretty quickly while you are contemplating your next move for those world of warcraft gold. Those where my WoW days, now I'm pretty much with the XBL $40/year crowd.

Whether your a hardcore fan, just a casual gamer, or a World of warcraft gold farmer, you can take WoW's scenery, people, building, weapons, and other inhabitants with you offline, with these unnoficial World of Warcraft paper model.

World of Warcraft - [Download Page]

16 October 2007

Portal Papercraft - Weighted Companion Cube

Aah Portal, Valve's puzzle video game which runs in a first-person/single-player mode. It was released together with Half Life 2 (B.G.E) and Team Fortress as a bundled package called the "The Orange Box", which just came out a few days ago for the Xbox 360 and PC. In the game, you play a character named Chell who is a test subject in a certain science facility. Your basically there to test out the "portal gun" in solving puzzles, for those of you who have no idea or have never heard of what I'm talking about, head on to the links below to try out a Flash-based game that shows what Portal is all about.

Further on through the game, in of the test chambers, you'll be introduced to the Weighted Companion Cube... you'll feel something for it... you'll do something to it...(I'll stop here with regards to the story because I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't played it yet) A person that goes by the alias Moony created this wondeful cube. Thanks!

Weighted Companion Cube [via Mediafire]

Portal [Newgrounds]

15 October 2007

Mewtwo Papercraft

Part three of three. We've been having an abundant Pokemon posts in the past couple of weeks and I think one more wouldn't hurt. This is the last paper model for the Jupiter Corp. Pokemon set of three. In case any of you missed it, there was this Slowpoke, then Jynx, and now we've got the Mewtwo (ミュウツー, Myūtsū) paper craft model. It's #150 on the Pokedex and considered to be a psychic type Pokemon that uses the ability "Pressure".

Mewtwo is an enhanced clone version of another Pokemon, Mew (#151), to whom it derives its name. Whenever I see this Pokemon it reminds me of DBZ's Freeza. They look like distant relatives. Maybe it's the color?

Yup, I think that's it.

On a side note, seeing that majority of you don't like the "counter" or the "wait" from rapidshare and megaupload, I've decided to switch to MediaFire file hosting. It was recently suggested by a commenter on one of my posts, so I immediately tried it out and I can say that it's a lot better. There's no counter, you don't have to wait anymore to get to the download part and it has a very user friendly interface. What do you guys think?

Mewtwo - [Download] [Photo Page]
more Pokemon paper crafts - [Download Page]