07 June 2008

Awesome Warcraft 3 Papercraft

Two amazingly detailed papercraft models (not the blocky type, but the curvaceously good one) based on the Warcraft 3 video game featuring a Tauren Chieftain and Priestess of the Moon from Taiwanese designer lcwmax. No patterns for today, we're just showing some videos and pics. I'm not quite sure if there is a pattern or if the designer just made it a one time thing, but if there is one, hopefully lcwmax shares it with us all :)

Awesome Warcraft 3 Papercraft [lcwmax via wretch]

Loki Mask Papercraft

Based on the 1994 Jim Carrey film, this is the mysterious mask that depicts Loki (Norse night god of mischief) and turns the wearer into a manic super hero. SMOKIN!

Loki Mask Papercraft [DaredevilBR]

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06 June 2008

Nintendo Papercraft - Metroid: Samus Aran

Samus Aran is the female protagonist in the Metroid video game series, that wasn't the case in the beginning of the game as she was referred to as a male cyborg, her being female was only revealed at the very end of the game. This Samus Aran papercraft is available at our friend Drummyralf's web site.

Metroid Papercraft - Samus Aran
[Nintendo Papercraft]

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Anime Papercraft - Megami

A new anime type papercraft from designer kaguya of the Imperishable Night blog, I'm not familiar with this character so please feel free to put some info. on the comments section if you know something. The designer has posted this papercraft on the MDP forums. Thanks to reader Gerom for providing the links.

Anime Papercraft - Megami
[MDPForum via mediafire]

Howl's Moving Castle Papercraft
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05 June 2008

Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Link & Epona

Ninjatoes has just posted a new paper model on their Legend of Zelda series, the Link & Epona(horse) papercraft is now available for download.

Legend of Zelda Papercraft - Link & Epona [ninjatoes]

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Command & Conquer Papercraft - Juggernaut

The Juggernaut is a GDI medium armor, long range artillery unit that has triple 200mm cannons as its main weapon. This particular Juggernaut papercraft is the Mk. III "M3" model and made its appearance in the Third Tiberium War.

Command & Conquer Papercraft - Juggernaut [candcpapercraft/fico86]

Command & Conquer Papercraft
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Paper Toys For A Whole Year

A new paper toy everyday, albeit the same template, for a year - that is the goal of designer Joe for his new paper toy blog aptly named Toy-A-Day. He's got the essential characters covered, Spiderman, Mario, Optimus Prime, Hello Kitty, R2-D2, and a whole lot more. If you want a certain character to be considered just send a message to Joe and he'll work it on it. Let's check em' out.

Paper Toys For A Whole Year [Toy-A-Day]

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04 June 2008

Black Pearl Papercraft Ship

The awesome Black Pearl papercraft ship has arrived, designer uhu02 has recreated this majestic ship from the Pirates of the Carribean movie. The ship was originally named Wicked Wench before she was ordered burned and sunk by Lord Beckett. It was later raised from the sea floor by Davy Jones after making a pact with Jack Sparrow who renamed her The Black Pearl. Grab the pattern quickly before its goes away.

Black Pearl Papercraft Ship [uhu02]

Wicked Wench Papercraft Ship
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One Piece Papercraft - Brook

A new anime papercraft has been spotted in our vicinity, this charming character is from One Piece, originally a Japanese manga series that has been adapted to anime. Brook is the "Gentelman Skeleton" with the huge afro, he's a musician by trade and made his first appearance on episode 337 of One Piece anime series.

One Piece Papercraft - Brook [Bocchinokaminoasobiba]

Howl's Moving Castel Papercraft
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Amazon Danbo Papercraft Mascot

This is a robot suit from the popular "Yotsuba&!" manga, Danboard or Danbo (which means "cardboard") is a robot costume made of cardboard in which Miura suits up and moves when coins are inserted into the slot on the left side of its chest. This Amazon Danbo papercraft is a recreation of the Limited Edition Revoltech (Danbo/Miura) figurine.

Amazon Danbo Papercraft Mascot [taitan-no.net]

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Medabots Papercraft - Metabee

Just a heads up on an interesting update in Pepakura's Japanese papercraft gallery. Medabots was originally a video game that was later adapted into Japanese anime. This robot papercraft is Metabee (Metal Beetle), an outdated beetle-type Metabot that specializes in revolver tactics. Nicely done.

Medabots Papercraft - Metabee [Pepakura]

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03 June 2008

Anime Papercraft - Ayami (Sword Girl)

The Mabinogi Guild is selling a new anime-type papercraft called Ayami, she's sporting a blue mohair beret with matching skirt and two short swords (looks like a Roman Spatha?) for her weapons. With the world wide inflation rates going crazy its good to know that they still kept their $3 price.

Anime Papercraft - Ayami (Sword Girl) [まび風 Paperworks]

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Mega Man Papercraft Diorama - Cutman Stage

Here's the classic battle scene with our hero Mega Man facing Cutman (DRN-003), a Robot Master primarily designed for land reclamation/deforestation. He has a boomerang-like shears for a weapon that's called Rolling Cutter.

Mega Man Papercraft Diorama - Cutman Stage

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"Papercraft" Sasatoku Printing Co.

02 June 2008

Toro Papercraft Props

From the site that brought us last years Toro (Sony Cat) papercraft mascot, here are some papercraft props used in the PlayStation 3 video game title Mainichi Issho ("Everyday Together"), a talk show type game that features Toro and his black alter ego, Kuro. The props include boxes and an old tv.

Toro Papercraft Props

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Zeta Gundam Papercraft - MSZ-006

The Turbolabo blog has started releasing the patterns for their new Gundam papercraft, this is a chibi version of the Zeta Gundam (MSZ-006) and not the typical SD type that we feature here a lot. The link below has the current available patterns and will have the rest in the coming days, just bookmark it for your reference. There's also two other Zeta Gundam papercrafts that we've featured before, one SD and one bust, so be sure to check that out as well.

Zeta Gundam Papercraft - MSZ-006 [turbolabo]

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Transformers Papercraft - Bumblebee Legs

Claudio Dias' epic Transformers papercraft is slowly coming to completion, Bumblebee's legs are now available at the Paper Inside blog.

Bumblebee Papercraft - Legs [Paper Inside]

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01 June 2008

Nintendo Papercraft - Chain Chomp

The Chain Chomps are enemies in the Mario series and first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 3 for the NES video game console. They started out no bigger than Mario but has since grown dramatically over the course of the series. Chain Chomps attack whenever you get close to them, they're chained up so their range of attack is limited to the length of their chain. This Chain Chomp papercraft is from designer Icthus7.

Chain Chomp Papercraft [via Nintendo Papercraft]

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