12 February 2011

8Bit Link Papercraft (The Legend of Zelda)

8Bit Linke Papercraft

3D Link paper model based on the 8-bit sprites of the original Legend of Zelda video game (aka THe Hyrule Fantasy: Legend of Zelda), papercraft created by squeezycheesecake.

Bottlesmoker Paper Toy

Bottlesmoker Paper Toy

Bottlesmoker paper toy from Dikids, these paper toys represent the members of the Indonesian electro-pop group Bottlesmoker (Angkuy and Nobie).

ye-bot Paper Toy #18 Bangin Beats

Bangin Beats Yebot Paper Toy

Bangin Beats ye-boT party custom by Greenelf1967 and #18 on Marko Zubak's ye-boT initiative.

Stage Paper Toy - Boney

Stage Paper Toy Boney

"Boney" custom by Dadik Triadi using 3EyedBear's Stage paper toy.

Valentine Bear Papercraft

Valentine's Day Bear Papercraft

Happy V-Day from Paper-Replika, a kawaii teddy bear for the sweet people ^^.

11 February 2011

Destroy All Zombies Papercraft

Destroy All Zombies Papercraft

Check out a couple of new monster paper toys from the creative French crew Magicpainters, a Zombie and a space creature to keep you busy this weekend.

Star Trek - Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy Papercraft

Star Trek Leonard Bones McCoy Papercraft

From the original Star Trek series - Leonard H. McCoy is the Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Enterprise and was played by actor Jackson DeForest Kelley.

10 February 2011

Pokemon Quagsire Papercraft

Pokemon Quagsire Papercraft

Quagsire (aka Nuoh) is a ground-type and Water Fish Pokemon that is the evolved form of Wooper, it resembles a light blue Hellbender.

Loves-Me-Not Bot Paper Toy (Valentine's Day 2011)

Loves Me Not Bot Paper Toy

Happy Valentine's Day from Paperkraft.net and Crafty Little Sod, this is the newest bot-on-the-block / paper toy under the Romantical Robots series and is called Loves-Me-Not Bot.

Rabbit Lantern Papercraft (Gift Box)

Rabbit Lantern Papercraft

Two-in-one papercraft special from Zooguu, Year of the Rabbit meets Valentine's Day and doubles as a gift box too.

Skateboard Papercraft - Dan Watson

Skateboard Papercraft Dan Watson

Sinner's Skateboard paper toy gets its first custom design courtesy of Dan Watson from the NPT forum.

Ghatotkacha Papercraft

Ghatotkacha Papercraft

09 February 2011

Anime Cat x Gundam Dynames Papercraft

Anime Cat Gundam Dynames Papercraft

Anime cat papercraft from nifty.com dressed up as Gundam Dynames, custom papercraft created by PlayFC member flookz.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy - Golbez Papercraft

Dissidia Final Fantasy Golbez Papercraft

Golbez (aka Theodor) is a moon man / powerful sorcerer from the Final Fantasy series, he appears in Dissidia as the villain opposing Cecil.

Perry the Sea Wanderer Papercraft

Perry the Sea Wanderer Papercraft

Thunder Panda's latest paper toy, an aquatic creature birthed from the depths of the abyss.

Dumpy Paper Toy - Olla Boku

Dumpy Paper Toy Olla BOku

Nameless Dumpy custom by freelance illustrator Tzu Hua Wu (aka OLLA BOKU).

08 February 2011

The Cardiovores Papercraft

The Cardiovores Papercraft

Something to watch out for this Valentine's Day, a predatory pair from illustrator Collin M. David (ResonantFish).

Cupid / Anti-Cupid Paper Toy (Valentine's Day 2011)

Cupid Anti-Cupid Paper Toy

Whether you're for or against it, Cubeecraft's got your covered for Valentine's Day ^^.

Tron Legacy - Rinzler Identity Disc Papercraft

Rinzler Identity Disc Papercraft

Rinzler is Clu 2's lead enforcer and a highly skilled combatant in the Grid (known for wielding two Light Discs).

Valentines' Day Cake Papercraft

Valentine's Day Cake Papercraft

Valentine's Day-themed E-cake created by Samantha Eynon.

Egyptian 10 Piastre Banknote Papercraft

Egyptian 10 Piastre Banknote Papercraft

This is one of the many banknotes (10 Piastres) officially used by the country of Egypt, on one side is an illustration of the Great Sphinx of Giza with the Pyramid of Khafre right behind it and on the other side is the Mosque of Muhammad Ali.

07 February 2011

Desktop Gremlins - Friendlins Paper Toy

Desktop Gremlins Fiendlins Paper Toy

Friendlins - the world’s first never-ending “social” papercraft toys!

Razorbank Papercraft + Anvil Paper Model

Razorbank Papercraft

Let's all welcome Miguel del Valle and his new site Papersmith Forge - "a purveyor of fine and original digital format papercraft".

Anime Cat x Gundam Exia Papercraft

Anime Cat Gundam Exia Papercraft

Anime cat papercraft from nifty.com dressed up as Gundam Exia, custom papercraft created by PlayFC member flookz.

Jumi & R3PVI Paper Toys

Jumi R3PVI Paper Toy

Gundam Papercraft - MSN-06S Sinanju & GN-003 Kyrios (Heads)

Gundam Papercraft MSN-06S Sinanju

MSN-06S Sinanju paper model by Julius Perdana and GN-003 Kyrios by Wanda Bachtiansyah, heads only for now.

06 February 2011

Pokemon Donphan Papercraft

Pokemon Donphan Papercraft

Donphan is a ground-type and Armor Pokemon that is the evolved form of Phanpy, it resembles a tusked elephant with armor plating running from snout to tail.

Halo - Banshee Papercraft - Type-26 Ground Support Aircraft

Halo Banshee Papercraft

The Banshee - aka Type 26 Ground Support Aircraft used by the Covenant in the Halo game series, papercraft by Brandon.

Gear Cube Papercraft

Gear Cube Papercraft

Mike McDermott's Gear Cube papercraft, as he puts it, a "dumbed-down" version of Hiraku Nakamura's original Gear Cube.

Star Trek - Spock Papercraft

Star Trek Spock Papercraft

Spock paper model from Cubeecraft - Spock is one of the most memorable characters in the original Star Trek series and was played by actor Leonard Nimoy.