15 August 2009

WoW Papercraft - Illidan Stormrage

Illidan Stormrage Papercraft Illidan Stormrage is a demon/night elf hybrid and boss character in the World of WarcraftWorld of Warcraft universe, he is also known as the Betrayer and Lord of the Outland. You can find him in his fortress-citadel, the Black Temple (aka Temple of Karabor).

World of Warcraft - Illidan Stormrage Papercraft [fezco]

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Donkey Kong Treehouse Papercraft

Donkey Kong Treehouse Papercraft And here's the comfy treehouse where Donkey KongDonkey Kong resides, designed by Gipi.

Donkey Kong Treehouse Papercraft

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Anime Papercraft - Cherry "The World of Inversion"

Anime Cherry Papercraft An original design anime-typeanime-type papercraft by Japanese illustrator, Aki - papercraft was made by Cafetera (Tago).

Anime - Cherry Papercraft

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Zelda Papercraft - Pictograph Box

Pictograph Box Papercraft A life-size pictographpictograph box papercraft created by Christina, this item appears in Majora's Mask, in the Swamp Tourist Center. The Pictograph Box can take and store photos of in-game scenery.

Legend of Zelda - Pictograph Box Papercraft

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VPP Police Motorcycle Papercraft

The newest realistic paper model from Atelier Fare now has its page up, it's an original design featuring a futuristic police motorcyclemotorcycle papercraft.

It's called the VP-P and is described as a twin V-type rotary engine with electron controlling hub-center steering. I bet Kamen Riders ^^ would love this.

Same as the last time we posted for Atelier Fare, the download links are not up yet, but will be pretty soon. So keep your eyes here and i'll let you know when it goes live. Special thanks to the designer for letting us know. Head on to the link below for more pics.

VPP Police Motorcycle Papercraft

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Auto Racing Helmet Papercrafts

Auto Racing Helmet Papercraft This month's two new updates on Metmania's auto racingauto racing helmet section, these are for drivers Nico Rosberg (pic above) & Lewis Hamilton.

Auto Racing Helmet Papercraft

Lewis Hamilton drives the Mclaren Mercedes MP4/24 and has two versions for his helmet papercraft, one is sporting the British GP colors and the other is a Monaco GP version. Nico Rosberg drives the Williams Toyota FW31 and only has one helmet papercraft.

Auto Racing Helmet Papercrafts

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14 August 2009

USB Flash Drive Papercraft

A life-size paper model of the floppy drive's successor and my favorite handy tool for carrying gobs of data when I travel, the USB Flash DriveUSB Flash Drive. What's the largest (capacity) USB Flash Drive that you own?

USB Flash Drive Papercraft [via Bunjie]

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Zelda Papercraft - Spike

Zelda Spike Papercraft Spikes are metallic spherical enemies that appear in Ocarina of TimeOcarina of Time, they're similar to sea urchins on which both are found in bodies of water.

Legend of Zelda - Spike Papercraft

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Legend of Zelda Papercrafts by Zurielz01

Check it out, a new designer in the block with lots of ZeldaZelda papercrafts to share with us ^^

Includes paper models of the Clawshot, Cucco, Fierece Deity Link, Ganondorf's Horse, Hylian Shield, Midna Mask, Ordon Shield, Shadow Beast, Wooden Shield, Wooden Sword and an out-of-place Anakin Pod Racer ^^.

Legend of Zelda Papercrafts by Zurielz01

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Guitar Hero Drum Set Papercraft

This Guitar HeroGuitar Hero Drum Set Papercraft Drum Set papercraft is still in beta form but you can already download it at our friend Bunjie's new site.

Guitar Hero Drum Set Papercraft

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NaniBird Paper Toy - Pop!

Nanibird Pop Paper Toy Nanibird Pop! paper toypaper toy by Paul Rackstraw, UK illustrator with a penchant for swirly patterns ^^

NaniBird - Pop! Paper Toy

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Retro Superhero Papercrafts - Human Torch

Human Torch Papercraft Before he became part of the Fantastic Four, the Human TorchHuman Torch was a lab creation / sentient android that had the ability to manipulate fire - he first appeared in Marvel Comics #1 (1939)

Retro Superhero - Human Torch Papercraft

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Flying Kirby Papercraft Automata

Flying Kirby Papercraft Automata Fly side-by-side with this moving KirbyKirby papercraft by designer ddi7i4d.

Flying Kirby Papercraft Automata

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13 August 2009

Star Trek Papercraft - Hirogen Shuriken

Hirogen Shuriken Papercraft Kinda similar to one of Yuffie's deadly shurikens ^^, this weapon is wielded by the Hirogen species (think Predator) and appears in the Star TrekStar Trek Elite Force video game.

Star Trek - Hirogen Shuriken Papercraft

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Paper Totem - Giant Robo

Giant Robo Papercraft Definitely liking this one ^^, based on the Giant RoboGiant Robo anime series, here's Harlancore's Totem Robo paper toy (with Daisaku Kusama boxpunx)

Paper Totem - Giant Robo

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Touhou Project Papercraft - Hong Meiling "China"

This character is Hong Meiling (aka China, aka Hong Meirin), she's the gardener / gatekeeper of the Scarlet Devil Mansion and has the ability to manipulate and control QiQi (energy flow).

Instead of our regular Touhou Project papercrafts from GT40, we get this new one from Japanese designer, tfrog.

Touhou Project - Hong Meiling Papercraft

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Tomb Raider Papercraft - Triangle of Light

The Triangle of Light is the main artifact seen in the first Tomb Raider film (starring Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie).

Tomb Raider - Triangle of Light Papercraft

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JustKidz Paper Toys

Devil Paper Toy Here's the latest from Zakane (Just Us), munchkinmunchkin-size paper toy series called JustKidz.

Hippy Paper Toy

Baby Paper Toy

JustKidz Paper Toys

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2009 Epson NSX Papercraft - Super GT x 2

Two versions of the 2009 Epson NSX papercraft, based on the actual car that Epson used for the Super GTSuper GT 2009 Series GT500. Both papercrafts are 1:24 scale, one is a 3-page advanced version and the other is a 2-page easy peasy.

Hat tip to the folks at Kami-mokei.com for the links.

2009 Epson NSX Papercraft - Advance
2009 Epson NSX Papercraft - Easy

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12 August 2009

Osama bin Laden x Suicide Bomber Papercraft

Osama bin Laden Papercraft America's most wanted terroristterrorist and one of his heaven-bound soldiers, papercrafts created by artist Mako Zubak.

Osama bin Laden x Suicide Bomber Papercraft

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Mbah Surip Papercraft

Mbah Surip Papercraft Paper Replika has two papercrafts dedicated to Mbah Surip (aka Urip Arianto), a former Indonesian street artist turned reggaereggae star who recently passed away.

Mbah Surip Paper Toy

Mbah Surip Papercraft

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Cutzilla Paper Toy

There's a monster on the loose! UK artist, Glood, has just released series one of his Cutzilla paper toypaper toy.

Cutzilla Paper Toy

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